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Some annoying newbie questions

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

I'm only a week old and I like it enough that I think I want to spend more time here. I have been using IMVU for several years, but I've recently become so disillusioned with them that I wanted to find a better environment. Tbh it's sorta like going from pre-K to college in one leap. 

So here are some things I wanted to know. I've spent most of the day trying to find the answers, but I guess I'm using the wrong keywords. First, is there some sort of definition list for SL jargon? I see words like "prims" and "rezz" and haven't the foggiest notion of what they mean. Second, What's the importance of rankings? I got a message today that I am now a "recognized resident".... Also, I saw this really neato motorcycle that I'd like to get, but the description seemed to be written in Klingon, so I didn't want to go buying stuff I don't know how to use or where and all that. If I buy a vehicle does it go in my pocket when I'm through playing with it? And do I have to know Klingon before I can operate a vehicle? And lastly, I have been teleporting all over the place, checking stuff out. Is there a possibility that I could mess up and teleport somewhere I'm not supposed to be? I don't want to upset anyone.



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LOL Its ok, you learn with experience. Prims are objects that people create and link them together, forming one solid larger object that you can either put on the ground, in a home, or wear, ect. Earrings for example are made of prims, many of them all linked together to form one thing. Rezz means to load or to bring out into the world. Your clothes rezz on your avatar so that people can see them, and you can rezz objects from your inventory by dragging them from your inventory onto the ground to edit them or open them. SL means Second Life. RL means Real Life. TP means Teleport. I think thats about it for basic stuff.

If you want to get a motocycle, just find a free one that was scripted to be in english and not klingnon xD Yes, once you're done playing with it you take it back into your inventory unless its copy then you can just delete it because the original will have stayed in your inventory.


We all make mistakes when teleporting. As long as you use search and teleport to places that way, you have a less likelyhood of teleporting into someone's private area or house. A good way to tell if you're not supposed to be there is that the land has ban lines around it (meaning you cant get in) or they have a security system that ejects you (throws you in the air, away from the land) or sends you home (whatever place you chose "set home here")

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You cannot tp to anyplace you are not supposed to so explore away.

Re learning SL language:  I think the fastest way for me was taking classes in everything. If the subject seemed helpful I took more of them.  But I took every class I could find at least once.  You will find free classes listed in events/education. You can also type terms in the Wiki or knowledge base to see what comes up

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Welcome to Second Life

Prims are the building blocks used to create things in second life.

There are a limited number available in any sim (which might be further divided into parcels with a proportionate number of prims)

Rezing in it's simplest form is the display of your avatar, other avatars and objects close to you.

Depending on the load on this sim, it can take longer sometimes than others, this effect is called lag, and call also effect other things such as how easy it is for you to move around.


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Hi, Viewer 2 has a glossary in its help, you can see it on the regular web too. The wiki has an older glossary category too, that might fill in some blanks.

The rankings mostly identify people who post a lot. The forum FAQ page has information about the ranks and many other things that are good to know here.

For your first vehicle, try in world from shops that have demos you can ride. Lots of people make good looking bikes, not so many make bikes that are fun to use.

If you teleport to a place you don't belong, they might kick you out, don't worry so much, it's their privilege to do so, it won't go on your permanent record eve if somebody says it will, and it happens to everybody sooner or later. If you notice that a place you landed in looks like a private home, and the land description does not give any better information, it is usually a good idea to offer a quick "oops sorry" to anybody there and scram. :)

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Hi, there are no dumb questions only dumb answers :smileywink:

Prims are the block (cubes, spheres ..) nearly all in SL is build from.

That leeds to No2: rezz. This is an old movie term and only mean to put a thing into the world.

Even you can "rezz" a "prim" and another one and .... to create your first building.

IMVU is a more static world but in SL everyone can create things from clothes to homes to clothes ....

The motorcycle. If you buy things you can use them. Buy the motorcycle, "rezz" it (there it is again) and sit on or sometimes you have to wear transportations to use them. If you cannot understand the description check out for another one.

Some may send you links to videos where you can learn the basic about SL.

One last thing. Never "rezz" or attach things you got from so called nice people for free. Some could do funny or nasty or even dangerous things. Better go to freebie or other stores where the items are tested and known.

Hope that brought a little bit of light and you enjoy SL.

Welcome and greetings from Monti

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Welcome to perhaps the greatest waste of time ever created :D


I can't answer everything in one go but I will try.


Prims:  These are the building blocks of SL.  They are the individual pieces of the various buildings, items, jewelry, vehicles, and just about everything else you come across here.  You can only have a limited number of these prims on any given parcel so the number of prims an item has matters.  For example you will see a lot of "low prim" items advertised.  This means that the creator is saying that they are made up of fewer of these building blocks as compared to other items of its type or complexity.


Rezz:  This refers to the action of bringing something into the SL world.  Either bringing an item out of your inventory and into the grid where you and others can interact with it,  creating individual prims while building, or even bringing yourself into a particular sim.  "Sorry I can't see you yet.  I just rezzed".  


