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  1. Thank you Biancaluce, this is indeed good information. I did not see a button to vote for your post, so I hope this reply will help to give you credit. Landz
  2. Ella, I am unable to click "correct answer" on your previous post, so I am using this one to vote for you. I am not experienced at the voting or rating system here, so I hope you do get credit for your help. You basically copy/pasted the information supplied through the SL help search that I had used, but the important item you sent me was the link to clear the cache from outside of SL, on my own machine. I followed that link, found the cache and deleted it. There was a problem with the path, as in XP, the cache in in the browser, and that is not shown in the path name provided in the help
  3. This is helpful (along with previous replies), but oddly, in XP I cannot find a cache as stated in the path provided. I wonder why? I have XP home SP3. There is a cache folder in the browser_profile folder, but I don't think that is the one we are looking for. In the C:\----\-----\Application Data\SecondLife folder there is the browser profile, avatar folders, logs, and user_settings Maybe my SL app has a problem? Why do my other avatars not have this trouble? Seems they would all have a problem! I am using SL viewer 1.23.4 (123908)
  4. I have several accounts and and have tried this on Vista laptop and an XP desktop with similar results. One of my alts seems to have become damaged, and remains as a white cloud.  At first it would rez after a minute or two.  But now, ten minutes, and no avatar.  On some previous occasions the avator (male) has appeared as Ruth. I followed most of the advice in the Help documentation regarding lowered performance setting, etc. Both computers have no problems of this sort with my other alts. So is this a damaged alt that I have here?  I cannot use Appearances.  The inve
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