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  1. Regions drama alright! Pegleg Houseboats guessed to be the released region today. Maybe its a dual release?
  2. There are great locations in regions for next week and beyond, keep exploring 😊
  3. Two weeks in a row, 10 weekdays regions released! Everybody shout FANTASTIC! Thank you to Patch Linden, Derrick and Whitney Linden Team. The Moles applauded! Hammerhead Light Houseboats Monday Allweiss Homes Tuesday Sario Homes Wednesday Lollipop Houseboats Thursday Blackwater Shoals Homes, Pegleg Houseboats Friday New regions named for next week! Disappointed people who missed out look forward!
  4. Patch Linden moved on up...maybe it's Derrick and Whitney Linden now. A curious recent region released had Home red letters after the release. Like someone new with region release powers learning the process.
  5. Someone could check Pegleg Channel Houseboats to see if those were released with Lollipop Houseboats.
  6. I still see Land Page in my mind, burned there! I still give Thanks for getting my forever home back in July. One day I think refreshing will stop and trading Bellis locations could happen, hopefully. Would I trade a canal view backyard to a nature backyard home if you decorated that one, possibly!
  7. I don't refresh anymore. Happy to see others get their good location in Bellis in an older region or the new ones. I have a canal view backyard in Passwall Region. Not close to any lighthouse rez. I keep seeing a lot of fantastic inland Homes, nature backyard locations just as great views.
  8. A slurl for Shanty Region please, someone inworld now.
  9. Blackwater Shoals Homes and Houseboats regions might release Wednesday. So be ready! That is a Beautiful area with the descending road to the Pegleg Channel Lighthouse
  10. Auto Refresh I never got to work well for me. If you want to step away or do other things on the PC that's okay to try. I preferred manually felt more connected with the Land Page that way. Both can work. I liked manual and saw many Homes when regions were released. I just failed to get them for couple of months. It is timing and good fortunate. Follow this page when some boast like me assuming what region is next to be released. Siros? Spotters inworld sometimes to see region restarts. Spotters on the Land Page announcing here what they see there. All this information can help you win the Land Page.
  11. Just sign out of your account, then sign back to start again. Do wait on the land page for some minutes before refreshing again. Manually refresh the page 1:10 to 1:20 seconds.
  12. Keep refreshing now some abandons should show up.
  13. No more regions will be released today. Abandoned Bellis Homes might be found on the Land Page anytime. There is only these hours for region releases. Weekdays, 6:20 am to 3:00 pm SLT. Houseboats region released today. Likely Homes region released next time.
  14. Five regions released this week is Fantastic! Thank you Patch Team and Moles! So much creativity you all do so well! Esplin Region Homes Monday Tusktooth Region Houseboats Tuesday Port Laury Region Homes and Houseboats Wednesday Furhbol Region Homes Thursday Proud Mary Region Houseboats Friday The regions were just named this week and now released! Incredibles are doing this! Have a good weekend everybody!
  15. Region Fuhrbol was released earlier, very good! Land page errors, red letters and green box still there on the Homes? Can owners control the Homes with that? I'm sure it will be all worked out. That is 4 days in row Regions released! Can we get shout out for 5 days in a row for Friday? Possibly those Proud Mary Houseboats. I have a wearable lawn chair to sit up on the rocks above that Fhurbol Waterfall. I enjoy the sound and view there. Thank you to the incredibles, Patch Team and Moles!
  16. I have a island Home in Eden Estates, the volcano is not that high. 😊 It is different than Bellis, monthly tier. A year more expensive there with a lot more prims per parcel.
  17. Welcome Back from deserved vacation Patch! πŸ‘The Linden Team and Moles. Thank you all for releasing Port Laury, third day in a row region releases. Future releases excellence the loud waterfall in Fuhrbol and the road entrance sign to Blackwater Shoals Houseboats. The descinding road with views of the Pegleg Channel Lighthouse, really wonderful to see. Very well designed!
  18. Good Afternoon everybody, Newly named regions Fuhrbol Homes or Proud Mary Houseboats. Are those possible release today or next two days. Could this be a third day for region release?
  19. Keep spotting and reporting Chloe. You are ending a premium account with weeks or days to go. Nothing wrong with this. Nothing wrong how you use Bellis to bounce around many region locations. Every region has a good quality.To make it better post the slurl of the homes could be useful to others.
  20. Thank you to Derrick Team and Moles for releasing Esplin region with very nice located and wonderfully land decorated Homes! The beneficial dock to rez a boat there!
  21. There are other good choices next regions on the canal!
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