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Fashion Expert Poptart Lilliehook: Not just playing dolls

Linden Lab


Day 7 of Modavia Fashion Week has just dawned at the time I’m writing this.  Two days to go...and I finally have a small window of time to reflect on things.  It strikes me that this event brings pretty much everything that I love (and a little that I loathe) about Second Life into clear focus.

Glam Affair 01_500.jpg

MFW2011 Glam Affair photographed by July Raymaker

In all, we will have presented over 600 brand new designs, which does not include all the specially-made accessories, shoes, hairstyles and skins exclusively prepared for the event by the end of this week.


MFW2011 SHI photographed by Joy Laperriere

Sixty five designers, 50 models, 8 dj’s, 12 photographers, 20 sponsors and a small but dedicated production crew bring about 50 hours of fashion magic to the Fashion Week runway each year.

MFW Sonatta red(blog 1)cS_500.jpg

MFW2011 Sonatta Morales photographed by Petra Messioptra

The real cost in time to prepare an event like this includes conceptualising and making the outfits, styling each look and preparing runway poses, building the runways, shooting, processing and posting over 2,000 photographs, and the millions of small things that are involved in organising and marketing an event of this kind. I would estimate it takes thousands and thousands of hours.


MFW2011 Ladies who lunch photographed by Queen Watanabe

Now forgive me for being very obviously biased in a major way, but this is incredible.  It demonstrates an extraordinary level of cooperation and joint work from avatars whose real life personas span almost every major country in the world.  People with jobs, families and places to be.  And let’s be frank apart from a small elite group, nobody is really making a killing financially in SL.

So, why do people do it?  I’m not just talking about a bunch of people jollying along for a week.  This is intense, intricate and often very stressful interaction that requires a high level of organisation, focus and dedication.  And a highly evolved ability to get along with other people to overcome the not insignificant challenge of different time zones and language barriers and, of course, navigate the multiple technical difficulties inherent in the Second Life platform.

MFW2011  VERO MODERO_500.jpg

MFW2011 Vero Modero photographed by Eira Juliesse

The fashion industry in SL is a crucible of creativity and energy generated by people of very disparate backgrounds who co-operate at an extraordinary level and I purport that experience gained while working in a Second Life virtual company, particularly in this industry, can be enormously valuable in real life.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to hone their interpersonal skills and enhance their ability to work or manage and, most importantly, motivate people in a uniquely challenging environment.  It isn’t easy and that’s the whole point.



I have been in Second Life for almost 4 years and have been associated with Modavia and the fashion industry in-world for almost that long.  In RL I have fashion and design clients as well and have been fascinated by the parallels and differences between the two worlds.

Poptart is one of today's Fashion Experts and will be "on call" to respond to comments and answer questions both here and in the Fashion Forums from 9 am - 4 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday, September 20. 


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Excellent reflection PopTart. I visited MFW, I was very impressed with the grandeur of the event. I admire Modavia and you. Congratulations! You rock!

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Waves, great post and one of the best shows I have ever experienced in all my years in Second Life. I was floored by the professionalism of the whole week. Congrats to you and everyone Involved.



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Sasy xxxx thanks and thanks for attending so many shows and blogging them with such dedication!  Gratitude to all the bloggers who followed FW actually - our designers were delighted with the coverage.  Without great bloggers an event like this just falls flat.  I definitely add you to the long list of people who make the fashion industry such a cool place to work.

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Poptart honey :*

The Modavia Fashion Week was amazing and very important for that like the virtual fashion. Thank you for all staff that worked with you in this event.These events resemble more and more like reality, showing trends, colors, quality products and beautiful shows...In this edition, I had the opportunity to be invited to participate in the media group and have a huge archive of what was that experience. I'll take good season, but no doubt hoping the next MFW

My personal arquive of pictures and videos of MFW 2011

Closing Party













Miamai Show

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Incredible post Poptart !! And omg, what amazing pictures !!!

I admire your direction upon this giant enterprise named Modavia. You´re amazing and your whole team is perfect. MFW is surelly the biggest event of fashion in SL and you must be really proud of every hour ' spent '. Congratulations dear !!

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