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  1. Thanks. In emptier areas I get 80 to low 100's but drop down to 20-30 in a dance club for example.
  2. Hello Everybody, What is considered good FPS in game? Thanks,
  3. Hello Everybody, I just wanted to share what worked for me when receiving the error "The following media plug in has failed: Media Plugin Webki" I had tried practically everything suggested in the many great suggestion threads and then remembered a reference to Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Manager. I uninstalled the program, rebooted, it tried to automatically reinstall the drivers, it couldn't, I closed the message and ignored it. I then launched the SL Viewer and no error. Hope this helps!
  4. Found the solution! I uninstalled Bigfoot Network Killer Network Manager and it worked! I saw in some other threads that there was an issue related to this.
  5. Thank you. Since my first post I've also tried: Adding SL Viewer and slplugin.exe to firewall and antivirus exceptions Disabling both firewall and antivirus at the same time Uninstalling and Installing Quicktime. The issue still persists.
  6. Hello Everybody, I am receiving the following error when starting up all viewers I have tried: "The following media plug in has failed: Media Plugin Webki" I've tried the offical viewer, Firestorm and Singularity. I've tried installing Safari, different versions of Adobe Flash Player for my browser with my antivirus disabled. I've tried launching the viewers with my antivirus disabled. I've tried reinstalling viewers. I've tried running viewers as administrator, changing permissions, running in different compatbility modes and have tried the same for slplugin.exe. I've tried most if not all suggestions I could find online. My specs are: MSI GT70-0NC Intel Core i7 -3610QM Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M / 3GB GDDR5 DDRIII 12GB(4GB*3) Killer e2200 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you,
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