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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deer Pass/215/23/34 Look at this House with a forest around and canal view! It could be yours when it gets to the Land Page
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deer Pass/221/125/31 Deer Pass Homes cross over to other side of the canal and this road has a rez zone. The road goes through Badger Beach.
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deer Pass/105/224/38 The backyard of this property views that waterfall across the canal in Parlouf i think it will be opened for boats to pass through eventually. Giving it a longer view through the canal.
  4. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deer Pass/105/224/38 I was mistaken, that's often, this Home in Deer Pass does have a canal view from the property. Just steps away from the comfortable benches and that dock below on the canal. Deer Pass region has good views from the Homes. The tree is not on the property but it's shade is.
  5. I lost a tree in my Passwall back yard not returned to Lost and Found or any other message. It's limbs may have been over the boundry. Linden land is there. Most of tree fully inside my property.
  6. I came here complaining about the Land Page failures a day before getting an abandoned home. I saw a few regions get filled without me. I abandoned that Gallaudet home in a week. Then failed on the Land Page until Passwall. It was Racoon Run region I began think about why my attempts were failing so much. I walked about the regions saw the red letters and red boxes in the sky. I tried to understand when they were ready to release. Racoon Run and Smokey regions released to my surprise with red boxes above. It was Bandit region I was going to make real attempt to get one the homes there! I failed again. I finally understood some things and placed myself using phone at work on the land page trying to win a home. I hung around in Sweetmarsh and Passwall regions feeling it was the right time for me to get a Home again. I felt good there and lucky or made myself available at the right time to get the Passwall home. My speculations are using what Patch Team and Moles have already done. They can do even more and proves that every time. This pickle is filled in Homes and Houseboats overnight. 3 regions now look ready. I don't know which one of the three could be released tomorrow. I like to find something good in the regions now.
  7. Impressive filled in regions Pickle Homes over night. Look there on map SSPE270 and SSPE271 for those wanting the last beach sea views. What region is next Deer Pass, Badger Beach or Chum Houseboats?
  8. When was getting a home easier? I think with school starting, time of year, people are settling into where they live now. Not abandoning so much. A few of the Home Hoppers have settled in too. 😊
  9. That is Fantasic! It is truly worth being premium to live in Bellessaria. I became premium in May to live here after 11 years in SL
  10. Oh yeah it's get pricey, collecting more parts for the Homes. But it's fun if you get mod attachments learn how to take them apart and use the way you want. Marketplace has large listing of premade addons by creators. Winchester search name there.
  11. Enjoy living there SigmaBlues! Even better now with more textures in the mailbox to use if you want to put add ons attached to your Home.
  12. This Wonderful Parlouf Waterfall is making great sounds as the waters rush by under the bridge.
  13. Parlouf region is very nice! We keep saying that every region being created going forward! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parlouf/212/24/35 There are bridges in Parlouf Region over the canal and fork there to diffrent directions. There is Beautiful Waterfall here but I think it maybe taken out for boats to pass through eventually. This is rez boat dock nearby inland region.
  14. Good to hear an excited person getting a Home in region Parlouf. Just released today! Thankful to Patch Team and Moles keeping the Land Page full of Bellis options! I still have to visit there tonight. This request goes out to those abandoning. Put the slurl into the post so others can go there and check it out. It may be taken quickly but still the slurl provides a map of the area.
  15. I very much like the train tracks there. It will be a nice long slow train ride through the campers when the full set of tracks are finished. Really looks good to me.
  16. Looking at the newly named Home regions on maps. Deer Pass looks to have 18 Homes. Only 1 Home there does not have a canal view. It backs to a River Run home. Street in front. Parlouf next to Sebek Houseboats, Badger Beach and Chum Houseboats. A shark should show up there.Orcas too and dolphins around. Chum attracts the fish. 🐳 🐙 🐬
  17. I think he means all the Camper regions are released
  18. One day the triple view possible! Camper, Home and Houseboat. A lot of progress on the pickle unnamed regions
  19. Patch Linden in Bellis Chat "Stick a fork in it, it's done "
  20. I will never use the Land Page again. I'm very Happy in Passwall region and another Island Home elsewhere. Congrats to everyone who wanted a Camper! Well done to release all of them at once Patch Team and Moles! That's really awesome giving more people their chance! What I viewed last night around the Campwich Lodge and Waterfall just Fantastic. Great zip line! A good gathering place for people in Bellis and for those exploring to see what it's all about.
  21. Didn't Quartz Mole say he's one of last to work on the region before it's released. I have only seen Patch and Derrick Linden mentioned in the area of restarting the regions. My "starting to" post was already corrected. Starting to is vague and what has been released not ready for anyone to get. Today was the starting of the Campers and Trailers region. That's what I meant.
  22. You might be seeing a repeat of the former page. That's why its good to bookmark the Land Page with name it, going back to start over that way I stopped trusting that link missing so many releases.
  23. Wait no longer the only release today was Houseboats earlier. Patch and Derrick Linden release the regions. Patch Team and Moles. Moles are the builders and scripters out there creating the communties. There is one release most days. They just did 5 days in a row releases last week and 1 more release today. They released 3 regions at the same time, month ago. They haven't named new home regions yet. They are starting to release campers and trailers now. Currently abandons homes and houseboats on the Land Page now.
  24. Have the 5 letters in the Name box already posted. That saves you seconds. Then practice on the next Terms page checkmark box so you can do that without error. Go to the Land Page, put 5 letters in the box, choose Next. Terms page put check mark in the box, take the check mark out. Go back and your 5 letter name is in the box. Bookmark that page on your browser with the name in it. If you see the swirling loading page keep refreshing that. If you get timed or sold out page. Exit your account and sign back in. Bellis has a lot of people that were not experts on the Land Page. This is a process, luck, fortunate timing involved to win a Home or Houseboat. Everyone understands it can be frustrating. Be resolved through this you will accomplish it!
  25. I'm midwest no benefit here during work. I miss all kinds of SL events until I'm inworld each night 7:00 pm SLT or later 9:00 pm in rl. I will visit the new camper regions but I'm not going to live there. Incredible looking clubhouse and land decoration pictures posted I've seen. Well Done Patch Team and Moles! The citizens of Bellis truly admire your creavity!
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