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  1. You obviously didn't see the little link Terms and Conditions apply: "The L$1,000 sign-up bonus is deposited only after your Premium Membership has been active for 45 consecutive days."
  2. This is a question of copyright. As such it is a legal means. Linden Lab has neither the time nor the staff to adjudicate on any quibble and decide on its validity. Copyright law internationally is based on the Berne Convention, which guarantees the same rights to authors (creators). It is now handled by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). http://www.wipo.int/portal/en/index.html Digital files and electronic data are covered by copyright, and all objects in SL are essentially electronic data and thus covered. Each country enacts laws which enforce the WIPO agreements. In the US this was done by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), other countries have passsed their own acts. Since Linden Lab is based in California, it comes under US jurisdiction, and thus whichever country you are in you file a DMCA complaint. So DCMA is not a global or world wide mechanism, but the one you must use for companies under US jurisdiction. The procedure is that you file the DMCA and then they are legally obligated to take down the offending material. Note that filing a false DMCA is committing an act of perjury, itself a criminal offence. This is done because it is not feasible for service providers to vet everything that gets posted on their systems. There are more web pages than humans on the planet for example. I'm not sure how many inventory items have accumulated in the Linden Lab asset servers, but it must be huge, in the hundreds of millions of items if not more. An earlier date of entry into their systems is no guarantee that it's the original, because copyright is granted at the instant of creation, which will usually be on somebody's computer before they upload it. Once the DCMA is filed, it effectively becomes part of the judicial system. Under certain conditions people can file a counter claim, but essentially these disputes move then in to the legal system and copyright and true ownership decided by courts. Since the DCMA is a US law, and Linden Lab a US company, this would be in the US courts. Note that in order for a country's citizens to have worldwide protection, they have to grant a minimum set of rights to any creator whether living in their country or not and enforce infringements. For copyright this is mostly based on the Berne Convention, WIPO adds in other forms of IP protection, such as trademarks, patents and so on. However they are free to allow larger or longer rights, and to change the conditions for their own citizens, but must respect the international rules for others. For instance, copyright protection under Berne and WIPO states that copyright is automatic on creation and registration of works is not required. However the US government has decided that for its own citizens, copyright is automatic, but if they wish to take court action to defend their work then they must register the copyright work. A work thus not registered cannot be defended in court for US citizens. However foreigners both living in the US and abroad can, because that right is granted under the treaties. This has come up here and other places, and many US citizens have described it as unfair and an example of the UN or other body interfering. Apart from the fact that the UN is not involved, it's actually the US Government that decided to apply that restriction to its own citizens. But it means any non-US national can defend their copyright works in US courts without having US registration of their work, as intended by the international treaties.
  3. It would appear Intel have not upgraded the drivers. You can find out if you are affected here: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-034343.htm The new version of Firestorm 4.7.3 (as of today) has a fix: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_intel_fix_32bit_fs473
  4. The answer probably lies with Intel and their graphics drivers which may not work with Windows 10. The latest version of Firestorm 4.7.3 (out today) has a fix: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_intel_fix_32bit_fs473 You can check if your graphics are affected here: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-034343.htm
  5. Oui, c'est la difference L$>US$>Euro, frais bancaires, et la TVA. Paypal est meilleur, ou achete les L$ en avance.
  6. La probleme est les enterprises telephonique sont internationaux, est c'est pas facile a transfert l'argent de une operateur dans un pay avec une monnaie a un autre dans un autre pays avec une autre monnaie, parce que les lois et la technologie, mais c'est une bonne idee!
  7. La nuage est par default blanc en SL, orange en Firestorm. Les préférences et defaults sont pas la meme pour les deux. La nuage arrive si il y a le "lag", ou une probleme avec ton connexion etc, ou la cache graphique. Rebake Textures, Ctrl-Alt-R peut fait aussi, Default Avatar (Firestorm menu Avatar > Avatar Health) ou Test Avatar (SL Developpeur Menu) toujours marche.