There is a pretty big lexicon of words here and but the "Klingon" does get easier over time.  Posting questions in the "answers" forum is helpful.  Threre are loads of experienced residents that tend to stalk that forum waiting for people to ask for help.  I know this sounds odd, people literally sitting around waiting for someone they don't know to pop by and ask for help, but it makes perfect sense once you've been here awhile.  Remember, these people have been in SL a long time and therefore they don't think same way as you or me so be sure to keep your questions as simple and specific as possible and don't make any sudden moves.


Rankings:  The "Recognized Resident" that you see here is your forum ranking and has absolutely no bearing on SL at all.  It also has absolutely no bearing on this forum.  It does reflect on your level of participation here in the forums (number of posts, kudos, questions answered, that sort of thing) but it honestly does not do anything besides that.  You don't get super-secret powers or special access to a secret orgy room or anything.  (as far as you know anyway ;))


With most vehicles or other items you will get a little notecard along with it that will tell you how to operate it.  This is not 100% of the time though.  Almost everything here was made by another resident so there is no guarantees but instructions are usualy provided, especially with stuff that you buy.  


Yes, if you rez (see above) a vehicle you can put it back into inventory when you are done.  Or, if the vehicle has copy permissions you can simply delete it and rez another copy when you want to use it again.  I know, I just spoke Klingon again.  A easy way to check is to rez the vehicle, the take it back into your inventory.  If you now have two copies instead of just one, then it is copyable.  You can just delete the copy that you rez.  In your inventory there will be the word "copy" beside the object as well.  If you have only one copy when you take it back then it is not copyable and for the love of pete don't lose it.  If you do lose it be sure to check your trash and lost and found folders.  It will usually turn up there.


Random teleporting:  A great way just to look around.  I recommend it highly.  Funny thing about other people... they will get pissed off over the oddest things.  You are going to piss someone off in SL sooner or later.  Don't worry about it too much.  As long as you aren't being a jerk you will get along just fine.  If you wind up somewhere that you aren't welcome then just TP (teleport) somewhere else and keep on trucking.  A good tip is to learn the shortcut keys for teleport home (ctrl-shift-h on most viewers)  Get into a bind and just pop home and regroup.   I do have a warning on random teleports... some things you can never ever unsee... :D  


If you ever have more questions feel free to ask someone.  Most of us are friendly and helpful (almost too friendly... it can get a little creepy)  

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Among everything else you will find in this board and in world, is one thing that makes Second Life such an awesome place.  It's not  Linden Labs nor what they built (they actually only make and manage the platform, not really much in it), it's not the cool features you see in your browser, nor the activities held on Linden Lands.  In fact the coolest thing about Second Life has little to do with the platform itself, it has everything to do with the people who come here to create and exchange ideas.  In the end it is the users and those users (AKA Residents) that have created most of what you see and most of the terms you hear. 

That being said, we users are very proud of what WE have created and as such are very excited to help new residents.  In the end, you will find that residents are more than helpful, there are no dumb questions that haven't already been asked many times and we love to help.

I predict some day you will be coming back here needing advice on specular mapping and ambient shaders.  The inquisitive person always becomes the most valued in any society.

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Language of the Virtual Village


 Building 101 Start learning how to build




The ratings are as valuable as the gold stars you got in 4th grade.   

There are good motrorcycles with instructions in English -- Type motrorcycle in search.  If you send me an IM inworld I will send you a Hobo Welcome Kit with lots of free vehicles.  probably not as fancy as the Kilngon, but adequeate t o learn on.

If you are not suppopsed to be in some place, the TP will fail and you should  get a message.




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I don't think anyone mentioned this yet, but I am fairly sure you have to switch the current Linden Lab Second Life viewer to "Advanced Mode" to work with your inventory folders. Select Advanced before you log in. Mode is right next to your login box. You are probably in "Basic Mode" if you just started. This does not apply if you are using a 3rd party (non-Linden) viewer.

When you buy stuff, it goes into your "Objects" folder. If the stuff is in a box, you have to rez the box in-world, then right click to open it, then click the button to copy to your inventory. It seems that 99% of all the things you buy are in boxes. You should make lots of new folders to keep things sorted out in your inventory. Try to organize things into folders and sub-folders.

Note that you can't rez stuff just anywhere. You can only rez on land that allows you to rez. There are public areas that let anyone rez anything for a short time ("Sandboxes") although these may not be the most friendly areas. There are also many private lands that allow you to rez things, at least for a short period of time.

Pussycat's web site is really good for newbies (see the Aug 2010 post at the bottom - not everything is current, but it is a good overview): http://catnapkitty.wordpress.com/category/second-life/newbie-help/


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Welcome Abigail!  ...to me there aren't really annoying newbie questions :matte-motes-asleep-2:

I am happy to help new people understand SL and do that all the time.

Feel free to ask me a question or two inworld or here on the forum, if there is something you want to know about :matte-motes-grin: I will try my best to find answer for you.

I might not answer right away but will answer soon! :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:

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