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  1. Problem Solved Big thanks to everyone who helped me out so as soon as i changed from aero to basic it solved instantly. I have never had an issue like this before that has been solved with such a simple fix. Big thanks again and hope to see you all around
  2. im pretty new to second life so im unsure about many things but through experience from games in my past i know about cache files and so on. i cant log on what so ever so when i open sl viewer its white screen straight away. no option to log in or anything like that and the same applies to the other viewers i tried. No doubt i have missed a simple step somewhere but i just cant imagine what it is
  3. Thanks for the response i tried out a few but the same problem persists upon opening the viewer i get a white screen followed shortly by a black screen. also all drivers are java scripts are up to date
  4. Thanks for such a fast and informative reply SO here is what i have picked up so far from the link you provided it looks like the port is open. Connect to example.org on TCP port 8080. ncat example.org 8080 Listen for connections on TCP port 8080. ncat -l 8080 Redirect TCP port 8080 on the local machine to host on port 80. ncat --sh-exec "ncat example.org 80" -l 8080 --keep-open Bind to TCP port 8081 and attach /bin/bash for the world to access freely. ncat --exec "/bin/bash" -l 8081 --keep-open with this information i tried out firestorm viewer and sadly i had the same issue
  5. hey Guys i have tried a few things i have seen on other posts but no luck. When i open sl viewer i get a white screen that over time turns blackl. I have tried clean installs removing app data nd cache data and reseting my pc but no joy so far. i had it working on this pc previously before i had to reset everything to factory default. Here is my rig AMD Radeon HD 7800 series graphic card Inter (R) core i5 4670k cpu two hard drives one samsung ssd and one standard 1tb drive I am using windows 7 ultimate any help would be much appretiated i am pretty baffled by this one
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