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  1. I was commenting about recognizing friends who change their name. You dnt need to recognize a troll if you've already banned them, and if you havent, just wait for them to show up again.
  2. Haha cute. I simply want to change my name to a more suitable (Non-RP) manner. Without creating a new account and losing much of my items. Plus itd be a waste of an account to make a new one just to have the name changed.
  3. They change their name and gets unbanned in the system? Even with a name change, the system can still recognize your account number or history, so it wouldn't do anything but change the username.
  4. I doubt it would be that big of issue. Theres other virtual worlds or chat sites that allow the change of your username, which do not hold this issue you claim, the amount of money Second Life makes would be able to conpensate a software update or change to allow this option. And before you make the comment "then use those virtual worlds" or something in that nature, I do use those worlds, I like Second Life as well, so I'm not going to leave it, I'm just suggesting an idea/ability.
  5. It's not a repeat, it's a new but somewhat similar suggestion from my original, but no worries, not everyone pays attention to what they read.
  6. I suggest "although it's been suggested many times I'm sure" that we have the ability to change our Username for a certain amount in Payment. And maybe have a limited amount of name changes per account. The payment would prevent "for the most part" griefers and trolls from hiding their username (due to it would be a waste of money to change your name just so you can bug others with the account for a little longer) and the limitation of name changes per account would also play into that effect. The thought of not being able to recongize someone for a name change can simply be fixed by ASKING THEM WHO THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say an amount from $20 to $30 would be acceptable, and 1 change per account would be reasonable. (Editing) I'm guessing only the crabby and negative thinking users use the Second Life Forums? Judging by the comments so far. Don't responde to this editing, it's not meant for one, just to point out the annoying careless and negative attitudes from you all. HOWEVER. I will respond to each comment below just once, before leaving this topic alone for good. Thanks for the replies. :)
  7. I never said anything about it beng "MY PLACE" to do anything! I simply stated an idea that I have, I'm allowed to have an idea, so thanks! You're free to disagree however you wish. If this idea is not something that could be done, then the ability to change our username entirely should be allowed. Grant it that it should be something you have to pay to do. This way it solves "for the most part" the problem of dealing with griefers or trolls.
  8. I think Liden Lab should give us the ability to hide our Username. This way if we wiish to change our name and only have one name showing, we do not need to create an enitrely new account. All you and those around you, will be able to see is your Display Name. (Which you can change once a week.) Should be able to hide your name on your profile, and from above your avatar, this way it doesn't look stupid for an avatar to have 2 names above it.
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