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  1. Would've been nice to have that mentioned in emails but thank you. That actually fixed it. It wasn't kinder, other tabs weren't updated as the english one was.
  2. Does LindenLab have a list of banned text? This is getting out of hand with them... Three emails but four products unlisted. I don't have 'leg' in any of boxes either. This guessing bullcrap from LL has to stop
  3. Only thing that made sense was the last thing Theresa said about the avatar not showing up. And I've tried so many times to hide the library on my firestorm too. It DOES in fact, take up space in your inventory. Being that I have once before, hid the library before FS came out. People need to stop taking the hiding library topic as such an offense, some people want it gone. Deal with it. It takes up space and it's not needed. Maybe for freebie animations, scripts and textures but there isn't much to begin with, that deems useful in any way. I do hope to hide the library one day on firestorm. Having above 10k of items in your inventory, causes a slight lag. There's your reason.
  4. That is in the books. This is the internet. People who show off and brag all they want here. Both are completely different things. Plus with teenager fad of twilight or bloodlines out, of course you will get many other people wanting to be vampires or brag about how 'badass' they look. If they really are bothering you, just mute them temporary or ask them nicely to stop. Only vampires I have ran into are ones that hate twilight and bloodlines. So I must be running into the good vampires.
  5. Ever since I have seen SL grow from 07 to what is it now. I have always been curious if LL or someone that has been here for much longer than I, made a secondlife museum. My first av was aventity's 2005 fox av (I still kept too, untouched after upgrading to new av <3) which in few months got updated version. Sculpts came around that time too. I even researched on Frogg Marlowe and his music partner, Jaycatt Nico. Also Arito Cotton and couple of others. So I am wondering on SecondLife's own museum. Not an art or other museums. Just SL's very own. From where it began to where it is now. Edited: I went to phobos. I had to look at web search thingie instead of places :D I had no idea SL was old as 2002 @.@ I thought it was 2003 it started. Wikipedia has lied to me D: I'm done at phobos now. Going to Clementina that Marigold Devin SLurl'd :D If you guys got more, keep them coming! I'm having fun XD Edited no.2: Awesome! Thanks for links and video Charolotte Caxon! What is disappointing is Skyline Graveyard is no where to be found inworld. I was hoping to get my SL sis to join me on this. She likes horror creepy stuff.
  6. LL make it so abuse reporting anyone is hard to do cause ironic the AR has been abused itself. Getting people banned without any real proof or looking in the matter. So only way to reduce this a bit is to make it difficult to AR someone. Well on this site, doing anything like trouble ticket is hard to do even. As for griefers, just IM or leave a NC to sim owner about the problem and make sure you get object's creator name too. With scripts. It's very possible for someone to just rez an object, leave and chaos happens. Anything is possible in SecondLife remember? Doesn't have to only mean good things. My best advice is just find details of this event happening best you can. Maybe get snapshots, chatlogs or something. But make sure you get the name of that griefer, date and sim he is causing trouble on and what is going on exactly. All info goes to LL. Use whatever contact you get through with them.
  7. <3 LL notices flickr! Great pic btw
  8. Lawl well I did quiz thing. 10 out of 10. Was that the big deal or am I missing something?
  9. Seems you're not reading what my post said or maybe just not understanding what I said. There are already copyrighted stuff out there. Renamon, pokemon, starfox, mario and more. And LL scared a lot of people when they first made notice about copyright rule, that was a good thing but after few months. That fear died down as LL showed no interest in making things easy on getting rid of people who make copyrighted stuff or copybotters. That is already happening to with mesh with copyrighted stuff. Go look at marketplace and explore it. You will find copyrighted videogame characters as mesh avs. I already seen a couple.
  10. I can understand the long ass wavier thingie in order to get mesh uploaded but I agree, there is no logic for it since I already see stolen artwork images or sound bites from MLP show on secondlife that only costes them L$10. LL really doesn't seem to care much about copyright, but they want people to think they care with very long wall of text. I'll deal with wall of text but if uploading mesh costs more than L$10, screw it. LL is not getting more than L$10 from an upload. They are just terrible lately. I miss it when they actually had slight chance of giving a damn about anyone, even important people of secondlife. Now it's everyone that doesn't matter anymore.
  11. I recently downloaded Sculptris cause sculptypaint93 and Blender did not work with me. I'm liking sculptris so far and made simple weird hat thing as a test. I like to see that test within SL to see if it stayed smooth and nice as it looked in sculptris. I saved the file but it's sc1 file, can't get it as any other file. I saw another forum of this new user wanted to know same thing but I didn't see any helpful answers, just unessary rant about zbrush or whatever. I know about obj file but sculptris won't let me save the weird hat into that file. Only sc1. Do I need to download more things for sculptris to be useful to me? I tried getting the file into blender but couldn't find the file. I would love a 'to the point' answers, not a rant like that another guy did on someone else's forum. Thank you
  12. I'm using sculptris too and like to know how to transfer them to SL. I'm not new to SL but new to sculptris.
  13. Singularity Viewer is my new favorite, thanks for the suggestion Randall ^^ Only thing I shall miss is opition to change angles of my camera and the moving of my human avi's mouth when she types. The auto response is there! I see that I can change what permission I can control from groups like you do in friends' list, that I like and something new to me.
  14. Singularity Viewer is my new favorite, thanks for the suggestion Randall ^^ Only thing I shall miss is opition to change angles of my camera and the moving of my human avi's mouth when she types. The auto response is there! I see that I can change what permission I can control from groups like you do in friends' list, that I like and something new to me.
  15. If you are calling every layout, base or whatever. A piece of crap, why you even replying to this forum? I most likely misunderstood point of your post though. I like the features of newest stuff but I hate the new layout with those annoying sidebars and everything else is in a different place, plus the most annoying "Current Outfit". Wish lindens would get rid of it. There is already 'Worn Items' tab. I also didn't noticed that this forum was old. Which proves that is just a dumb little rumor.
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