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Looking for a FAQ page.   Help me find it

Im new here, dont know my way around.


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Because a lot of users want to know the basics right away, we have the Quickstart Guide that Rolig pointed you to.  It's a sort of "FAQ".

Because SL is way too complex to cover with ONLY a FAQ, we have the Knowledge Base that Alwin pointed you to.

And because SL's residents are so helpful, there are a LOT of other resources available to help solve your problems and answer your questions.

  • In world places like Caledon Oxbridge University, New Resident Island, Firestorm Help Island, Helping Haven, where you can learn about SL.
  • More in world places like Builders Brewery, College of Scripting Music and Science, Blender Benders, Ivory Tower Library of Primitives, to learn about how to create stuff.
  • YouTube videos by people like Torley Linden and Strawberry Singh and others
  • Blogs by SL residents about travel, adventure, shopping, and other aspects of our virtual world.
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