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Winter Fun in Second Life - Call for Submissions

Brett Linden


It's time to celebrate the winter holiday with friends -- both old and new -- in Second Life. The Internet's largest, community-created virtual world is filled with cool attractions, events and themed parties that capture the true spirit of the season.
Winterfest 7.jpg


We're rounding up some of this year's holiday highlights for a new Winter-themed category in the Destination Guide, set to debut later this month. You'll find plenty of places for snow-filled fun (think ice skating, snow sledding, and skiing), as well as holiday-specific attractions and events (such as parties and live performances). In addition, December is filled with numerous grid-wide scavenger hunts, where you can join others on massive quests to seek and find free holiday-themed virtual goodies.


There's also the annual Winterfest, a week-long, snow-filled celebration with live music performances, winter sports activities and even snowball fights, hosted on the Global Online Hockey Association's wintry venues. Look for highlights of this year's event, which begins Dec. 10, to be included in the new Destination Guide category. A full schedule of activities will also be published on the Secondlife.com Blog soon -- so stay tuned for more info!


Winterfest 2.jpg


You can help us round up this year's hottest (or should we say "coolest") spots. We'll be monitoring our official Facebook page for suggestions from Residents about their favorite places, but venue owners can submit their own locations or events for consideration using the Destination Guide Suggestion Submission Form. Our editorial team will review all entries for possible inclusion in this category.


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wonderful idea.. but i hope that those of us that would like to come and take part will be able to.. i tried for 4 days to get to burning2 and couldnt ever get there.. .. hope tht issue will be taken care of for this

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We tried to put in a venue for Halloween, after finding the destination guide web site unable to receive our submission numerous times over several days we were finally told by conciege support to put in a ticket. That ticket is still listed as "new" and has not been addressed (since September).

I find it beyond crazy that you're seeking submissions now for "winter holidays" when you could never even respond to our request to consider a destination we tried to submit over and over for Halloween.    

I guess I should just do like everyone else and post things on the blogs... seems that's the only communication that still works in SL.

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  • Community Manager

Hi Richie,

I'm sorry to hear that you had issues with your past submissions to the Destination Guide. I don't believe that the editorial team was notified of any of your submission attempts for the Halloween promotion, but we do try to review all entries sent via the form or e-mail.

If you have problems with the form, you can always reach us directly via e-mail at editor -at- lindenlab.com. There's also a FAQ for the Destination Guide has more info on editorial criteria, as well as direct contact information for the editorial team that reviews all submissions.


Thanks for your patience and please do contact me via e-mail at editor -at- lindenlab.com and I'll follow up with you directly.

- Brett

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I always enjoy the Winter Festival!  I hope this year the traditional Winter Festival event grounds around Chalet Linden will not be forgotten.  They were sadly empty last year.

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Oooooooooooooo nice!! Winterfest returns! I know SLM has a Winterfest Category too but I think the database needs a re-index/refresh so it will pickup all the new items or changed category items. Anyway woohoo!!

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The traditional snowball fights will happen (yay!) and are planned for the following dates and times, but subject to change. The final schedule should be coming out soon.

Lindens vs Residents Snowball Fights


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Ow gawd, "winter" again. Not in the southern hemisphere it ain't, which a truly global game ought to consider. Not that many equatorial regions, or even European regions actually get snow.

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