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  1. How do I dance on a pole? Is there a HUD and if so what do you recommend? I searched the marketplace but didn't find anything. Thanks.
  2. suzie2200

    Parcel Land capacity

    Can I buy more parcel land capacity?
  3. suzie2200

    premium account

    What are the differences between quarterly premium and yearly premium (except the cost of course). Can I change my premium house for another house (Moderate rating to Adult rating? IF so, how?
  4. suzie2200

    Destination Guide

    Ive been having probs trying to accesss the Destination Guide (inworld). The box is blank when I click it. My enable plugins, cookies and enable javascript is checked. My help browser is blank too. The same appears to be the same for when i click on Search and try to enter place names etc. I only started having this problem last night. Thanks.
  5. Not sure what I am doing wrong to edit terrain. I am the landowner. This is what I did: Right click, edit select bulldozer, select flatten (there are huge stones that I need to remove).. Select size and strength, apply. Nothing happened and stones are still there. I am in Blacksilk Forrest. Thanks,
  6. House was located in Objects. I opened it and it attached itself to the avatar. When I click on detach or drop, the house disappears. Please help.
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