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Avatar is ruthed, then not loading at all.

Landz Lenroy

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I have several accounts and and have tried this on Vista laptop and an XP desktop with similar results.

One of my alts seems to have become damaged, and remains as a white cloud.  At first it would rez after a minute or two.  But now, ten minutes, and no avatar.  On some previous occasions the avator (male) has appeared as Ruth.

I followed most of the advice in the Help documentation regarding lowered performance setting, etc. Both computers have no problems of this sort with my other alts.

So is this a damaged alt that I have here?  I cannot use Appearances.  The inventory says "loading" and never finishes.

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Sorry you are having problems.

Try going to a private spot and take off all your attachments, and then relog.  That way you will know if one or more of your attachments are causing problems.

Do people near you see the cloud as well, or just you?

Try doing a Rebake Textures, the shortcut key for which is CRTL-ALT-R (or see http://danielvoyagerblog.wordpress.com/2008/06/30/how-to-rebake-textures-tutorial-24/ for another way of doing the same).

Hope some of this helps!

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Hello Landz, before you log into Second Life, pleaseClear the Cache from Outside Second LifeLog in and let your Inventory fully load.

Please see this article in Knowledge Base Why do I look like a particle cloud? (Formerly known as: I've suddenly and unexpectedly turned into an ugly woman.)

You also appear as a cloud when some information about you gets lost on the way from one place to another.  However, you are not stuck this way permanently!  See the following steps for help on restoring yourself to normal:

  1. From your main menu, click Edit > Preferences > Graphics tab.
  2. Slide the Quality & Performance slider to a lower setting.
  3. Check the box next to Custom on the Graphics tab.
  4. Move the Draw distance slider to the left.
  5. Slide the Mesh Details sliders to Low.
  6. Avatar Impostors is checked by default. If you have unchecked it, activate that feature again.

Additional helpful techniques:

  • Log out and restart Second Life (relog).
  • Right-click yourself, select Appearance, do NOT save anything, and click Close.

If those don't work, try the following process:

  1. Access and wear a default avatar.
  2. Re-wear your normal shape, skin, clothes, and attachments.  This step is much easier if you are using a pre-existing saved outfit, but remember not to save anything before your avatar is restored!.

icons_parature_tip.jpg Tip: If you tried all of the above, and your avatar is still a cloud, submit a ticket to our Support team for assistance.

This article gives useful information about How can I improve performance ? and this one will show you how to get detailed information about the performance of your computer and the Second Life world Statistics Bar Guide

Hope this helps

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This is helpful (along with previous replies), but oddly, in XP I cannot find a cache as stated in the path provided.

I wonder why?  I have XP home SP3.  There is a cache folder in the browser_profile folder, but I don't think that is the one we are looking for.

In the C:\----\-----\Application Data\SecondLife folder there is the browser profile, avatar folders, logs, and  user_settings


Maybe my SL app has a problem?  Why do my other avatars not have this trouble?  Seems they would all have a problem!

I am using SL viewer 1.23.4 (123908)

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Landz, you can find the location of your Cache from the Edit > Preferences menu, which is available from the login screen.

Go to Edit > Preferences > Network tab




Network tab


Disk Cache Location - Click Set to specify the location of your cache, and Reset to reset the cache location to the system default.

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if anything else worked I think you can try a complete restart of your avatar that seems the only one affected.


Open the advanced menu by clicking CTRL ALT D


Then search for Character then Character Test


Choose then the appropriate test for your avatar choosing between a Male test or Female one.


This will send you back to the original avatar when he/she entered SL first time.


You will have to wear again all the things you were wearing before the test, so if your appearance doesn't work to save the old outfit, you will have to redress him/her via inventory picking.


Please let us know if this restore worked



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Ella, I am unable to click "correct answer" on your previous post, so I am using this one to vote for you.  I am not experienced at the voting or rating system here, so I hope you do get credit for your help.

You basically copy/pasted the information supplied through the SL help search that I had used, but the important item you sent me was the link to clear the cache from outside of SL, on my own machine.  I followed that link, found the cache and deleted it.

There was a problem with the path, as in XP, the cache in in the browser, and that is not shown in the path name provided in the help data.  After I tried that, my avatar had a miraculous recovery!  During the even hours, I tested it several time to see if the fix was staying in, and it seems that my problem is solved.

I want to thank you and everyone who took time to help.  Its great to have you guys out there!

I will try to vote on the other helpful posts too.  I hope I get that right.

Best regards,

Landz Lenroy

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Take a look at my blog as it has details about the problem you are describing. It also has links to a wiki page about this too


"Ding Dong The Troll Is Dead!"

Your Troll is not dead.. it's just buried! Lurking there in the OS code that is part of SL.. waiting to be "reawakened", like something from Dawn Of The Dead no doubt, is "Ruth"!

I found out why this happens by chance I happened across some news on Open Source coding for Virtual Worlds.. and suprise suprise.. LL/SL "removed/closed off" part of the coding for when you rezz inworld and you end up looking like a "cloud of vapour/gas"
Something to do with "Ruth"
(Sound of alarm bells going off! "WARNING... WARNING!!! : Troll alert!!")

You could resolve this problem by doing the following... if you so wish to.

I won't beheld responsible for any problems that arise ifyou so desire to carry out these actions. You take full responsibility for it on yourself and your own actions in doing so.

To permanently replace the "cloud" with an actual avatar ("Ruth" - this was an old SL default for your avatar a few years ago)

Do the following...

Select Advanced > Debug Settings..

In the first drop down click to get a list and scroll down to RenderUnloadedAvatars
and then click the lower drop down and change it from FALSE to TRUE

A link to the wiki page about "Ruth" here


Brace yourself as you will see your "real self" the "troll" that SL made you look like when you first came into SL.

We, my friends and I, had folders of stuff for your avi to help you overcome this problem.. "Troll Killing" was a name that Cherry came up with when we moved from RLC to SL a few years ago. Fortunately nowadays people don't have to endure this anymore. But you can "revive your Troll" as this, so it seems, "kills the cloud" too from what I understand.

I've not tried this personally....yet. I don't think I'm that brave!
It would seem for some reason SL seem to think you like looking like a cloud when you rezz inworld. Maybe it is better than looking like a troll... you tell me.

As they said on Crimewatch on the Beeb: "Goodnight.. and try not to have nightmares"!

PS: No offence is intended to the ones known as "The Children of Ruth"
then again... it would appear that WE ARE ALL "Children of Ruth"!


Hope this can help you out with your problem

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