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  1. Yes then it makes much more sense; sorry for the previous post.
  2. The Hardy hall room for our house at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lower Barensmouth/233/93/33
  3. Indeed i love the ideas and hope that LL remembers that the Mer community is one of the oldest and always present community.
  4. Sorry, but no copy furniture is no go for me. That does not apply anymore on this topic as all items are copy
  5. There are all kind of vehicles; including Helicopters and Aircrafts for Free, full perms at The Bellisseria travelers club Head Quarters. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ruthsburg/26/5/23
  6. So i guess for now ill not play game of houses anymore:)
  7. And just 1 hour before that, another dream house:)
  8. Truly I would never think that a simple request would make so much fuzz, so sorry for asking it in first place. About the "retard" comment, that was rude from my part and was typed under some occurring at this very moment in RL. A retarded person is entitled as much as a "normal" one and deserves much more my respect for what they achieve in life. And to end, i wish to make it clear that i defend the right of privacy in Bellisseria as much as on any other region of second life. I just dont believe that it is achieved by banlines or by setting security devices to unreasonable warning times. Linden Lab already provides a privacy setting any can use in any place one owns without tearing apart a spirit of belonging to a true community. And if one does not wish to belong to a active community it is a correct and affordable wish to have as well; but i guess Bellisseria will not be the best option for that.
  9. Yes, aircraft do need airfields to take off and land. Like boats to need docks and so on. Besides ugly is a personal point of view! But the point that matters is, if there is on the North of Bellisseria; 2 airfields, why can not be build 1 at the south? Sansara has hundreds of airfields and that didn't stop LL to build them at Belli. So the argument that there are 2 many in Jug is a no go. And i truly wish some stop making comparisons about rl and sl regarding some issues; like airports, oceanic Ships and so on. We all (but some retards) are aware of climatic changes, but lets not joke with them trying to ban them from the place where all dreams should be made true!
  10. I fear that if it is a glitch and starts spreading can have terrible consequences. More if it can happen after months of use of a house cause then it means users well attached to that spot will fear always to see it gone by due glitch, does removing any confidence towards Bellisseria and Linden labs. Lets hope this issue can be clarified asap.
  11. When Bellisseria started, LL provided its community with 2 really lovely airfields. Sadly since then, no other was built and as Bellisseria regions to the south and south west of the Victorian regions are well spread with lots of water regions connecting them, i'm wondering if the Moles will create at least one on those same regions.
  12. Hope i'm posting on the right topic. Sadly, due to lack of understanding covenant rules or on purpose, there are still to many private security orbs at Belisseria that are not set accordingly to the rules. When filling an abuse report regarding this subject a user will be on doubt of which category one should use. Can a new category be added, like; Bellisseria Security orbs, to make it more clear for someone reporting a bad set one? Tks in advance.
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