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  1. I think Patch Team and Moles will put the Camper's Clubhouse on Limevale before the rest of it. They could do that soon. I don't think the campers will arrive until after these Home and Houseboats are finished.
  2. I am here right now http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Picards Wharf/225/219/22 Sitting on dock of the bay.... I Iike the dock boxes on Picards Wharf. It is larger group of Houseboats than I thought. We are now thinking about the next release. RIver Run, Picards Wharf and Sebek Houseboats. River Run on Friday possibly. Double amount of Houseboats on next Monday maybe. It works for me. Or they can have a triple Release whenever they want! ☺️
  3. That is strange to see 3 rez zones in the Siros road there. Will be used by many I'm sure!
  4. Thank you Patch Team and Moles for releasing Siros region today. 3 days in a row is Fantastic!
  5. Hi Rhyme😊 Patch Linden lives in Georgia, 3+ SLT so right now it's 4:21 pm for him. Still time for a release today!
  6. Are You Ready to River Run Today! Let's hope this region is released today! I used one of the floaties on the shore of this River and it's very nice. I swam too! Under the bridges is low water the only issue.
  7. In the Bellis Citizens Group.... A Home in Sweetmarsh region was released and someone picked it up pretty quickly after it was abandoned twice.
  8. Daily releases are Great! Thanks to Patch Team and Moles, Alala Houseboats today! Possible release on Wednesday? River Run! I walked around Siros this morning. Quartz Mole box on a dock. On a street 3 Auto car rez spots marked out. If possible Thursday release. Friday something rezzed for the campers and trailers to see possibly. That's a busy week no doubt! That waterfall created for future region is so Fantastic!
  9. It is possible to get one of these Homes just by signing into your account, to the land page at the right time a release or abandon happens. It does take practice on the old theme pages to get through the transaction faster. Wait on the land page for moments. Pre-name the Home. 5 letters. Choose Next. The terms page for the old theme Homes is the same for a new Belli Home. Practice putting checkmark in that box. Then go back and try it again. Refresh manually if you can 1:10 or 1:20. If a release happens keep refreshing 20 minutes for abandons to show up. I don't think the problem is internet speed. I refreshed on my cell phone, wifi connection. I missed on so many regions passed me by. I was lucky to get a great location. Stay with it, the timing could be right one day. Some think campers will take home and houseboat owners. Then getting a Home will be easier. Only if Patch Team and Moles release campers all at one large time. Many will try it that way. I won't , so we will see. Give this your time, keep reading here. Lucky happens!
  10. Every Cadhaire Home is close enough to the sea. Walk about people, hop in the water. see all the region has to offer and neighboring ones. It's fine to be at home with the views for those lucky on the shore., more exploring is needed by everybody. . I still don't understand why one of my neighbors is paying to have an empty home and I don't see any living in the sky above it.
  11. I had a Rothacker neighbor left who said she house hopped, finally got near the canal behind my house. She had access path to it. We sat and talked couple of hours. She was happy to be there. A day or two passed, she abandoned the house likely tried recent releases. The House on my right is empty except 4 chairs on a outside patio. That one has canal view. There are some strange account holders of property and those making a home just for a day or two..
  12. Monday River Run region possibly released? I like above the road elevation Home locations and now below the road water views Home location. Very Well done Moles! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River Run/143/116/37
  13. I had the same issue, actually hitting the terms page link that sent me away from the land page a few times. Practice on that terms page often with the old theme homes. Your first Bellis home probably will feel like your slow then surprise you got it. Some have suffered on the land page for months and it's a shout or actual tears of happiness they did it. This process is not to hurt people from getting a home.
  14. No issues with that opinion to me. They recently released 3 regions on a Friday, Light of Aurelia, Everett and Jefferson Park. That's the most recently for anyone to get homes. No houseboats in that release. The Patch Team and Moles are talented, capable, but tech issues can happen to delay releases. Why did they jump over Axim region today? Thursday releases happen but not often. Do we expect another region on Friday? It's cool to change up days and times, to release. The new regions offer more oppurtunity in days and weeks ahead. Whether some use alts has been discussed in many conversations. When you know how to use the land page, confident in your ways, it's more fun to compete against alts. One day you may get a Home people really admire that you have it. It's possible to decorate any home or houseboat regardless of the location. Stay ready since you have the time to watch this forum and to be inworld. Just signing into your account, one day a house or houseboat could be there on the land page for you to get. Not everyone of these homes and houseboats are won only with refreshing.
  15. It is something.. Thursday release and jumping Axim region. Welcome to Bellis Community Pantellerians!
  16. People been reporting that dual view on the land page more often! The question on campers, release before this pickle is done or after?
  17. Some very good spaced Houseboat locations, those people will be very Happy!
  18. That's going to be tough finding the previous SSP map of the unnamed regions in that area. I hope you do find the information!
  19. I think naming of the regions are now one of the last things they do before release.
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