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  1. I mostly use a wind light sett i made based on firestorm default one with a few changes. Then i have 3 others i made to take pics. Never use linden day cycle due to vision issues. (Night settings are bad for my eyes)
  2. Sorry for the previous years spamming of my builds. Now i just place them on a box or cabinets and any can go there and get them without worry of being harassed by inventory clutter.
  3. I just wish the path that LL was following lately, meaning gathering, joining and listening to users in World just didn't end and was replaced by the terrible approach of simply ignoring users all together! Is patch still the model to follow or we are going back to 2010?
  4. Hope we can hear from the lab asap regarding this issue. Many are suggesting alternatives methods like discord and facebook but that is not the solution we all need.
  5. There is the cod virus and then there is the stupidity virus; the 1st can be eradicated sooner or later the 2nd sadly never! symptoms of the second are, mainly: Intolerance, Fanaticism, Ignorance!
  6. Well we win some, like better region crossing, we loose some, like the terrible bad implantation of eep and its release on the official viewer without warning and then we loose a bit of history!
  7. Second Life users are showing that there is much more then just sex going on here; we are defenders of freedom rights and tolerance and Real World should be looking for US ass beacons of Democracy! See how much BLM funds where raised in just a few weeks; see how many LGBT communities we have and so much more. Investors no matter who they will be need to keep this candle alive, most of all nowadays where we see real life human rights being forgotten everywhere!
  8. They will start by requesting av child's to be banned; Adult content to be filtered and in the end all sort of censorship that will fit in their minds! What a dreadful virtual platform that would become. I really hope LL and their future owners will keep the pace on Human rights, support of minorities and believing that sex is not evil, unlike those above!
  9. Yes but for that one really needs to have a straight forward open mentality that seems to lack on this topic in 2 many ways.
  10. Sex is part of human nature; SL gave many the once in a life opportunity to fulfill their erotic dreams, to deny that now it will be a sign of madness and fanaticism that we already have to much in rl. PS. Sl is already a platform that allows education roles to be fulfilled as much as sexual dreams, one does not need to kill none of those.
  11. At least we know the future of LL is much better granted then if He had did it with the traitor!
  12. All i can say is wait and see. But due to RL status right now i doubt SL users needed this kind of news at this moment! So i must add that i believe we will see a lot of revenue lost in the next months.
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