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  1. I've got the UV template of my mesh avatar and am needing someone to create a skin using the template. Preferably someone with experience on doing custom realistic skins, non-cut-up-googled-images if you can get what I'm trying to convey. The skin can be resold to whomever you choose, just needing a good skin that can let me have somewhat of my old look back when I wear PinkFuel or Curio skins. To obtain the UV template, I must send it to you in-world. To discuss prices, please message me in-world. You must tell me what price you want, and no "tell me how much you're willing to pay" games. This is not an auction.
  2. Yeah :\ I'd really hate to lose all of the mesh clothing I've already purchased because a deformer is only being spoken about as being part of the upload screen. It's all heresay. What I want to know is why on earth do designers use standard sizing charts if the person is going to wear an alpha layer where it matters? Like a V-Neck shirt.... Using the standard sizing charts BUT from chin to waist is all alpha layers hiding the body. What gives? I can gaurantee you that if it uses the "Standard Sizing Chart" chances are my nipples poke through, even on clothes where the person would be wearing an alpha covering most of that body part. If someone HAS to use an alpha for a piece of clothing that's using a SIZING CHART why on earth even call it a sizing chart? I understand when clothes are made smaller such as waist sinchers, but if a piece of clothing is meant to FIT A NORMAL AVATAR why - oh why - is an alpha still required? If it's rigged CORRECTLY it should fit perfectly. I've even worn some of these "Standard Sizing Chart" clothing on my normal avatar, and let me tell you: The Alpha Layer IS Required. That is rediculous. No wonder I can't find anything that fit's my mesh avatar. I've even spent the time to make sure that my avatar's shape conforms to the "S" size of these "Sizing Charts" at the chest, waist, and pelvis... yet, I still have to wear the alpha. Now then, on to the person telling me to go to the creator directly for cloths. The mesh avatar I purchased is to fit all mesh clothing, SHOULD IT BE CONFORMED TO THE DEFAULT SHAPE. Now you've got creators using sizing charts of women with wide hips, or a big butt, or big breasts, or any random thing they can think of. Clothes that were made on the default model you first get before getting fancy with shapes are what fit, but there are hardly any one making clothes to that shape, because they feel it's boring or it's not what they want. This is the problem I'm having. I find an outfit I like, there is no demo, but I feel that it might be a worthy purchase only to find out that the mesh model used had a XXL butt or XXL breasts, or other variations. It's not the mesh avatar creator's fault that people are importing their own avatar to be the mesh model. Yet, now I've got a problem. I've already asked the creator for clothing, but they are only one person. You cant demand a busy person stop what they're doing when they've got more customers to think about as a whole. That logic of business folks dropping what they're doing to assist only one person died a long time ago. You've got to be realistic these days. I've been asking all of my favorite stores if maybe they could just increase the bust a tad on their next release, but the requests fall on deaf ears. I don't know what to do at this point. I truely love what I've purchased for my avatar, but it's got it's limitations and I'm trying to work with them. The avatar is in beta, but it's definetly not helping that all of my favorite stores are converting to a sizing chart system. I'm at my wits end on what to do.
  3. Let me try to word this correctly without getting in trouble for advertising again -_- I've got a Mesh Avatar (let's try to keep this as generic as possible... >.<) and I'm finding that clothing with "Standard Sizing Charts" for their mesh clothes do not fit the chest area. I've got to only get nonrigged tops that I can size. This also prevents me from wearing most dresses, outfits, etc unless I can manage to find a full body suit. Does anyone know of any stores that cater to the specific sizing of this Mesh Avatar? (Has 2.0 in the name). I've been shopping desperately for new clothes to fit, but everyone is using these "Standard Sizing Charts" making my boobs pop out of the front. If I look at the avatar's shape unclothed, it looks very nice, so I do not see why these "Standard Sizing Chart" clothings do not fit :\ It's as if the model they're using to form the cloths has really high and perky boobies which are unrealistic. I really need help, I've only found like 5 items of clothing that fit this avatar and I'm going from being able to change clothes every day on SL to wearing the same outfit for days at a time. I need to know which stores will fit my avatar. I really hope I've worded this carefully enough not to get in trouble again >.< If I do get in trouble, I have no clue how on earth I'm supposed to word this. Please forgive me in advance. And if I get banned for wording this wrong... agan.... I'll see you guys when I get unbanned... ._.
