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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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Virtuality - 10.jpg

"Black and white photography has a unique ability to capture the essence of a subject or scene in a way that is timeless and evocative. While color photography can be used to great effect to convey the vibrancy and emotion of a moment, black and white photography allows the viewer to focus on the image’s composition, form, and contrast. This interpretative role is what makes black-and-white photography so powerful and enduring." Read more on the blog.

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Tara Aers - 3.png

"Today I invite you on an amazing journey through the Gardens of Babylon with Good Fairy. Gardens of Babylon  is a stunning location that combines, like in a museum, the culture of Antiquity and the Middle East, in magnificent interiors on several floors of a huge building filled with stairs, passages, waterfalls and plants, as well as outside - beautiful park corners with gazebos and exquisite furniture." Read more on the blog.

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imetMeta - 4.png

"We mentioned in our guide to SL hunts how great they can be for new players. They’re a chance to better learn how the Grid works, meet new people, and explore unique destinations. The Valentine Candy Hunt, hosted by Roadside Treasures, is the perfect hunt for new SL residents. It’s pretty simple overall, but it still makes use of common game mechanics while offering a fun experience filled with loot." Read more on the blog.

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The Gazette - 12.png

"Someone said that 2023 is the YEAR TO SEE. In this spirit, we hope to see massive improvements in both our RL and SL lifestyles. We can't address the Real-Life improvements here, but we do wish people the best in areas like improved job opportunities, less pandemic sickness and fewer restrictions, etc. But we can take a look at some of what lays ahead for Second Life® in 2023." Read more on the blog.

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SLEA - 11.png

"Monday, January 9th - SLEA4: 8AM – 9AM SLT. Group Meditation with Renee Rebane. The event offers two 15-20 minute sessions.

Tuesday, January 10th - SLEA1: SPEAK EASY TUESDAYS @ SLEA at 1:00pm  SLT

Thursday, January 12th - SLEA1: 8AM – 9AM SLT – Steve Who? @ The Street Artists Cafe
SLEA3:  1 pm SLT > The grand opening of “Lines Of Light” by Gem Preiz"

Read more on the blog.

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New World Notes - 3.png

"In case you missed it over the holidays, the New York Times' story on the use of contemporary art displayed in major opera houses casually mentions that "the Chinese-born multimedia artist Cao Fei is showing a female avatar — a dystopian, pale-white head so imposing that signs have been put up all over the [Vienna] opera house to alert spectators to its presence." That avatar is actually China Tracy from Second Life -- she still has an active account in SL, look her up! -- who's been showing up in Cao Fei's art projects since 2007" Read more on the blog.

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