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Shock! Horror! Instant deliveries?

Zanara Zenovka

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I'm also seeing an improved daily consistency of prompt deliveries, in other words: no problem seen here? Performance sure seems to be improving in these parts. The few transaction troubles I experience now are vanishingly rare & easily resolved with customer.

I'd estimate that deliveries are getting faster due to Linden's hard work but to be honest I don't pay too much attention to delivery times these days. As long as the system is reasonably prompt, then everyone becomes very laissez faire about the whole situation.

This is good developments, since a properly organized system is essential to keep inventory flowing smoothly during peak demand times.

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It was only fixed for one night, Ann, then went back to "normal". But hopefully that was a test, or else something that will prove diagnostic.

I did reply to you earlier, but it got deleted in the Petit Soldatian Purges of Feb 2012.

And - tada! It's the delay's gone again tonight:

February 07, 2012 01:16 am PST 1289585148

[01:17] ArtiZan Magic Box - M1: Xstreet SL - Delivered item

02/07/2012 01:17:27 7a3ca960 Source: Commerce Linden MKT2 Item Sale
Description: Order #1289585148, Item #1365597

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Out of curiosity I did some tests:

Bought 6 of my own products in one cart at 02:41. Order number: 1289587270
All 6 delivered by 02:42 and payment and email processed by 02:44
All deliveries were from the same magic box.

Did a test with 6 of Mickey's products at 03:09 Order #1289588224
3 delivered; 3 haven't and I've had no email.
The box that did deliver one was in Dream City (I got called afk and didn't get to see exactly where all 3 deliveries came from).

Maybe worth looking for something specific in your product/box configuration? sims/particular boxes/resetting boxes on xstreet?

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I've not had any notices from Linden Lab to change magic boxes.

If there is an outdated magic box, then it should have been pulled, and required a new version.  But we should have had some kind of notice on that.

I see you have started a Jira to do that.  I think that a lot of people are going to be in a major fix, if they start pulling those without warning.

A simple communication from Linden Lab in any forum post or Jira would have been fine on that, but I do not see it.  

I also see that you have gone into the Jira I started, and posted the info there, while we are asking for Linden Lab to address.  You did one sample, and that's great, but to declare the problem fixed with one sampling, I'm not so sure that was wise, particularly from reading some reports that others have done, and the most recent that I read, was a blog post from Darrius on "timing" and how that effects the deliveries in a shopping cart.  I'll go back and read that again - and see if he clarifies on whether or not that involves different versions of magic boxes.

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You certainly have done a fine job of embarassing me on having an old magic box, Zanara.  Kudos to you, for that, particulary considering all of the ranting I've done to ask for assistance in the last few weeks.

I'm not convinced that is the entire issue, but will certainly adjust that this week.

Because of the time required to do that, I won't be able to continue to campaign for any other issues, or even in the very least to ask for assistance and communication.

I'll adjust my own magic box, but that will not solve the problem of communicating that information publicly via a forum post or a Jira post or a support ticket notification to all of those people who have experienced the problems over the last few months.

If it was a matter of simply communicating in a timely fashion of an update or sending it automatically, or requiring that updated version be used....

....then the scope of the problem is far larger than a script in a magic box.  And pretty scary, considering that money from customers and merchants is involved.

Will take full responsibility for my own magic box issue, and thank you for generously pointing that out in each Jira requesting communication from Linden Lab, and thank you for pointing that out personally - certainly will put all of my efforst to a screaching halt for now.  (kudos again)

But will not take responsibility for correcting it across the marketplace.  In which case, it will still effect any other shopping cart delivery.

Good luck with that.

I'm sorry for drawing attention to this issue, and apologies for being persistent and relentless.  Obviously was at fault myself, and will correct that asap.

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Mickey Vandeverre wrote:

You certainly have done a fine job of embarassing me on having an old magic box, Zanara.  Kudos to you, for that, particulary considering all of the ranting I've done to ask for assistance in the last few weeks.



It's like you've compained of shoulder pain and I've pointed out the huge axe sticking out of your back and now you're angry.

If anyone's embarrassed you, you've done it to yourself.

I'm just going to re post what I put on the jira - any further effort would be wasted.

Mickey - JIRA is a collaborative effort: people contribute data and test things to help solve a problem. Which is why it is more effective than, say, complaining on Twitter. It is not a personal support ticket to LL and it is inappropriate for you to be expressing hostility towards me for contributing.

