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  1. Particles always originate relative to the center of the prim. There are two work arounds: 1) assign the particle effect to an invisible prim linked to your object, and move the invisible prim where you need it to be. 2) edit your prim to cut it in half, so the center is now along an edge. (use CUT to remove half a side, or SLICE to remove the top or bottom half)
  2. Well, the only advice I can offer is that you will most certainly get your money's worth. I rather expect anyone willing to work for such little compensation is going to fall WAY WAY WAY below your stated expectations. Have fun with it.
  3. Don't forget the "retainer fee" for being on call and available anytime they need you. Seriously... This whole thing sounds like some kind of bad joke.
  4. Hard not to speculate on why the wiki is read-only.... perhaps the person officially in charge of keeping tabs on it is... indisposed? Who knows.
  5. Chat will hilite legit URLs, but you can't hide a url with a label. I guess to prevent things like: Search for more of this great stuff on... <a href="http://my.malicious.site.net:3984">Google</a>!
  6. My home regions are crippled (one completely inaccessable now) by a nasty replicating attack ... one I reported it FIVE DAYS AGO. LiveChat is absolutely no help. Support Tickets go unanswered. Abuse Reports just seem ignored. Just how long is it taking for LL to mop up mainland replicating attacks these days? They used to be on the ball 20-30 minutes after the first report! Now, after several attempts to get help... it's been 5 days and not a peep. =( VERY disappointed. =(
  7. Are you sure that the rezzed objects were not physical? Are the rezzed objects scripted and are you sure the scripts don't contain a move/die option? Are you sure that you've disabled 'edit terrain' for everyone but yourself? (someone may have raised the land and caused your objects to auto-return)? Are you sure the rezzed objects aren't content that your neighbor could Abuse Report and have returned for violation of the ToS/CS?
  8. @face2edge- 1) The trick artists have used in murals with "eyes that always look at you" is to have the eyes painted onto a 'concave' depression in the wall. It's certainly possible to hack together this effect with prims, but keep in mind that the eyes won't be tracking the avatar, they'll be tracking the resident's view-camera... which may or may not be the effect you're looking for. 2) Particles are not prims. They're not 3d, they're 2d. They have nothing to do with physics at all. =) There's a set of parameters that control how they move which can 'fake' a physical reaction but i
  9. @Griss- Your posts clearly show you've read up on the issue, put your own thought into it and felt the need to express your opinion. I'm sure you're not alone, I'm sure there are other residents new to the blogrums who finally decided to speak up without being canvased. I'm sure we can expect another longer, louder round of it when LL makes the next display names announcement.
  10. No, catching people in RL is not what counts. Not unless they've broken REAL WORLD LAWS. Frankly... if someone I don't know believes something untrue about me because they're gullible and ignorant... that's a shame. Sure it would be annoying, and I'd want to find out who besmirched my name... but in all honesty... if people are that gullible in the first place, their opinion isn't worth much.
  11. I signed up on AU before SL bought it... and preferred it just as a 'gamers friendster' like service. Aren't there other services out there like "Avatars United" or did they all just quietly die when I wasn't looking?
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