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  1. How do you feel about Victorian and or steampunk? There's poetry readings announced in the ISC (Independent State of Caledon) chat channel as they happen, roughly one every other week or so. Possibly more, but I'm not logged in every day. We also have Caledon Oxbridge University (both an SL place and a group) that has weekly classes on a variety of subjects. As a newcomer to SL you might find them helpful. There are also "do at your own pace" tutorials to teach you the basics of getting around in Second Life. I highly recommend taking the self guided tours and the Weekly Avatar Safety C
  2. ?? there's free and open sandboxes absolutely everywhere (try a search for NCI to start with, I <3 them) and some sandboxes have really liberal return times. The most common I've seen have 3+ hours before your stuff is automatically returned.. that's more than enough time for a long shopping and unpacking trip. The only reason for the auto return times is to clean up after the slacker avatars who can't be arsed to removed their prims when they are finished.
  3. Said shop owner is mistaken.
  4. Did you try deleting your payment info from your acct and then re-entering it?
  5. Well, first off, you can buy regions for less than that from someone who already owns some regions; there's a lot of folks downsizing their holdings these days. You can buy as much land as you want to pay for. And pay tier for... The # of parcels depends on how YOU divide it up. As for "will land rent fast", that depends on a -lot- of factors. One is your asking price, another is amenities. I know a guy who owns 3 regions, he's a decent guy. His rent price is dirt cheap.. and he has trouble keeping his places full. One of his big issues is that he has no clue how to do nice or ev
  6. I am glad you found them again. Wunderbar is good stuff. I am also very fond of Rustica, Four Winds by Koshari Mahana, and most recently ´╗┐Alchemy Immortalis. Don't blame me if you spend all your Lindens at any of those fine establishmentts. *grin*
  7. Frelling gorgeous screenshot! Sad to say, Oriental/Japanese/etc is the one type of sim I know nothing about. Sorry. Hopefully someone else will have some ideas for you.
  8. I know some great residentical sims but what sort of theme are you looking for and just how much role play? A little, a lot, none, what?
  9. No offense but I pay that much tier for a FULL homestead with full rights from a private estate owner (who is awesome too BTW.) $0.02, etc.
  10. if V2 ever becomes usable, then I might go back to it. It has so many bad design issues that i do not know where to begin.. and it's all been said before anyhow. For now, I use Imprudence or (occasionally) Phoenix. either of which is tolerable.
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