  8. The biggest problem is that LL stupidly, did the same with mesh as it did with prims: set a limit only for rezzed items on the sim (15,000 prims or Land Impact) and not on worn items. This gives no incentive to clothes and mesh body makers to make their meshes or graphics efficient. Many people still go on the numbers game, bigger is better, which it is to a certain degree, but often not noticeable or needed, which includes 1024x1024 texture files for minor details when a 512x512 or even a 128x128 would do (for a belt buckle for example) and far too many faces. A decent shadow map created on a high poly mesh, but applied to a low poly one is far more effective, uses less resources, and is hardly noticeable if at all. This is like the days of 1,000 prim jewellery rings: you couldn't see it, but it lagged sims out like crazy. Physics and Level Of Detail (LOD) are particularly important for meshes, because they are of irregular and complex shapes, and thus put a large strain on the physics engine which is what determines avatar and object positions and interactions and hence the more calculations and data, the more lag. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh_and_LOD
  9. I believe I read on another thread that this is the supposed normal behaviour, and has recently been corrected to that, as previous behaviour was in fact a bug....
  10. More data to push around means more lag, more servers, more bandwidth to send this down, and most avatar details are handed over from sim to sim. I'd actually prefer to see a larger message cap limit, (they are going to increase it to 50 for Premiums, whoopy doo.) There are plans for additional Premium only "features" during this year, perhaps they will be part of it. I doubt they will do much though, as most of their resources are going in to the new world, and no doubt the ability to move the best of our stuff to it as the updated ToS allows.
  11. It's just one of those SL things. I live in France, again slow machine and connection, and things have been getting worse for the last two weeks. I know it's not me, because my setup has not changed, and apart from normal ISP issues with time of day etc, the same network runs fine with a browser, whether I'm on Windows or Linux and my phones. Since broken undersea cables mostly make the news, then it has to be SL, who of course are continually maintaining asset servers, playing with server versions which are not the same grid wide, and putting in things for new viewers. There is of course a new viewer version which drops support for Windows XP and Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 due to the use of "new tools", so I suspect that has an awful lot to do with it. And as usual, with LL's preference for nVidia over AMD/ATi, it seems AMD graphics users are having tremendous problems (blamed on OpenGL problems with the drivers, as usual) which is probably adding to server load as the rebakes and relogs mount up. I don't know of many people not complaining about it being generally slow for the last couple of weeks regardless of their system and location. I did read of some major network problem in the US, and have noticed that certain sites, several games but not others, and YouTube but not Facebook, have had a lot of problems the last few weeks too. So it could be a US backbone problem in general, not helped by the current penchant for streaming music and video and Netflix gobbling up bandwidth. Hopefully it will get better, as it often does, might need the next viewer update. I generally find Firestorm much quicker and more stable than the SL viewer, particularly if run under Linux.
  12. A user name change for the reason the poster originally stated, to avoid spammers, griefers and trollers, would do nothing, precisely because they are often scripts, which can use the key. Changing that is not superficial, because everything related to you is tied to that, as others have said, including groups, permissions, inventory, land access etc etc, because after all it's a hex number, and can avoid a look up table from ther name. Billing ultimately probably relies on it to, names, like web domains, are just useful to the humans for support purposes, computers use numbers not strings. I'm sure they have a mecahnism in place to do it, in exceptional circumstances, but hundreds of thousands of people would be doing this if there was the chance, and the servers would be spending all their time updating all those assets, tables and files, rather than actually running SL and users. Impractical financially, system wise, time wise and for control purposes. Especially when the easy solution is create a new account.
  13. My routine for this when it happens is to: 1) Make sure inv has fully loaded, because often it's just lag or your network connection. Move to a low lag sim like an empty sandbox if necessary. 2) Open Current Outfit and see that everything is in order, that there are not two skins or shapes loaded, and that none are in italics. If they are, unwear them. 3) Rebake textures. 4) Change something like system clothing or a skin, wait for it to rez and change back. 5) Relog. 6) Clear cache and relog. Loads of people will tell you not to do this, but it invariable works for me, and others. Open inventory, and try not to tp until it has full loaded and stopped incrementing. 7) Load the Test Avatar (SL) or Default Avatar (Firestorm). You'll have to take everything oiff and load up all your normal skin, shape, eyes, clothes, ao etc etc. 6 and 7 are interchangeable according to preference.
