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  1. Particles always originate relative to the center of the prim. There are two work arounds: 1) assign the particle effect to an invisible prim linked to your object, and move the invisible prim where you need it to be. 2) edit your prim to cut it in half, so the center is now along an edge. (use CUT to remove half a side, or SLICE to remove the top or bottom half)
  2. Well, the only advice I can offer is that you will most certainly get your money's worth. I rather expect anyone willing to work for such little compensation is going to fall WAY WAY WAY below your stated expectations. Have fun with it.
  3. Don't forget the "retainer fee" for being on call and available anytime they need you. Seriously... This whole thing sounds like some kind of bad joke.
  4. Hard not to speculate on why the wiki is read-only.... perhaps the person officially in charge of keeping tabs on it is... indisposed? Who knows.
  5. Chat will hilite legit URLs, but you can't hide a url with a label. I guess to prevent things like: Search for more of this great stuff on... <a href="http://my.malicious.site.net:3984">Google</a>!
  6. My home regions are crippled (one completely inaccessable now) by a nasty replicating attack ... one I reported it FIVE DAYS AGO. LiveChat is absolutely no help. Support Tickets go unanswered. Abuse Reports just seem ignored. Just how long is it taking for LL to mop up mainland replicating attacks these days? They used to be on the ball 20-30 minutes after the first report! Now, after several attempts to get help... it's been 5 days and not a peep. =( VERY disappointed. =(
  7. Are you sure that the rezzed objects were not physical? Are the rezzed objects scripted and are you sure the scripts don't contain a move/die option? Are you sure that you've disabled 'edit terrain' for everyone but yourself? (someone may have raised the land and caused your objects to auto-return)? Are you sure the rezzed objects aren't content that your neighbor could Abuse Report and have returned for violation of the ToS/CS?
  8. @face2edge- 1) The trick artists have used in murals with "eyes that always look at you" is to have the eyes painted onto a 'concave' depression in the wall. It's certainly possible to hack together this effect with prims, but keep in mind that the eyes won't be tracking the avatar, they'll be tracking the resident's view-camera... which may or may not be the effect you're looking for. 2) Particles are not prims. They're not 3d, they're 2d. They have nothing to do with physics at all. =) There's a set of parameters that control how they move which can 'fake' a physical reaction but it's very limited. And yes, they're completely client side effects, and always facing the view-camera of the resident observing them. 3) SL is, (except for particles) a consenual hallucination. What you see, I see, though from a different angle. You can try combinations of the concave surface and Moire (look it up) interefernce to create viewpoint based differences... maybe even trying different color alpha layers. If you want to fake a hologram in SL though... your best bet would be to create a sculptie/mesh of the hologram you want to create, and use llSetTextureAnim() with a transparent dot covered texture to make it look sparkly/jittery/non-substatantial =) I hope that helps! =)
  9. @Griss- Your posts clearly show you've read up on the issue, put your own thought into it and felt the need to express your opinion. I'm sure you're not alone, I'm sure there are other residents new to the blogrums who finally decided to speak up without being canvased. I'm sure we can expect another longer, louder round of it when LL makes the next display names announcement.
  10. No, catching people in RL is not what counts. Not unless they've broken REAL WORLD LAWS. Frankly... if someone I don't know believes something untrue about me because they're gullible and ignorant... that's a shame. Sure it would be annoying, and I'd want to find out who besmirched my name... but in all honesty... if people are that gullible in the first place, their opinion isn't worth much.
  11. I signed up on AU before SL bought it... and preferred it just as a 'gamers friendster' like service. Aren't there other services out there like "Avatars United" or did they all just quietly die when I wasn't looking?
  12. @Lamorna- Again, most 'lay' users probably looked enough to see that this is "yet to come" not "useable now" and then ignored it. What IS rather clear is that people worried about being impersonated have gone on a campaign against display names and have canvased residents with likely alarmist rhetoric to get them to come and post on the blogs. @Axi- Character assassination and defamation is just as effective without impersonation, and without display names is just that much harder to catch. Display names may give vengeful idiots a new tool, but it is NOT AN EFFECTIVE TOOL. More people aren't going to be successful at ruining peoples reputation than they are now. In fact, more people will likely FAIL in the attempt.
  13. "At the risk of giving a hostage to fortune, where are all these people, Jack?" -- Lamorna New and Casual residents tend not to get involved in "SL Issues" nearly as much as those of us who have more invested in SL. Most probably glanced at the announcment and shrugged and didn't read past the title. If they even read that at all. That's no indication that they won't enjoy using the feature though.
  14. Ponsonby said: Again, the perpetrator will leave no audit trail. Not true. If there's anything in chat, the offender's identity is still trivially easy to obtain, even if they teleported away before you mouse-over/click their name in chat. Furthermore... if someone is so hell bent on harassment or committing fraud... that they hide their IP, use a fake email, and create a throw-away alt.... lack of display names is NOT going to stop them. MOST people are going to see right through display name fraud. Someone that is smart enough to create an untraceable throw-away alt will know this. They're not going to go through all that effort... and then throw away their chance of successfully committing fraud or harassment by blatantly impersonating someone with a display name. Keep in mind that if it's L$ they're after... the money itself leaves an audit trail WITH USERNAME we can pull up using the SL website. Will the number of attempts go up? Sure. So will the number of residents CAUGHT attempting to commit fraud. I haven't yet heard a compelling argument saying that the number of successful attempts is guaranteed to go up.
