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  1. Sadly this issue made me rethink SL as a ALL and forced me to move mostly to other online adventures, mainly Rockstar Red dead 2 online. Hope to see it solved really asap cause if not ill be forced to rollback all my accounts to basic.
  2. In a few Years Wikipedia will state that trump was dude that tried to make the biggest heist in America. Using; as in his own words, the dumbest of voters, that belong to the defunct republican party to finance his way to get out of debt and become rich.
  3. This:) Trump 'refusing to pay' Rudy Giuliani's legal fees after falling out President said to be offended by personal lawyer’s demand for a reported $20,000 a day
  4. All said and clear. And i do bet LL will not want to loose their biggest users base, Yes Europeans that are having enough on their own with Cod virus and dont need the less then a quarter of Americans that are utterly crazy cultists spreading lies around anymore.
  5. All dictators have one thing in common. The cultists that will follow them anywhere and will always deny any but the words of their dear leaders. We are seeing quite a few here on this topic.
  6. Sorry for your loss. Still revenge is not justice in my eyes. https://www.humanrightscareers.com/issues/why-death-penalty-is-wrong/
  7. And to end, some for All to understand my position regarding the Death Penalty as a mean to apply justice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_by_country
  8. On that i fear i have to agree. Trump is just the head of the snake that spreads the poison of white supremacy over all.
  9. It does not matter, death penalty is a excrement of a mentality that should not exist. Personally i consider any that agrees with its use a sadist, period.
  10. What is really dangerous for American Democracy is each single second Trump stays in power, period.
  11. Any rational civilized Country banned Death Penalty long ago. And so any still wonders why We really dont give a ***** about what American Maga wants or thinks? Lisa Montgomery: US carries out first federal execution of a woman in nearly seven decades
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