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  1. Arduenn, I don't know exactly the reason why this happened. Just make sure it is not flagged. Then you can open a ticket in order to have more information about it.
  2. Hi, yes... you have to change in your account settings the fee rate to pay. It is not an automated thing and it won't adjust itself alone because it is something that you can set if you decide enlarge your land holdings, or to donate land to a group and decide how much your contributions are. You should log in your account then on the left column click Land Manager arrow. Again click Land use fees. In the next page you will find all the information about your land holdings. At the bottom there is a flaggable list of fees. These dots will show as flaggable accordingly to your holdings or more fee/sq meters in case you decide to buy more land. Check if you have flagged the 4096 holding fee and put the flag in the appropriate spot. Note that if you own more than 512 it is 5$ fee up to 1024 square meters. In this page you find all the land you directly own and what you donated to groups and committed to pay relative fee. All the square meters are listed, so if you bought something and forgot it, you can find it there.
  3. Hi, if anything else worked I think you can try a complete restart of your avatar that seems the only one affected. Open the advanced menu by clicking CTRL ALT D Then search for Character then Character Test Choose then the appropriate test for your avatar choosing between a Male test or Female one. This will send you back to the original avatar when he/she entered SL first time. You will have to wear again all the things you were wearing before the test, so if your appearance doesn't work to save the old outfit, you will have to redress him/her via inventory picking. Please let us know if this restore worked Cheers
  4. Is that a default state in everyone role in groups? Do you suggest me to check all my groups and ask the owner/s to kindly uncheck it as it is annoying me?
  5. I was looking my transaction history and I've found I've paid a little amount to some groups I joined for free and I am a simple member not an officer. I've sent a message to the owners of the group but they couln't answer me. Why did I pay this money?
  6. Hi, I love to go role playing in Second Life but I have some issues when I try to move in some areas. This issue is not always showing and usually I am alone with a friend on the land. Are my non RPG attachments affecting it someway? Is something I can do from my side? How can I better palying?
  7. Hi, wellcome in Second Life! You have a lot of opportunities here, even if you do not feel confident speaking English: When you create your avatar, you can browse among a list of communities and look there if there is one speaking your native language. Inworld (when you login on the virtual world) you can ask a SL Mentor to have some help in your language. Then you can easily search places of interest of your country or join open groups. Moreover the experience of being in Second Life, teleporting from a place to another, will let you meet hundreds of people that possibly can improve your english skills!! I know that Second Life viewer has recently been translated in a lot of languages. So as soon as they become available you can even download the one more suitable for you! Enjoy
  8. To create things you have to be in an area where "creating" or "building" is allowed. You can easily check if the area you are in is a building enabled one, by looking at the bottom bar. If the building button is lighted up, the landowner has choosen to permit residents to create objects on his land. If you can't find a building area near you, just open the map and type "sandbox". Click search button and choose a place from the list. Click teleport and reach that place. Sandboxes are special areas where landowners allow residents creations and object building. Note that in some of those areas, landowners give a limited time for objects to stay. After that time, all things you have created will be returned in your "lost and found" inventory folder automatically. You can read how much time is set by going in the about land window -> objects tab. This is to prevent to fill those areas with items and it is polite to clean them of your items after finishing your work.
  9. I went shopping and I bought a complete dress with a shirt, skirt and gloves. But now I just have a box in my inventory... Where is my dress? What can I do with the box?
  10. I recently took a box of clothes but i can't find it among other things I bought. Is there a way to filter my search?
  11. I tried to go to a place at 1000 meters height but I couldn't reach it and I felt like blocked...
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