Magic box v 3.0.11 has been out for some 2.5 years, since before the current marketplace, and the advice to have the latest version has been repeated in many places.

To complain about me "pointing a finger" at that is risable. I pointed out a major source of errors; you should be grateful.

"Support for issues" is irrelevant - JIRA is not a vote for prom queen, it's a rational attempt at problem solving.

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Mickey, please slow down. There is no need for acknowledgements to me or apologies to anyone else for reporting the cart problem.

It still exists. You reported the issue. You've found one potential source of the problem. You haven't even given it time to see how much the issue is helped by updating your boxes.

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Oh good grief. Ethel the Aardvark Goes Quantity Surveying.

(a) Go to old box. Right click > edit> contents. Drag contents to folder in inventory. Rez new box. Drag folder contents to box. Delete old box. Delete old box from xstreet box listing page.

Rinse repeat.

If any boxes have identical contents you can take a copy to inventory and dump it at new location.


(b) You publicised a jira issue that concerned you. Nothing to do with me personally.

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I'm going to be very specific with you.

You have tech skills.  I have numbers skills.

Those numbers did not appear magically overnight, it was very hard work over a few years.  Those numbers were to promote my store and my products.

Occasionally, I will use those numbers to support an "issue."

By doing so, it is considerable risk.  You simply cannot do that repeatedly for one issue after another, and maintain.  And you certainly cannot take that risk, if promotion of an issue comes back to bite you in the butt, as it did here.

This is not the first time it has bit me in the butt with a mess to clean up and as I said before - I will clean that up now, and do not have time for much else.

If you do not understand how those numbers work on the Internet - then too bad.  Have attempted many times here, to explain, and am not wasting breathe anymore.  There might be an instance some day where that is valuable information you, just as learning tech skills would be a great learning experience for me.

Do not preach to me on being grateful, when you insulted me personally, repeatedly, on my personal efforts.  And if it is not a personal issue with you, then you need to quit poking your Oprah finger at me personally, and taunting, and then telling me personally to "take a pill" after using those energies for an issue that effects you.  Your method of attaching my name to one little magic box effort,  then jumping from thread to thread and Jira to Jira to announce victory - Fail.

I am not your enemy - I was a supporter, and you benefitted from that.  If this is what you do to a supporter - then I would hate to be your enemy.

I am going to think long and hard about risking those numbers for a merchant related issue again.

Valuable lesson on teamwork - support - time - effort - time sucks - reciprocation - you name it.

As I said earlier - thank you very much for that lesson.



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1. rez new box and copy contents to inventory

2. go to existing boxes and box by box delete *all* the scripts in the box and replace with the ones you've just put in your inventory.

quicker and easier.

 edit:  dont forget to update your config via the menu (emails) and make it talk to the server.

your way is good to get a backup of the box contents just in case (or come DD migration time) though.

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Couldbe - your instructions made a daunting task very easy, thanks, again.


February 07, 2012

  • Order #1289626161
  • Order Status: Being delivered
  • Number of items in order: 4
  • Number of items from your store: 4
  • Total charged by your store: L$390
  • Total received by your store before fees: L$355
  • Customer: Mickey Vandeverre




54360606  Delivered

54360607 Delivered
54360608  Delivered
54360609  Undelivered - Not Paid - Not available for redelivery
I am sure it is because I did it wrong or because the sim needs to be restarted or because it is a bad sim or because my computer is faulty or because I did not do the proper delivery dance or because of bad mojo or because of this or that.
I'll leave it at that, for now.

oooopsy - just one little more teeny tiny tidbit.

Now....NOTHING is being delivered.  All complete fails.

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You know what?


I knew better than to adjust anything during the week before Valentine's Day, after setting up promotions and new product for a solid month.

But noooooooo.....someone with a God Complex had to poke and poke and poke and poke away, until I had no choice.

I am down for the count - simply do not have the technical skills to regroup while one order after another during a VERY busy week, that was planned immediately after Christmas .....FAILS.

Completely out of biz now - because someone needs a guinea pig to poke at.

I knew better.

Thank you very much, Zanara Zenovka.



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Zanara Zenovka wrote:

Oh also Mickey - i just noticed that the box that delivered to me is called  "SL Exchange Magic Box black". The current box (for nearly 3 years) is called "XStreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11" 

Only the latest version works properly.

