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  1. HI everyone i need help on how to fix this problem, whenever i take a picture in SL, i upload to my profile but this time it doesn't work? I get a message saying "fail to upload image to your Profile" and am I missing something when I redowned the latest SL viewer? thx - Reena Winters
  2. HI again ah ok - I was wondering about that. Thanks for your help about my Profile Picture question. as for my avatar movement, well - I will try what u said and see if that works. I played in SL before, when there u can pick your own last names, but I needed to "take a break" from SL and get back to RL. But now, I'm back playing again. Thanks for your help Theresa Tennyson, I"m kinda rusty, but its slowing coming back to me now. Reena Winters
  3. Hi there I need some help on how to edit my SL Profile - i tried to press the button to edit my profile but it won't let me. And another thing - it shows that i'm a guy which I'm NOT. Which leads to my Avatar's behaviour, it "acts" like a guy too. Ugh! (faceplam) Is this the "new normal" for all SL avatars - even for female ones? and another thing - I can't use my Arrows on my keyboard to move my avatar. Need some help there too. Thanks ReenaWinters
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