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  1. I didn't download it yet, as i'm entirely unsure how to go about it, in fear of destroying the laptop an it's use entirely. >.<
  2. what do you mean by an entirely different operating system? Couldn't that possibly make my use of this laptop obselete?
  3. I don't see this SLgo, I'm looking in my chrome web store, I see various Ubuntu selections,
  4. I'm sure you get this question quite frequent, however I have a Google Chromebook, and was hoping to access Sl, is there any way, or a method i can make this happen?
  5. So in other words, I'm **bleep** out of luck myself? I also have a Google Chromebook, was hoping to access Sl, but sadly, i find myself unable.
  6. please, theres gotta be something technical support can do to retrieve my items, i have poured hundreds of dollars. There has to be a way, can a ip trace on my login during a specific time be researched or looked? I live in massachusettes, my Ex lives in Florida. She's the only possibility. I have charged countless times, you can see that in my history, i don't want my spending to be in vein, someone please.
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