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Linden Lab


"I sometimes forget that Second Life is a scientific laboratory for the computer scientist. The 3D world that I take for granted is the product of many, many talented programmers and mathematicians. I could program in C and FORTRAN but object oriented, windows-based programming always eluded me, so I am most impressed with the virtual world of Second Life."

<Read more on the Science Circle blog>

Linden Lab


"Exploration lies deep within our human DNA, no matter what we love to explore even if we aren’t aware that we’re doing it. I’ll be honest today was a somewhat boring day for me in my reality and I thought I’d jump into Second Life and do a little bit of exploring. During my travels, I came across a Russian sim by the name “Russian Province COBKOBO/SOVKOVO”. I felt like exploring something that at some point could also be seen in real life, so I used the destinations button on the left-hand side of my firestorm viewer and went to the “international” tab to begin. Heads up there are a lot of Brazil areas to visit recently. Since this wasn’t a Brazilian area, I chose it not that I have anything against Brazil there are just so many areas made to replicate it and when you’ve been to one you’ve been to them all. I can’t wait to jump right in and tell you all about my experience in the Russian Province COBKOBO/SOVKOVO!"

<Click here to read more on the Charming Ellie blog>


Linden Lab


"Fall is the time of year for chilly mornings, crunchy leaves, pumpkins and apple cider. Being from California this also means that chilly mornings quickly turn in to hot afternoons, leaving one to wonder if mother nature is going through menopause, and while you can’t throw a rock around here without hitting a pumpkin spice latte, the leaves are still pretty much green and clinging stubbornly to the branches. By the time we get actual fall most of the rest of the country is covered in snow."

<Click here to read more on Alyss Whitewood's blog>

Linden Lab



"This is the best time of the year, the best weather, the best colours, the best clothes, the best everything.  Walking on the beach is better, parks are prettier. SL comes alive more than any other stage. Creative juices flow more. I take way to much time walking around sims and exploring and seem to blog less because of it. Who cares, I am having fun!"

<Click here to read more on the Just Stuff blog>

Linden Lab

All in place


"I have been  trying to work at doing more decor, it doesn't come naturally to me. I am one of those people who has the kitchen cupboards all in order, straight lines and labels facing out. I like the sounds on the TV to be done in even numbers. When I am feeling well everything sits in its place, when disorder is around me it is a sign I am struggling. So to be feeling ok today but still have to be random with SL things feels odd. I enjoyed the challenge though, just need to work at getting better at this - going to look at some flickr feeds and be inspired"

<Click here for credits and more on the Just Stuff blog>

Linden Lab


"A month ago I wrote a post called Get Baked – A Quick Beginners’ Guide to Using Bakes on Mesh. In the light of the questions I’ve seen since Bakes on Mesh (BOM) came to more residents’ attention, I’ve realised that I need to strip that post way back: right to the absolute basics, in fact. So here—in a loving pastiche of the ‘Dummies Guide’ books—is Bakes on Mesh for Dummies."

<click here to read more on the Virtual Bloke blog>

Linden Lab

Lovely Dango


"Today’s post is back to the lovely pink aesthetic. I’m bubbling with delight. Even though it is Halloween I figure it is still perfectly okay to roll around in lots of pink things. There are even still little touches of Halloween all around. I really liked these shelves by Half Deer and I liked even more that they came with colour changes for the wings."

<Click here for more info on KURIMU KUMA's blog>

Linden Lab


"* LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE * Hey Robins It's the weekend! and with so much to do this season, what a better way than to start with some fall activities. From appel picking with my family, sharing a small fall recipe, revising my knowledge on creating content in Second Life™, to setting up a relaxing bathroom for me to retreat to after a long day of work and so much more. Join me as I work through my to-do list "

<Click here to watch the video on Quincy Robin's YouTube page>

Linden Lab

Festive Fall


"I have been sorting through my Halloween decorations and am excited about the whole trick or treating thing this year.  I finally live somewhere that I am very likely to get some kids.  I loved taking my daughter out for trick or treating when she was little.  Our tradition was to first go out trick or treating and then come home and watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown while sorting her candy….a piece for her, 2 for me..you know how that goes, right?"

<Click here for more on the Pretty Things, Nice Life! blog>

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