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  1. Now .. is a big word ... 9 days now is the time I notice this Issue in FB and by testing then to see the error by myself too. 9 Days ago in FB - how long this Issue realy begans - idk But: important things when those Issues goes in the private Sales / changing Money to RL or Updates from Linden that break our Sales in MP so deep like last year, need too fixed realy faster. I notice Customer who pay their Tier with Paypal but they have a Shop with Sales and sell this Lindens to their Paypal before - they have massive Problems if Linden needs longer to handle this Problem
  2. 3. It is possible to exchange money, but in ridiculously small amounts, some are mentioning 5000 others 15000 L$ per transaction. It is also advised by Live Chat, but they can not say what amount is the limit, it depends from account to account. Also, if you get stuck it is good to restart the modem and computer, according to residents. Well .. small amounts: I had time and try to test it. Its not important how much or small the Amount is - I try from 1000 till 10.000 and test it and final it doesn't work. I open Ticket and got tons of sorry and that they work on it. (I remember the last time I hear this words was March 2023 and we all know what then comes... waiting Time was over 6 Month) .. I hope they mean this time realy what they say 🙃😉
  3. Thank you and yes but its 5 Days old ... thats 5 days to long and should be fixed faster
  4. Same Problem here. I read about this Issue some days ago in FB and thought they have fixed it - but it seems not so.
  5. Mine is back and I have this time luck. 700 more listens as before .. hopfuly this will be for longer time PS: I don't will be unfair. We have "busy time" and New Year is now - all have RL and I will thank you the Team who fixed this now - Thank you!
  6. I notice that I have only 50 % of my Stuff on list at MP too. Well .. some of you may remember the Movie: "Groundhog Day" - reliving the same day over and over ~ with Bill Murray That is how I feel with the Marketplace again and again and again ... February and March 2024 would be the Time where LL use the Time to change something that good work before and need then more then a half year like 2023 or 2022 to fix it. Sorry for my sarcasm cause I wish too that we would go in a new year without any old Issues again and again .. I'm tired of this all.
  7. Both Lists are the same and yes I agree with "how many month have passed since...." When I remember the last 5-6 Month, they start to think about the Mess after long weeks and then: Update and fix and update and fix and fix or be quiet ..
  8. Best Selling List is working now in my Shoplists/Marketplace (yeah, be happy that I stay alive to see this after the long Time) and the List under Relevance works near 30 % (on top is it okay but then comes Stuff that I forgot to have this in my Store and is time to delete it *lol ...) ... well, we have now August and wait till end of March for this Fix. Maybe they can not change all like it was cause after 5 Month Mess will it be near a wonder if all would work so good like before they start to change all in a bad way.
  9. The MP Team - mostly from Spidey Linden send this copy/paste reply now over 4 Month and closed with this words tons of Tickets/Jira's round about MP Problems. Thats the way .... and yes the Support is a shame over long time now
  10. With that in mind, we are currently working on a change to allow best selling to now index each merchant’s store individually instead of just the top 50k items. This will allow shoppers to see any creator’s best selling items when viewing a store page. We hope this will be a better long-term solution than the previous relevance sort and clearly communicate to shoppers what are the most popular products in a creator’s store. I remember this. Thank you for copy this part again. But what I mean is the full Part from the Blog under the Part you copy here. And that the Team is "currently working on this change" now over 2 Month. But "this change" would show each merchant's store individually and I was realy in Hope that they change this fast. My fault to think that the Team would change this soon in one of the "big changes" in MP for us.
  11. and before you quote it again - I know and notice this. But "we have seen increased sales... " are only words for me and if this would realy so, why is the Jira full of Problems from Merchants who have less Sales like hell since the Update was? We can speak days about this all but it will not answer the question like Dema ask and she ask the right question. And the Answer is easy: Relevance is broken and delete - changing now in news and the Customers visit the Stores and must learn new to handle this all. If this was the best Idea from the MP Team? Well ... I be tired to post here about this anylonger, I notice the Infos inworld from Merchants or here in diff. Posts and see my own Sales and this shows more as I can try to explain here.