I think that you are mistaken on this.  I talked to a friend who helped me set the box up the last time - and he said that we did what Couldbe said to do - maybe - I'm not sure.  We did something - We updated.

I did not change the title on the box - and perhaps that is what you are reading.

When I just did the script change this time - the scripts looked the same to me.

We had updated.  I just did not change the title on the box.


You ARE mistaken.  I just watched a delivery actually go through, finally - and it appeared on my screen with the New Title that I just placed on the box, tonight.  What you read - was simply a matter of me never changing the title on the box when we updated.

You jumped to conclusions, then ran around to every avenue that you could, to claim a victory and continue to poke away.

YOU are the one that might want to slow down just a tad.

The mess I have to clean up right now - is not one that I made - it is one that you made.


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I'm going to tell you one more thing, Miss Zenovka.

While you are wherever the hell you are.....gloating.....I had a very kind friend come in and help me start all over.

We do not even speak the same language.

He took screenshots - then printed a picture of a keyboard and inventory - he translated them to english for me - and then set them up in my workshop and was very patient with a non-tech furious, frustrated soul.  For 3 hours.

That is what kind people do when they see someone struggling.

They do not mock and taunt and poke fingers and call people stupid and suggest they medicate and then call them names.....and watch silently while others struggle.....(those threads I posted have been sitting there for a while)

....until their own issue got solved.....

.....then come in for the kill.....

......and gloat.

I am very blessed.

I sure as hell hope that your issue got resolved, and that you do not have to go back and start all over.

Because I will not be there again.  I will NEVER, EVER use my numbers to pressure Linden Lab or to promote a Jira again.

And you will not know whether anything I do to experiment worked or not.

I am off the team.

YOU go back and clean up those assumptions that you left in those Jiras.  I will not.


I did something wrong - I did not understand one step - and my entire store on marketplace is gone now.

All gone.

Thank you very much, Miss Zenovka.

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Mickey Vandeverre wrote:


I did something wrong - I did not understand one step - and my entire store on marketplace is gone now.

All gone.

Thank you very much, Miss Zenovka.

Right... so in your universe, your mistakes are all my fault? OK...gotcha...

Your whole shop is there, btw.

Anyway, there must be plenty of other people who have attempted to help you with this problem of your own creation, perhaps you can turn your vitriolic blame projection onto another one of them now? I think I've had my share.

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Not directed at you or anyone in particular, but this does show an example of an old problem. The biggest hindrance to community isn't that we're not willing to help in our own ways, but how we're forced to do that.

Agree with both methods of getting all your ducks in a row and having the ammunition in a Jira to make a case for bugs/flaws/feature requests and campaign for a feature.

Both together would make quite a vehicle for change.

Problem is that if the job were done right from the beginning, the community wouldn't need to get involved at this level for one bug after another.

Case in point, when magic boxes first exposed themselves as a bottleneck an intermediate in-house LL only LSL function could have been written to more directly deliver inventory in-world, or do it faster. It may or may not have been a complete solution but we would have had smoother deliveries 8 months ago.

Instead we're at each other born of frustration from LL mis-steps. The forum consists mostly of talking about Marketplace problems rather than business, exchanging tips, etc.

If you want real community to be bound by something other than problems, LL is going to have to eliminate the problems at a reasonable rate.

But hey, we can now have guest bloggers blogging about things that are sufficiently happy and fluffy and under the control of community guidelines alongside the flickr pic of the day instead of regular progress report blog posts from LL.

Imagining bloggers that don't blog happy thoughts outside of LL have much chance of a published blog post as a guest blogger. Way to control the message.

Anything but fixing things in a timely manner. Way to get the community to tear each other apart.

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Agree totally. Disorganisation, inefficiency and poor institutional communication lead to chaotic environments in which antisocial behaviours then flourish.

I too would like to see this forum used for more interesting and creative discussion. Problem solving can also be productive and enjoyable if it doesn't just lead to hysterical grandstanding and the forum being used as an emotional dumping ground.

We have very little control over what LL does, but forum users can control the behaviours we'll tolerate in these discussions. Posters should not have to defend themselves against lies, contortions, irrational accusations, random abuse and other antisocial rhetorical strategies. As the sculpty TOS thread shows, serial bullies can be dealt with when  a number of reasonable people persistantly demonstrate that they will not be daunted by aggressive and abusive behaviour.

If this happened more often, perhaps more people with a wider variety of opinions and ideas would feel it was a safe environment in which to contribute.

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