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  1. You can do it in-world as the others have described, but it is iften easier to send it via email. If you are concerned about privacy, you can create an account for your avatar on a free mail service like Google, Yahoo or live.com and then send it to their email accounts.
  2. ELQ, you may have some out-of-date information. LL used to charge around $10 US for a second account, and they even had that written in their site. But now they don't do it any more, and you cna't pay it even if you wanted to. Just create your alts as you wish - LL have stated that you can have up to 5 without any charge, and they are legit.
  3. Yeah, I never drag onto my avie - I right click in the invntory and say "add to outfit" - that replaces only the item that I am wearing in that location. So you add everything that you want to put on, then do a search for "(worn" and remove anything that didn't get replaced and that you don't want to wear. Et voila - no more nekkidness!
  4. Glad I could help and that things are less "backward" for you now!
  5. Yup, disable all of your active gestures first and see if it goes away. (In your inventory - find the gestures that are bold, and right-click and make them inactive) Then see if you still have the problem. If it's gone, re-enable them one at a time until you find the offending one. I'll bet that fixes it.
  6. Sarna, Don't worry about it - either they are noobs themselves or they are teasing you. The typing sound and animation is very common in SL. If you do not have a white "dot" over your head, then you are not voice enabled and nobody can hear anything that you are doing. Turning off the typing animation can be a little disconcerting for the people you are tlaking to, though - a lot use it as a sign that you are about to "say" something and stick around. So if you turn it off, don't be surprised or offended if people walk away from you while you are typing. If you are seeing a white dot over your (or other's) heads, and don't want to use voice (either to speak or hear others) you can turn it off in the Preferences screen - you cna get there from the viewer menu - look for "Preferences" and click on it. Look for the voice tab, and make sure that the box in there called "Enable Voice chat" is unchecked. Then, no matter whether you have a mic on or not, they won't be able to hear you. Hope this helps.
  7. There is no way to do it an a way that is officially supported by Linden Labs. Can't say what others have developed in the way of tools, because I am very suspicious of them.
  8. I would agree - try taking off your prim hair (leave on the bald base) and see how it looks then.
  9. Thanks for staying on this one Torley.
  10. If you do just one return at the end of the line you get this spacing. If you do it so it looks right in the edit box you get this. Anyone want to file a JIRA for this?
  11. Sorry you are having problems. Try going to a private spot and take off all your attachments, and then relog. That way you will know if one or more of your attachments are causing problems. Do people near you see the cloud as well, or just you? Try doing a Rebake Textures, the shortcut key for which is CRTL-ALT-R (or see http://danielvoyagerblog.wordpress.com/2008/06/30/how-to-rebake-textures-tutorial-24/ for another way of doing the same). Hope some of this helps!
  12. Normally when people rez objects from a rezzer like that, they are the owner (or can be made the owner) and cna use it as they will (often they are set to dispapear when no longer used). I have seen all sorts of boats trips and guided tours that do this, including the Magic Carpet Ride at Apollo Gardens.
  13. I used to have a garden that was on a platform high in the sky. I could never rez any of the Linden plants or trees. Someone at the time told me that these items can only be rezzed on the ground, and not on top of other objects. I don't think there is a land permission that can change that, at least I haven't seen it on any menus on the land that I help to manage. So did that check box that you found actually allow planting of these on a platform?
  14. One thing that worked for me was to run SL in a Window rather than full screen. Not sure why, but it made a difference.
  15. Nothing will happen automatically - you will have to do it. Gift your Linden dollars to the new account and drop all transferrable items on to the bottom bar in the profile of the new avatar. No Transfer items are just that - you will have to buy them or find them again, or throw yourself on the mercy of the various vendors and hope they feel sympathetic.
  16. They have said that they want to get the current RC client as production first, then they will open the Adult continent (Xindra) for people to look at and start filing tickets. Then they are saying a two week period (containing two weekends) for you to do the move. ...whether anything will be "operating as normal" after this is a matter for some debate
  17. Definitely don't pay money if this is the only functionality you are looking for - you will be able to get a flight feather or similar device for free. Others use a tool like MystiTool to do a lot more, but that wll cost you some Lindens.
  18. Hmm, das koennte schwierig sein... Hast du etwas gerezzed? Falls ja, dann kannst Du ein "Alt" machen, gehe zu deine gerezzde Sachen, und herausfinden, wer der "Owner" ist. Hast du Leute auf deinem "Friends" liste? Dann koenntest Du diese leute durch der o.g. Alt fragen. Nur zwei Ideen. Hoffentlich hilft das.
  19. Great advice - one thing to add in the interests of a tidy sandbox and inventory - once you have done the open please delete the box that you rezzed. You can also delete it from your inventory, sinc ethe items are now extracted to your inventory.
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