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  1. I like keeping my SL and RL seperate with strangers or people I hardly associate with. When I start to know a person longer and feel comfortable with them, then I don't mind sharing some details. It all depends on whom you speak with or hang out with. Can you trust them or can you not? A friend on SL once told me, Friends are Friends no matter where you meet them. It is up to you in the end of how far you want to take that relationship and be real. They may live thousands of miles away, but behind each avatar is some sort of person. It is up to you wether to break that fourth wall or not.
  2. Personally I call it a Virtual World. To me, a Virtual World is some sort of game. No one is Correct or Incorrect about this. C: There is no right or wrong answer.
  3. The Same thing has been happening to me lately during the day time though. Most of the trouble has been of loading up. I am sure it is not my internet connection but most go beyond the extent of it, for it works perfectly fine at NIGHT, rather than the day. My avatar hardly loads up, the enviorment will load up but then I am stuck as a cloud, a gray LL avi or simply... just a tail... [is a Neko] This has been happening for a few days now, and I never had this problem like this before.
  4. Google Definition Sugar Daddy: A rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favors. The First Definition on the Urban Dictionary Sugar Daddy: Like a genie - he may be a little old, but if a girl rubs his lamp, he'll grant her wishes. She uses her sugar daddy for his money, but he sure gets some service in return!
  5. This is an interesting advertisement. Though I have discovered that sleeping with a LL avi when I am clearly a Anime Mesh Avatar is a bit of a...weird task. lol The last time I tried it literally looked odd and not to mention most Anime peeps are seen as Child Avatars for some reason :T No, we are just short C: But our love is never ending !!! <3
  6. Whenever you are editing an object, make sure to make a copy first incase accidents like this happen. We all do it so no worries. Now, by what I gathered: Did you Change the TEXTURE part of the hair or the Hue color? If you changed the Texture part of the hair than you might want to see if Your hair's Folder has an extra texture template. If not, you could contact the creator and see if the hair can be replaced. If it is just the Hue color that has changed, you can change it back to White to get the hair fixed up and ready to go.
  7. You can also go to Sims that provide FREE stuff to get boxes of Free furries. The items may not be up to date but it is a furry to start. Also, my favorite two Furry Avatars would have to be the Blue Galaxy Furry from BG, and the Kemono Avatar from Utilizator incase you want a cartoon-ish Furry. These two avatars are both fully mesh to where you can customize the textures yourself or find mods if you want to put in the work. Other than that, their are plenty of shop items and tutorials on how to put together a Furry Avi. You can even go to Google Images. Type in Second Life: Furr
  8. Griefers are perhaps one of the worse type of users on SL. They make it their job to make sure your Second Life expirence is a living hell for their pleasure. But No worries! Their are ways to defeat a Griefer and hold your ground with Sandboxes, rezzing platforms etc. Without the need of rushing to a small crate to sit on. >.>; 1. Get a decent Movelock. Movelocks are great, and whenever I am in a sandbox to test out an item or fiddle around, I make sure this is equipped. Why? Because when a griefer tries to fling me into the air, my avatar does not move. BUT their are some griefer ite
  9. Best bet is to literally look at your Viewer that you are using, and fiddle with it. That is how I figured out how to work with Second Life. It took me about Three Days to understand how to work a LL avatar and a Mesh, but in the end it was worth being self taught. But, if you need an extra hand to learn how to use the Viewer, Second life does provide tutorials also you can out Youtube Videos to watch someone else do it. Second Life is a bit to get used to, but fiddle with it, look at your options that you have avaible to you. Run around a sandbox, practice rezzing, etc. I liked learning
  10. Well, I do not know exactly WHERE that hair is from. But I do know of a SL shop that sells something rather similar and it is mesh if I believe. But each are resizable and have a HUD to change the color :3 Ill look up the shop in just a moment if you would like?
  11. Basically I have Hughes Net/ aka dishnetwork Internet. It is a Satellite type so it is prone to get really crappy with Second Life. BUT I never really had much of an issue with it even if it was slow. I am connecting Wireless The Router is in my parents Bedroom since I live with them after some complications of life. No one elser eally uses the network because it is just so slow for them. I live in Missouri in a small kinda small Town. Now I did that Ping Test and it gave me these results: Packet Loss: idk because it was unable to Test it Ping: 1494ms Jitter: 368 Server: Sioux City, I
  12. I have not checked any other Viewers mostly because Firestorm has always been the Main Viewer Ive used, and never had this problem before. My net is slow, yes that is understandable and their is nothing I can really Do about that but reboot it and carry on. Last night I did a speed test on it, and the ping is about 636ms? If I recall so yes, Net is slow and it won't get any faster because I am not the one who is paying for it, the people I am living with ARE. ): BUT a week ago or more their was no issues at all. Think Imma go through and try to free up some computer space, do another scan, do
  13. So, a couple of weeks ago I had to stop going on SL because I had to pay a debt which is no biggie. This past Wednesday though, when I tried to Log into the Firestorm Viewer for Secondlife, I have noticed that things are loading up alot slower than normal. My net is slow yes, but I never had this much trouble loading up my Avatar and the area. So, First thing I did was take Second life completely off my computer. Anything Firestorm and Cache was removed for a clean uninstall. Then, I reinstalled the Firestorm Viewer: Done. I get on this morning and rendering along with loading is even slowe
  14. How to make a Male Anime Avatar Step 1: The Head: For the head, and the best one out would be the the M3 but Utilizator. You can Modify it using skins, eyes, eyebrows Etc. The Body: Your best bet would either be using a LL male body and try to match the skin with the head OR Get a Cleaner looking Anime Male body by getting the U&A Male Mesh Body or the 2.0 Mesh Avatar Body with the Flat Chest. The U&A Male Mesh body has the best Masculine Shape!!! The 2.0 Mesh Avatar body comes with a HUD to hide body parts so you can Wear mesh clothing a lot easier! Plus their are wonderfu
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