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  1. In this unnamed region we can look forward. An inland region with canal usually doesn't have this. There is not one near me in Passwall region. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE206/115/117/31
  2. Have a great day everyone, best you can! Go meet some of the people that got River Run today and Picards Wharf yesterday. Could be some very excited new House and Houseboat owners if your inworld now. Next week we begin again!
  3. I should have shouted People Start Refreshing after the Bellis Chat. Patch Linden with his Blue text, he was ready to do something while inworld early.
  4. That has never happened doing a double release in a day.
  5. Thank you Patch Team and Moles for 5 release in 5 days. An incredible week! They are awesome! Again, they are far ahead of our speculating!
  6. Quotes Patch Linden in Bellis Chat...."We have done that before." 5 release in 5 days! He talked in his Blue text!
  7. There will be more Houseboats coming, a huge number!
  8. I get it, it's a poor descriptive word. It doesn't mean unforgivable.
  9. What do we think will happen on Friday? 4 days, 4 releases. River Run in waiting. Patch Team and Moles could just make names for more regions. Take it easier on Friday! They have done so much already!
  10. True, it didn't mean a hateful description of anythng the Moles created. A poor worded sentence. She wouldn't be paying so many premium accounts in Belli disliking their content. We know there is no difference in the older regions of Belli lesser than the new ones.
  11. I saw a youtube post...forgot who posted it, someone did make a Belli home with boarded up windows inside and looking like a drug used interior. What region that was I don't know. I hope someone can find it. Surely the reference meant Houseboats more side by side than what Leora has now.
  12. That's fun, Picards Wharf finally gave the view you wanted!
  13. Thank you to Patch Team and Moles for releases 4 days in row. More Houseboats for those wanting one. Really Fantastic!
  14. It's 4:06 pm where Patch Linden lives right now. If he is ready to release a region, it will happen. No one else can suggest The Patch Team and Moles won't do something. They have done releases 4 days in a row before. If a release doesn't happen today no one is wrong, maybe tomorrow. We don't know their delays. They are far ahead of our speculating.
  15. Bookmark the page on your browser with your house name in box.
  16. I'm rarely inworld same time to see his blue dot! Thanks!
  17. There are floaties by the shore in the River Run canal, try one out!
  18. Keep an eye on mini map in the River Run region..if a green dot is Patch!!
  19. One of The Moles could answer that. They read these posts.
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