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  1. The problem of huge boat is that it block other to access the sim by its size. It like a new mountain in the sim, 5 times taller than anything there. beside that, lag is not just caused by the boat alone. Holding dancing party there is definitely one of the culprits. SL sim, especially the sims in blake sea are homestead, it is a kidder weak server. Anyway, I keep away from Sirens long long time.
  2. I already forgot my Legacy. It is really useless for me comparing to other mesh body. It is lack of many necessary support. Neck is also a critical problem for me. I heard that it work better with Catwa head. May be waiting for 2019 and take it out for another trying. Anyone want to buy it? Well...
  3. There is unofficial estimated there are around 60,000 premium accounts. I guess more after new Linden great success. If we account it half (may be holders have 2 premium or not interesting in new home), it is 30,000. If one region has 20 houses average, that need about 1,500 region. If LL is releasing new regions of them at a rate of 1 region (about 20 homes) every day or two, that need 4 years to complete the supply. I guess there are around 500 region completed. The rest 1,000 region still need 2.7 years to complete. They need a better plan to increase the house production. Thus,
  4. It is interesting there were some update/fix by Legacy Meshbody: https://www.meshbody.com/updates Yes, it seem they are a bit working harder this time. But when i talked to a designer on mesh nipple about support Legacy body. She replied already asked for sometimes, but no response ;-o
  5. There is a low supply of the new houses. Website cannot show the unavailable.
  6. It is not work for seamless neck, at least, Glam Affairs applier for female Lelutka head and Legacy body. It even worst than original skin. It look like head and body are making of different materials, such as leather and metal. I tired different combination body effect, just never can match.
  7. They are all around, even can see them at thigh too. This body is still another Beta Legacy.
  8. Save your money. Beside extremely lack of support, this body also script heavy and rezz slow. Apply tattoo, skin to it very buggy. HUD always need to reattach after tried few demo on body. Also I still have no idea how to remove tattoo layer, except a full reset the body. So I have to apply skin again. If you very close zooming, you with find light run through body from glitch. I believe that the joint between the alpha cut. They really need a update fine tune this body.. I guess we can have update as soon as 2026, shortly before the next body released. I Can guess it will call “Legendary”.
  9. I am confused. I saw "Meshbody Legacy" name on MP. Is that Legacy are the TMP legacy?
  10. So they are shop "Legacy' now? I am still waiting for a fitted bikini. I dare not to wish other...
  11. After I search and tried stuffs on this Legacy female body. I found only Bluexxxx and Glams xxxxx gave some support. There is also another one gave out some over price product. Despite has those supports, it just 5 sets clothes and 1 set skin applier in the market. There are no possible way to get tattoo applier on it. It seem all applier for old TMP body cannot use for this legacy now. It has some old tattoo can be used on legacy body. It even do not have any bikini for it. Not to mention about body make up. Anyone want to buy it. you have up know this. Deformer does not really satis
  12. If they used the developer kit from other mesh body for reverse engineering, that may be a kind of breach of user terms. It is very depending on their restrictive clauses of those agreement. I have no idea of the developer kit, so my comment is very generic.
  13. It is not that fit at all. It is exaggerated. It just make the body smaller than most mesh body, such as Maitreya's hip & breast about 5% smaller (from 5% to 30%, like slink HG), but Belleza Venus's clothes breast area is still smaller than the deformer's breast. So everything need to wear tight with body never look good, such as nipple. And I noted the Legacy body's arm and shoulder is now more inline with common mesh body. I worn Maitreya long sleeves clothes, it was 98% fit without deformer (breast still too big for Maitreya fitted mesh clothes). BTW, there only few pages native
  14. Don't believe deformer. It dare to claim fit. Even wearing maitreya cloth, we can put a finger between the gap. It only give you 3 deformer, Upper body, lower body and feet. you can see the picture here. I tried bra top on it, classic tmp, venus, slink, isis, frey, maitraye with deformer wearing. Breast is larger than venus. other breast is all smaller than the bar from 5-30%. There is the FIT DEFORMERS [HELP] ==================================================== Fit Deformers are designed to aid in wearing your current closet with your new body. New Content will be c
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