  14. User Name is linked to your account, and more importantly, your key, which is what computers use since it's a number, and therefore used in everything from communications, chat, groups, physics, inventory and everything else. That's what Display Name was for. It would cause huge problems to the systems to allow it, and hiding it would stop banning, and in fact be a griefer's, spammer's and harasser's paradise. I sympathise if you are being spammed and trolled (I am still getting problems more than 6 years later from an idiot) but you need to Abuse Report them, and block them and their objects. If they are sufficiently wilful, then they can ban by IP, and you may well be able to take legal action against them, depending on your jurisdiction. In the UK, and much of Europe, there are firm laws leading to jailing for harassment and interfering with computers (which it can be counted as), whether by software, updates social networks or others. Revenge porn is now a criminal offence in the UK, the first country to adopt that. Sadly the US is well behind in protection against harassment and lies.
  15. Clean reinstall the viewers. Try rebuilding or repairing your directories.
  16. Microsoft link is pointless, it refers to motion video. SL is not that, the viewer draws on the fly from data sent, which is mostly from the physics engine from LLs servers which is therefore the defining speed limit. It's not a TV either that morphs between frames. Hardly anything in SL moves that fast that the average human could detect, as very few can see any better than 30fps, although certain epileptics can have problems with 50-60fps. Mostly the speed is determined by system capability, network connections to and from LL servers, graphics, and the amount of avs and how badly their mesh is made, and applying that to the physics positions, collisions and interactions, which can also be delayed or lagged by scripts which add another layer for the physics engine to calculate. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Physics_engine http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Physics_Optimization http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Making_Mesh_Physics Transparency, via alphas, also adds a heavy recalculation load, as it does with window drawing in operating systems. The end point is the fps is essentially the refresh rate: if there's nothing to refresh ie no new data received, it matters not an iota what your fps is. A photo is still a photo at 1fps or 800fps. Thus the real speed is how much data you are receiving, which is mostly positioning and interaction data from the physics engine, once textures and data has downloaded from the asset servers. This is a common thing people have with both computer monitors and TV. Your monitor only changes if there is something different to display. TV transmissions are limited to the transmission standards, because that is what is sent. All your 800Hz TV does is take your 50-60Hz broadcast images and morph between them with inbuilt graphics chips, giving the false impression when it comes to things like sports slow motion. The ball was never in that place from the original data, it's just the determination of the morphing graphics.
  17. Yes, started doing that with a Demo folder! My two pet peeves are that there is not a Demo checkbox to sort items on the Marketplace. And many items are now coming with more appliers than objects in the item, doubling inv.
  18. No, I get it more on the SL viewer than on Firestorm.
  19. Moot point anyway, SLGo is no more at the end of April 2015, having sold the patents to Sony who want to push old Playstation games on it. http://support.onlive.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/238/
  20. I find Firestorm much more stable and faster than the SL viewer. Especially on Linux. Better options and features too.
  21. Loading a default av is a bit of a pain but usually works. I've heard the arguments all over the place with Clear Cache, but my experience and of many people I know is that it usually also works in most situations and only a minor inconvenience if you have a large inv. It seems to certainly fix problems when only part of your av is failing to bake, and Rebake textures doesn't work. Having said that, cache clear has not always worked on the lag bucket of the last week that currently seems to be a global problem. I expect it's the new tools for the new viewer that have borked everything up again. New shinies always do.
  22. One of the big problems is LL put no limits on clothing for meshes, unlike for building, and many people use pre-bought meshes which are badfly made, and add their own textures. People are obsessed with numbers, and so want things like hair with more prims, more scripts, more faces and above all huge graphics files for little details which are not necessary. Mesh bodies make the whole thing worse, as do alphas. And it'll depend how they've set up the physics and LODs for the meshes. There can be many bottlenecks in Sl that can cause lag, most of it selfish people who don't think of everybody else. But SL systems can quite easily overload, and that might be chat, groups, asset servers, server baking, physics and inter sim communications or any combination. Obviously that will also change according to how many people are logged in and time of day, but sometimes some sims just seem hugely bad at communicating (probably doesn't help with different server versions being run at the same time). I also find that places doing live music seem to be much slower than streaming radio with the same number of people on the sim for some reason.
  23. Unfortunately many people can't upgrade to later versions without upgrading the computer, not always possible under global economic circumstances. The best option is to use a Third Party Viewere that will work, and has more and better features like Firestorm. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
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