  12. Rowan, I know my shop and what you show is the example of my list when you search for specific Items like Flowers or something in "low to high". This was not what I mean 1. Relevance shows not the Stuff before the Update was end of March - it shows your searching Flowers under Relevance but without your search shows the Relevance List for "stop and go buyer without any search and only looking around" this: 2. Best Selling: I know my Stuff and the Items there are showed are older sales and NOT the Best Selling Items. THIS are my Top Selling Products and mirrors not one of the Product you copy in Shot! This List was showing till End of March under my Best Selling List as Products and after Update it was not longer in my Store available in this List. The Product on Top was searching over 20.000 Times by People who visit this Best Selling Side as "Shop and Go" People without any search. They saw it and purchased it as "Item they don't search for" - only to visit the Store. Not like you try to explain as specific search for Flower or or .... only to visit the sides without watching under "News" or or ... and this make the Problem that Part of Merchants have Problems with their Sales. Is not only me and sorry Rowan, I think you don't know realy what this missing or wrong Lists means for some of us. Thank you for your Info but I say it again, not all goes the way over search and news - they comes in Store and "walk around" and a Bargain Purchase is not only to buy "Item for low Price" ..it means also that they visit, see, like what they see (without search) and buy! The Top Product from 20.000 Times to search .. is less now near zero and that is my point and what some other here mean too (this was only short example from much more Problems).
  13. Cause People are not only searching for something special (mostly yes but not always) - yes they do and me too - BUT they come in Store and see the first sides and there was always the BEST Selling Stuff or Relevance and then comes it to quick sales (oh look this is nice and those is fine). I do this too and go out of the Store with more purchases I thought before I visit this Store. With my words calls it "bargain sales" and this is no longer possible when Customers visit the Store and see at first old crap Stuff from Seasons in Summer from Winter or older. I understand what you mean, I use the "new" when I specific want to buy something like a Tree (then is the rest not important) but not all use the search like you, Rowan.
  14. Yes Dema, this Mess is now over 2 Month and yes Rowan you prefer to use news in list by search. Me too and maybe like all in full MP. BUT in my own Store I prefer to have my old "Relevance and Top of Selling-Lists" like before and many other Merchants or Customers prefer this too and miss the old good Lists who shows top Items and not old crap. Stop, buy and go is then the Point and this is not longer possible when Customer see only old Stuff on the Top Sides in a Shop they vist. And this old Stuff can not change with the Info as help as they say "go in your edit and change the title or keywords" that makes no sense and changes NOT this Lists. This Way can be use for other problems yes but I say it again: the Relevance List and Top Selling Lists, mirrors not our sales anymore like it was since the Update was End of March.
  15. we wait and pray since big Update End of March 2023 - the lists are a big mess in Store over this long time now. Tons of Tickets etc. changes nothing
  16. I see it different: at first - okay this make sense what Linden try to make. The other side is that I have not enough trust at all if this will work right then. I remember the last big Issue with the Final that we live now 2 and 1/2 month with messy Lists in our Stores in Marketplace. I would prefer that they would fix this first and their Issue and then do the next step. The old stuff is maybe a problem and I understand their way to go and do something against this. But sorry, when I make such a ***** at last - should this the first priority to give the Merchants their working good Lists back.
  17. Same here, sales goes up very slow but they did and I changed nothing atm too. The Lists are the same Mess in my Store as before and I noticed that the last sales are in this Lists again on Top the first 2 Items or three and then comes the old Stuff as Mess like before. Anything is working there but it make no sense atm for me .. the Lists in MP complete at all looks a bit better but not in own Store. Edit: the two or three Items where changed in the Lists on Top are only my new releases I sold. The other Items I sold are there not public for me - realy strange ...
  18. Thank you Polenth for trying to help. I will try different things again in 3 Items again. But sorry, Linden changes the Search with an example and who of hell can then think, that we all must change our complete Items then in Store? And what for me is the biggest Problem I see are the crazy mess Lists. Like the Title here on Top for this Posts .. the Lists make no sense and very hard to sell very old stuff they show and this is not only in my Store. I checked yesterday different Stores in MP and wow I can't believe what I saw there .. and MP-Team told us to change this back but over 2 Month is nothing to see and this is hard cause this Problem is clear explain from many Merchants here in this Forum. To watch daily in my Store and see this "Best Selling Lists or Relevance" makes me sick cause over 12 years of Work are delete with one Update and shows Stuff from tons of years ago or out of Seasons. And this is not fixing from me with changing Keywords ... this is another Point and Problem, but there I will try time by time with some Items. Thank you Polenth, very kind of you try to help :)
  19. It can make sense for Merchants but not for all. I start to change first 25 than 50 Items on this way it the Lists shows not any changes. So this can not be then the golden Goal for all Problems and again, this changes not the Problem in Relevance or other lists in own Store - maybe in MP at all, I don' t know. But what I know is that the Team says over long Weeks now that they are working on the Top Sellers Lists and this a long time to let us sit on this Mess. They say they see good sales in this Link from Wulfie and this may be happen but what is with the other side where Merchants have deep breaks in there sales or near like zero and they changes Keywords and Title too - its not only like me. I have slowy some sales now and be happy that I have my Shop inworld and on this is now my full Option not anylonger at MP.