  4. I've got a free account on SL from issues that LL used to have with double and tripple charging members years ago. Because of this there are certain things that I do not have access to. I am not able to modify my profile in world or out of world because I do not have the ability? This is the message I receive: The change you wanted was rejectedMaybe you tried to change something you didn't have access to. If you continue to receive this message please use the options under the viewer's "Help" menu or visitSecond Life Support. Go to my.secondlife.com This is only happening on this account. I've attempted to change things on another account with no issues. I attempted to submit a support ticket, there are no options for it for free accounts. So I did the only other thing I could think of and call LL. When calling LL I was directed to submit a support ticket and I had to actually tell the representitive which options I had to choose from because she did not know. I was directed to call after 8AM MST tomorrow and speak with a supervisor. I don't know about you guys, but why? If there is nothing on my account as to why I'm being blocked from updating my profile, how is the supervisor going to tell me anything different than what the rep did? Is there any thing else I can do to try to get this resolved with perhaps a Linden directly instead of playing phone tag? Thank you both for your insight. I was trying to modify the profile on the official viewer 3 (newest release). I did not know others were having this same issue, I didnt see anyone speaking of it in world or when I glanced at the forums(yeah I know... I'm lazy lolol). This issue only started happening about 30min prior to me posting this message originally. No other account is being affected. As for the various things needing enabled, it's all enabled inside the viewer, as I've found without enabling them not even the splash screen shows correctly prior to logging in. I have attempted to submit tickets using the closest option I saw previous to this only to have them closed out days later with being told it was filed incorrectly. So you can see why I'm trying every other avenue I can. I will do as you suggested Char (I know it's Charlotte?Charlette *cant see it in the edit window sorry ._. please forgive*) and file a ticket with the closest option I have access to, along with calling tomorrow for the supervisor. Thank you both for your assistance with this matter.
  5. I am having issues with mesh not loading correctly with the newest viewer. I'm having to log out and clear cache a lot to resolve simple issues. I've got a problem now where I'm trying to wear hair that has some messy textures used for certain parts and clean textures used for the main body of the hair. I can see the clean(neat/organized) hair parts of the mesh but any messy areas (fly away hairs/ single strands) are invisible to me unless I look at my avatar's outline infront of something with heavy glow on it. I can see the parts that are invisibl to me that way, but I do not see them normally. I have tried to do the normal clear cache & relog that i normally would and it's just now working for the hair. Is there a setting that I need to do in order to see the mesh correctly? Turning off shadows resolved the issue, thank you. My graphics card was not the problem seeing as I saw the hair as it should be while it was rezzed on the ground, just did not show up properly as I was wearing it. I do not see how drivers are needing to be replaced when they are up to date and have had no issue prior to today. I am hopeing that I can use shadows again at some point because I do enjoy them, but I do not know why they are making my mesh items not show correctly.
  6. I'm sorry Hammer, but I'm going to have to agree with Mari here. You're going to find fake people no matter where you go and there are people who "keep it real" all over the grid, not just welcome areas. I know the people in Korea and I know for a fact not everyone "keeps it real" there. Just hanging out in welcome areas 100% of the time will only give you a limited number of people to make friends with, expecially since YOU are well known to shoot off at people who are new to SL, aka potential new friends. Yes, people are targeting welcome areas specifically to crash sims and clients, and you should be well aware of why. Because welcome areas are some of the largest collection of snobs in the whole grid, making it fun for others to annoy said snobs. You can hang out where ever you want, and no one is telling you where to go or what to do. You are complaining about a problem you are more than well aware of happens more frequently at welcome areas than any other place. The fact that even with these issues you choose to stay in that area, that is your fault. I hang out in welcome areas as well and I am more than aware of what goes on at places such as these, and when it gets too much i go elsewhere. I dont stay in the same place and let it affect me over and over and over again just to complain of it later.
