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  1. A female avi has returned many of my objects from 3 of my parcels. She is not on my friends list and has no permissions or rights to edit objects or land. How is that possible and what do I do to stop it? I forgot to mention, it's on mainland. -- Do you pay tier for this land direct to LL or to a landlord? My land outright -- Is the land in your name or is it deeded to a landgroup? My name only as are all of the objects on my land, no groups involved. -- Are you certain that the objects didn't extend into another parcel -- (quite possible to do by accident, at least with large objects)? I've checked that very closely and no they aren't. At the risk of sounding rude, I guess I should expand on me, I'm over 1700 days old and fairly well experiened at editing, groups, and land deeding and soforth. It's not the run of the mill simple answers I am looking for, what's happening here is, for lack of a reasonable explanation, SL illegal. I do appreciate all input, thank you. UPDATE, I put the stuff back and she returned some again, and to reiterate, they are not over the line on her land.
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