  15. re: clearer audit trails. Consider this probable case: Alice buys something from Bob, who may (or may not) be a sales rep for Carl. Delivery of the purchase doesn't happen. Alice files an angry and incoherent abuse report against either Carl or Bob for ripping her off. (Whether Bob intended to or not). LL has a mess to untangle. What's Bob's relation to Carl? Is there one? Is Alice telling the truth? Let's start asking people and reading chat logs and spend lots of time trying to figure out who's really at fault here. Now consider the case where Doug sets his display name to "Carl", Alice's transaction doesn't complete, and files the abuse report. LL looks at Doug... see's he impostored Carl and accepted payment in Carl's shop... clearly Carl is a different avatar. They don't have to look at the chat log between Alice and Carl(doug) searching for clarification, though they might glance at it for confirmation. Cut-and-dried... and without having to ask questions and wait for answers, LL can flag Doug's account as "suspicious" and if more AR's come in against Doug... he's ban-hammered. And, to the other bit, when I said "misleading" I meant "to give a wrong impression". The word does not require 'intent' be a component and I didn't mean it as such.
  16. Ponsonby- Your examples are misleading. Usernames like "name(dot)resident" and "name(dot)Resident" will not exist. Only "(space)Resident" will appear at the end of one-word usernames for legacy support (TPV's and old LSL name functions). "(space)Resident" will NOT be part of the account name though, it is only added when it must be for old viewers/scripts.
  17. I won't miss it. The "recommended friends" picked seemed utterly random, quickly tired of the daily deluge of "unite us" requests from people that were treating it like a pokemon "gotta collect'm all!" game. 'meta-MMO-registries' should be run by a neutral organization not one MMO in particular hoping to recruit people that play other games. I think the AU mission was not helped by being made part of SL.
  18. Anita said: "@ Insight: I hope the shopholders and simowners do not listen to your advice, because then SL will be gone..............Shopholders makes the SL economy alive, no shops, no income for shopholders and no income for the Simmrenters who have shops on their sims to help pay the SIMRENT. Leaving SL a place without great shops and clubs to goto." As long as there's money to be made here.. there will be people here making it. If some leave because they're annoyed at people using their display names, things will be that much better for those businesses that remain. Of course you don't see people who have "left SL because of his or her name is not liked by that person" ... People don't "leave" SL because they don't like the name they're stuck with... they simply just don't START using secondlife at all. And all the potential revenue they could have brought with them is lost. =) Yes there are problems with display names. I still think the net benefit is positive, and could be improved with a few more changes. (For example, PLEASE show username in the friends list). It will take time for people to adjust. Nothing will stop the griefers and fraudsters though, and while this may increase the number of attempts, it also will give LL clear audit trails with which to ban people for fraud, rather than the ambiguous and difficult to verify information they usually get from fraud reports now.
  19. Allowing people to change their USERNAME will not help people that wish to use unicode to put letters from their own native language's alphabets into their names. Why won't LL offer a username change service? They aren't saying. I can guess at several reasons but all I found from LL was --> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_change_my_name Sadly freedom and griefing go hand-in-hand. Anything that gives us more power or liberty to do things... also gives griefers more tools to harass people. USUALLY more people benefit by these changes than are inconvenienced by them. I'm all for giving this a try to see if it turns out okay. And am still looking forward to the updated project viewer being announced for testing. =)
  20. @LadyJane- To be completely fair... I think Lamorna's service is well-intentioned, and not at all intended to be a 'scam' I just think it has some very undesirable consequences. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Which I used to think only referred to "those that meant well but did nothing", but lately have been thinking also includes "the very unwanted meddling that people with 'good intentions' inflict on others 'for their own good'." (and no I'm not thinking about Lamorna when I say this.. I'm just rambling)
  21. Lamorna- Again, lemme try again, because I don't think my previous example was clear. Say "Ponsonby Low" (aka "Polo") sets her display names to "Polo" ... but (for the sake of argument) she is ignorant of your service (like *MOST* residents will be, no matter how successful a marketing campaign you run.) Later, someone else with the display name "Polo" hears about your service and decides to use your service to protect it. Now, Ponsonby is forced to give up using her nickname as her display name, or she'll be ejected from places using your service. And worse, now she feels blackmailed into registering her new display name with you to prevent someone else from usurping it out from under her... again. (and who knows, maybe she ends up picking and registering a display name already in use by other people who she then impacts by using your service). That's what I mean by exploitive. How does someone with a display name of "BigJoe" tell you "Let other people USE my display name... but don't let them RESERVE my display name." (assuming you won't charge for that service too). And, furthermore.... how will people like BigJoe know to tell you... before it's already too late and they've lost the right to use their own display name because of an usurper? The more I think about it.. the less I like it. -- Eyyy, "Antney"... id be a real shame ifz youz name wuz to catch fire, ya know? If youz pay me some dough, youz can fugget all aboutit.
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