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  1. JoeKingleigh wrote: He married someone else. Maybe Leehere, who has also been Absent. Joe /Or got a rl divorce and now he's REALLY enjoying life! Stop trying to marry me off.
  2. MissTeriMahn wrote: If anyone is interested, after almost six months of hermitage, a sighting of the Absent was made today. Teri ((A fleeting one.)) I wasn't even wearing camo. It's a wonder I wasn't shot.
  3. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: ZoeTick wrote: It's rumoured she's dead, or worse, got married. I'd have to hear that straight from the horse's mouth. Cinn P.S. I sometimes worry about using idioms in SL. Geez, no doubt, on both counts.
  4. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: Ms Absent is absent? Perhaps, like me, she just has the worst internet access available... Ugh. Satellite in a forest on a rural mountain in NoCal. Yeah, it's like sucking grapes through a straw. Reminiscent of early dial up. Cell phone reception is crap here too. And satellites (there are two out back) are expensive to add insult to injury. But when I step outside onto the porch I feel unaccountably Hemingwayesque. And my neighbors the deer, goats, chickens, cows, and pitbulls have proved to be friendly. Not so much the birds, those bitches. Also, eggs, olive oil, wine, and weed are plentiful here. So, ya know, you win some and you lose some. Such is life. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: I'll go turn on the holotrainer and she if she can be lured out in the open... Rawr, between you on a holotrainer and the dropped references to David Foster Wallace, how can I resist?
  5. LlazarusLlong wrote: I believe she may have made a New Year Resolution not to appear in any forums until she had finished reading David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest". Rumour has it that she is currently on about page 200, out of 1,100, not including the 150 pages of endnotes. And Wallace doesn't believe in paragraphs. Which obviously affects Lee's occasional "Wall of Text" style posts. Extrapolation of her progress suggests she may return just before Christmas. If she hasn't collapsed in a catatonic coma before then. [i am currently on page 176.] Wheeeeeeeee! I am, it is true, continuing my love of David Foster Wallace by reading more, including interviews with him and essays about him. For example, "Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself" by David Lipsky.
  6. Hi Pam. Nice to see you. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Oh, and you'll likely understand when I happily say that BTSA is behind me.
  7. Northern California. No. Okay. Contributor to what, exactly? This forum? The virtual world? The internet? Life? Up until now, perhaps, and once again some time later, maybe. Iyo. Noted. Again. A Welshman told me about this thread. Took me a while to work my way through all those consonants. "Mae edau amdanoch chi yn yr adran coll personau y fforwm Second Life. Iechyd da i chwi yn awr ac yn oesoedd."
  8. JayjaneJay wrote: A few days ago, my bf asked me to marry him in SL. I was so happy, and I said yes. Well since then, the only person who has ever really been nice to me, is him. When we told eachother's friends, we were told to just drop it, since it has no meaning to them, and they could care less. Then I was banned from 5 groups, and was messaged by people saying that I am no longer welcome because I am getting married to a sergal, not a human. I love my bf, but this has really hurt me...badly. :'( I'm curious as to why the issue did not come up during the courtship or dating period before the engagement and marriage.
  9. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: texasthomas wrote: it's not really a discussion on if its true or not its a discussion on WHY YOU think its true or why you think its false. just your justification for it hahah Just state your thoughts i have my own beliefs and convictions about it I smell an end of the year essay for a college student... My nose was detecting a more youthful bouquet, but I think we are on the same page.
  10. texasthomas wrote: it's not really a discussion on if its true or not its a discussion on WHY YOU think its true or why you think its false. just your justification for it hahah Just state your thoughts i have my own beliefs and convictions about it It occurs to me that if you want to control the parameters of the discussion this tightly, you might consider posting both the question and the conclusion and have done with it.
  11. The debate here for me is which amuses me more: your question or your expectation that there be no argument.
  12. If I'm not back again this time tomorrow, carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters.
  13. Goodbye, everybody, I've got to go. Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.
  14. Perrie Juran wrote: LeeHere Absent wrote: I'm often told I sound like a loud and juvenile version of Elaine Benis from Seinfeld. When I sing I've been told I sound like a cross between Bob Dylan and a dieing dog. Yikes! That even hurts to read. ;-p
  15. Easy come, easy go. Nothing really matters. Anyone can see, nothing really matters, nothing really matters to me.
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