  7. I'm wanting to add a picture in my "picks" tab on the new web profiles and I'm on the screen right now and I do not see any button that will let me add one? I've found how to edit exsisting ones, but not add a new one. The only buttons I have to the left are profile, home, people, inbox, recommendations, and settings. Settings does not have a picks section. I click on my profile and click the picks tab and I see my 3 pictures. I'd like to add a fourth picture, but I don't seem to have a button to do that anywhere? Where did they move it to? Thank you LoveAngeL, that's why I wasn't seeing it. I was using Firestorm. I logged into Viewer2 and you were right, it was right there. Hope the phoenix team fixes that, it's a really annoying problem just trying to add one thing.
  8. I have over 2 years experience DJing on Second Life. I did lose the computer that had all my music, but I am slowly but surely getting everything back. I have mostly Industrial / Goth / EBM / Synthpop / 80's I can do requests easily and I can voice, do shout-outs, dedications, ect. I use SAM and I do have my own stream if it is needed. I can work on tips alone or on an amount per time, which ever is more convienent for you. Please message me In-World if you are interested. Please say something more than "Hi" so I know you're someone not mass IMing people.
  9. YES!! I know you've made a lot of videos, but THIS one is by far the best one you've done. Its hilarious!!
  10. I would uninstall SL and delete ALL folders from the viewers you use in your computer to be on the safe side. Its a tad drastic, but its effective.
  11. LOL Its ok, you learn with experience. Prims are objects that people create and link them together, forming one solid larger object that you can either put on the ground, in a home, or wear, ect. Earrings for example are made of prims, many of them all linked together to form one thing. Rezz means to load or to bring out into the world. Your clothes rezz on your avatar so that people can see them, and you can rezz objects from your inventory by dragging them from your inventory onto the ground to edit them or open them. SL means Second Life. RL means Real Life. TP means Teleport. I think thats about it for basic stuff. If you want to get a motocycle, just find a free one that was scripted to be in english and not klingnon Yes, once you're done playing with it you take it back into your inventory unless its copy then you can just delete it because the original will have stayed in your inventory. We all make mistakes when teleporting. As long as you use search and teleport to places that way, you have a less likelyhood of teleporting into someone's private area or house. A good way to tell if you're not supposed to be there is that the land has ban lines around it (meaning you cant get in) or they have a security system that ejects you (throws you in the air, away from the land) or sends you home (whatever place you chose "set home here")
  12. Been watching all of your videos ever since gnomeair, love them all. I loved the first video from gnomeair because it was so funny to see how someone new tries to figure things out.
  13. Well, they're saying that because with mesh, v1.* type viewers will not be able to render mesh. Also, as LL brings out more features to SL, they will render the v1.* type viewers useless at a certain point. Theres no need to make the move now, but one day you will have to.
  14. The man was using a OnDuty member attached to him. Its the only object in SL that a man can press a button while with someone intimately and make her pregnant that only lasts 9 days. At the end of the 9 days, its supposed to send the recipient a prim baby on the 9th day. Its all for fun and the woman isnt really pregnant. The prim baby is just a gag gift. Since OnDuty's owner has been gone since last year, the server that sends the prim baby no longer works.... so she wont recieve one even if his member tells her she's pregnant.
  15. Ok so for a while now I've been hearing how LL doesnt budget any for advertising, unlike places like IMVU which have a HUGE advertising budget. Well for the last few days, I've noticed SL ads on Facebook. These ads are $50 USD per day. Is this ALL that LL will pay for advertising?! I mean, dont they think that maybe they should add more to budget in advertising like other sites do? Here is the popular ad (it is geers towards meeroos) A Meeroo? The only time they spend money on advertisement and its about a Meeroo? *rolls eyes*
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