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  1. My first home was in Gallaudet with a picket fence around it, only one opening at the front doors to the street. It was close to the street. The House is just down street from the canal, not a bad spot in that way. I abandoned it after a week and it took couple months to get a Home in Passwall region. I don't refresh anymore. I'm trying to help others. The frustration is very real on the Land Page. This takes patience and resolve. During this long day no release has happened yet. Monday is normally release day. I got my home on region release Tuesday, after that Monday no release happened. They have released regions 5 days in a row. Three regions at one time. So be prepared weekdays until 3:30 pm SLT.
  2. Good Day everybody as the clock ticks region release anticipaticion today. 12:08 pm for me.
  3. A Beautiful Park behind the Waterfall http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE221/221/243/35
  4. In a future region I will take some pictures of, a Home there has a Waterfall in front across the road. Forest view behind in the backyard. On the left side linden land between that neighbor. I imagine some "I'm settled in" former Hoppers will be trying to get there! Wandering the future regions I saw there. plenty of Homes and more Houseboats. More for everybody coming to Bellis. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE205/170/18/33 This is a loud waterfall too, sounds great!
  5. I saw Patch Linden posting this morning in Bellis Citizen chat, he was inworld somewhere. Thank You Patch and Derrick Linden Team. Thank you Moles too for releasing Lostbell region today. Some great land development in that area. The one house with winding stairs up and those rocks on elevated land that is Fantastic location in Lostbell.
  6. Maybe one day they will have a Linden Lab closing time 5:00 pm SLT release for those on east coast and in the world needing a later time. A weekend release likely will never happen.
  7. So which Region if a release happens today? Patch Linden Blue Text in Bellis Citizens Chat right now Esplin canal views Lostbell grass, sand home and houseboats Tusktooth Houseboats
  8. 3:30 pm slt is 6:30 pm Patch Linden. I haven't seen a release this late.
  9. Post a slurl of the home, houseboat or cabin being released. If you don't like the location someone else can see if they would get it. I'm glad the land page demands a pause that way. Quickly abandoning a Home should be moment consideration. People live in neighboring home might be worth knowing, more than trying to find a perfect view.
  10. I haven't seen the region named, a release happens that day yet.
  11. New regions I can see on Map... Esplin, Lostbell and Tusktooth Houseboats
  12. There was a House in Deer Pass with red lettering and green border after the region release happened. It was the home with backyard view to the Parlouf waterfall I took a picture of. I saw the only red lettered house in Badger Beach prior to release .I'm sure the issues were fixed. Someone did get the red lettered home in Deer Pass. It wasn't kept out of the release.
  13. For you Campers.. new mountain views, waterfall and stream http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE46/54/186/69
  14. I was having a slow clock afternoon at work until now! Thank you to Derrick Team and Moles for releasing Badger Beach region today. Excited people on the land page! 😊
  15. Green grass and sand. House and Houseboat. All the trees, shrubs and rocks. A Showcase what Bellis offers.
  16. I was going to take a picture of that house too, thought I posted too many pics on Deer Pass. That seems a really private corner!
  17. Deer Pass is being released? Those people will be getting canal view Homes, everyone of them! Thank You Derrick Team and Moles!
  18. Page 211, the day of Camper regions being reset and named took all the attention. 😆 I did post a picture of still unamed region in the area, a rez boat dock. Why would that dock be created to closed off canal? In Parlouf a fork in the canal goes to the sea in different directions. Why would those be created? Rez a boat at that inland dock and sail under the Parlouf bridges to the sea. That Wonderful Waterfall I agree, likely has to be taken out.
  19. No sightings of the Linden Lads right now in Deer Pass, Badger Beach and Chum Houseboats. I have to get going to work, spotters needed in these regions! A release should happen today!
  20. No Deer Pass has not been released. I don't which one really will be on Friday. Deer Pass, Badger Beach or Chum Houseboats. Spotters will be needed in those regions.
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