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  1. I love hearing about the tricks and techniques people use to make a snapshot really pop. For me, I like turning voice on and tapping my mic to activate the lipsync feature that moves an avatar's lips, and sometimes even combining it with an emoter to get more less exaggerated looking faces/expressions. What's your not-so-secret secret?
  2. Hairclips, definitely. It feels like they're taken for granted for sometimes being built into a hairstyle, but a nice clip or even a relocated brooch can really add to so many plain styles.
  3. You really have to go the extra mile to get your designs visible these days. Flickr, Plurk, and a store blog are ideal starting points. From there, getting involved in events like hunts, fairs, and weekday sales can also be a big help. Getting in touch with bloggers is valuable too, if you come across bloggers with a similar style to yours.
  4. I'm always looking for something to inspire me to put together a new outfit or take some pictures. Most of my inspiration for even modern casual looks actually comes from old fairy tales, which I tend to fall back on whenever I feel like I'm in a fashion dry spell. So I want to know, where do you look for your style inspiration?
  5. Hmm well how would you define it?
  6. That's an interesting point. I actually didn't mean quality or condition as it would translate to RL, but rather the technical quality or quality of execution in the textures and primwork. Well made used/abused clothing styles like you're describing can definitely take so much more work than a tidy/undamaged looking version would.
  7. I love a nice blend of both. I think harsh photosourcing doesn't look right in SL and that people should embrace that fact instead of fighting it sometimes. SL just Isn't a photorealistic place. Likewise if something is a bit too handpainted it can be hard to find coordinates for it without looking like a human magazine collage. A blend of photorealism and artistic style to soften it seems to be the most flattering kind of texture for almost anything SL, I think.
  8. I like the idea of a machinima-based fashion blog oddly, but the answer as to qhy pictures are more popular is definitely that they take a fraction of the time. Some designers do machinima every now and then to advertise. Epoque's "The Convulsion" is a good recent example, but back in the day Nylon Pinkney and the Tableau/PC folks did it too.
  9. I think the flat base is similar, but the hearts are a glossy-looking plastic type finish, she did them in pink and black and red I think? This pic does not do them any justice unfortunately...
  10. Can you forgive a poorly made design if the idea behind it is outstanding? Will you buy a "boring" piece of clothing if it's very well-made? I know I'm a lot more forgiving of seams and technical flaws if a designer's done something really unique, but bad enough execution can still sour me on something. :matte-motes-stress:
  11. SO True Sasy. That can be really confusing. Also if they have a lot of little branch/mall locations, the Main Store should always be front and centre!
  12. *GField*, always *GField*! She did a pair of heart flats for her valentine's day hunt and I only wish she'd released them in a full array of colours. I wish Mon Tissu did more shoes too :matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  13. There are a few brillian tutorials you can follow along with on Youtube. Some of them are helpful to see the way people shade clothes, but this one is definitely my favourite (this is just part 1), since she talks a lot about the importance of seams, and how to avoid them. Hopefully this will help you get a good start!
  14. Absolument oui! Tant que mon article est seulement en anglais, je vais être dans cette forum et aussi le forum anglais pour répondre a vos questions aujourd'hui! J'espère que je puisse vous aider, et avoir quelques discussions interessants! :)
  15. I wrote a little article about Lolita fashion recently, so I though I should share... You can check it out on New World Notes here. 
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