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Fashion Expert: Iris Ophelia's Foolproof Guide to Getting What You Want

Linden Lab



These days, the amount of stuff available inworld and on the Marketplace seems almost endless, and although this means almost anything you could ever want is out there somewhere, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed as you’re looking. While this will be old news for many skilled fashionistas, I think the most valuable knowledge I could share here is my method for finding whatever you’re looking for in this wide virtual world — with almost universal success!

If you’re lucky you’ll already have the name of the product you’re looking for, the store it’s from, or the designer who created it. With that information, an easy inworld search is all you really need to do. But — what if the store has changed names, or the teleport dropped you in the middle of an empty field? This is why I’m a big fan of using a designer’s Profile Picks to locate their main store (and why it is so vital that designers keep their Picks current!). A designer’s name is more useful and more reliable than any other piece of information about an item.

In a perfect world, you would always know the specific details of an item you want, but what if you have the wrong information, or no information at all? Maybe you saw someone wearing an amazing pair of faun legs, or maybe you’ve just always been a fan of mythology and feel like wearing something that shows it. Where to even begin? 


The Second Life Marketplace is a great starting point, but many designers haven’t listed all the creations there yet and some don’t have Marketplace storefronts at all. So, how would you find them? Your next step should be to ask the Second Life Forums, which can be a wealth of knowledge. It’s also a good idea to head to a place where many Residents share information and pictures — image-sharing sites like Flickr and Koinup are ideal, and so are blogger networks like HeartSL. If network-wide searches there fail to turn up anything promising, broaden your terms. After all — if you can’t find anyone with faun legs, a blogger with a penchant for mermaids may still be able to point you in the right direction.

Remember that when nearly anything you can imagine is out there waiting, getting what you want is only as hard as finding it!


Iris Ophelia has been a SL fashion blogger for over 5 years and currently writes for New World Notes, where she blogs about both virtual world fashion and metaverse etiquette.

Iris is one of today's Fashion Experts. She'll be "on call" to respond to comments and answer questions both here and in the Fashion Forums from 9 am - 4 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Sunday, September 18. 


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Great suggestions. When I see something wonderful on someone when I am out an about, I also will sometimes inspect what they are wearing and check the creator's profile, though I admit it has it's hazards such as accidentally selecting Go To and becoming more intimately acquainted that one plans. 

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Great advice, and great pics. It  is also really important that designers do include their store info in their picks, but if they are going to include picks of others that they number them and make sure their store is 1. and always at the top.



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SO True Sasy. That can be really confusing. Also if they have a lot of little branch/mall locations, the Main Store should always be front and centre!

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I am always checking out object profiles --> creator profiles. I've discovered amazing places this way. It's frustrating if a creator's profile is out of date or private... I can't see their store info or scour their picks for a LM!

My typical process is *see something cool* --> check out object profile --> check out creator profile --> raid picks for LM --> TP to store --> become amazed at all the stuff I must have that I previously didn't know existed --> spend Lindens like water --> bask in the happy!!


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Great post Iris! I actually DO search on both flickr and iheartsl.com if I am ever looking for something in particular. If I can't find them there, then I will go hunting on marketplace. 

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I subscribe to too many feeds, actually I read blogs daily, although I´m not a fashion blogger. I NEED to have the latest releases, as I love to dress the most sophisticated creations. =) Like Berry, if I cannot find what I want in the blogs, I search the marketplace. 


Another way to find nice stuff, is to check out the amazing avatars on GOL, Elements for example hehe. I´m always there listening to great music, so I believe that many fashion avatars are there hehe. 

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