  20. Billysue I agree with you 100 % and you explain it perfect and show that only "I search only news and its fine" not the Point is. Our best Sellings are not longer showing on the right way. People come, open our Shop Sides and want to see good running Stuff too and buy then why they see this and not only why they are before searching for it. We worked long years hard for this best sales and they are killed in one moment end of February in the Update from MP Team and none is willing to say "okay Merchants, this was ***** and we notice this AND we fix this how fast we can" .. all we got in all the weeks was: badest support ever! To ignore the Problems they made is the badest way ever and we can do nothing.
  21. jupp .. today it changes a bit in my List - yeah I have New Year Stuff now on top - I think at Xmas 2023 I'll see there my Spring Stuff. 🙄
  22. Today I log in SL and got Messages from Merchants who can't pay the Rent for their Shops in SL anylonger and give up cause they have to much Problems with the Lists in MP/Store and to long no sales. They feel alone and go .. I create this Post cause this is the biggest Point at all: No Support, no help and none is willing from the Team to say clear what's going on the last 2 Month in MP What we know: PLE was not working and was fixed (I hope it notice this right) after 7 long weeks where People pay and got nothing for it Sales go down near zero in the last 2 Month for many of us (not all) and we notice with hope that the MP Team told us Update will come (but was only for PLE) and more comes in future When is "in future" .. this Month, this year, 2024? how long will you as team wait? Till the most went back from you all and work only for Shop inworld or closed their Business? The info we got from you about "using Keywords right" .. is maybe a part for you to change the Search. But the result for us was much more! We have a Mess in our Lists that kills our Sales, shows old Stuff and nothing is like before end of february. For my own - and its often similar with the Problems from other Merchants: To change Title from Stuff help some but not all - by me was then more mess as before. The Lists are so crazy wrong that no Customer is willing to visit the Stores again cause they find only old Stuff! I checked my Store daily and have in random Xmas Snow Globes or Wreath or Punch Bowls and yeah Helloween Stuff in Spring. Who will buy this? I checked Stores from other and saw the same Mess and they have no sales too. The Relevance List is so wrong, the best selling list too. This mirror nothing from our stores and sales and we live now 2 full month with this and my question is now: Where are you??!! What do you want from us that we do and should change? Where is the Info what we make wrong when we had this messy List? Or when you made Mistakes and don't know how to repair it soon, why you are quiet and share this not with us, cause we had this more understand as a still support who evit us. You do your own way and share nothing with us anylonger, you as Team cut the support with us and tell us "the sales go up" and sorry but this is maybe right for a part of Stores and the rest is not anylonger important for you? What is with us? The random way you go as Team without us mirror our bad Lists in Store. Nothing is no longer right and the badest thing of all is - you show us with your closing Tickets, Jira and and all the time that this is no longer important for you. Where is the old MP Team, that was at our side and not alone infront? What are you doing in future on your own way without us? Why we are with our problems not longer a part from LL? And at last: I send tickets, Jira and sometimes comes the Info before all was closed: you want help, please join our Group inworld and visit us Hello? By Problem we had always the way to send Ticket and someone help. Now comes that none can help cause no Eta and blablabla .. please open Jira I did and was faster closed as I could read. You as Team got from me and tons of other Shots, Urls and we try to explain how the Update from you change our Stores in a Messy Horror House It makes me sad, angry and hopeless to see how you kick good working Business in the Hell and the badest way at all is the missing support of you. You can't believe how tired I be, we all and how disappointed from you as Team. You let us alone and I would like to know why you play with our Business in such a bad way. Maybe one of the MPTeam have the courage to respond and tell us why is this so easy for you to notice how much trust you realy lost in the last 8 Weeks. Thank you .. maybe for reading and maybe for the one of the Team is willing to share the real Problem from MP with us. The MP is more then broken, we notice this every day more and more ... we are not blind. Edit: Daily Check - 24. day of April Store Relevance - Shot needs no more words
  23. THIS is a good argument and you are right. I think I needed 8 hours to rename but I need now a full day or more to find the Items and rename then back. So, next time I should listen more at my belly 🤔 .. thank you Arwen
  24. Update: I try my best to understand how this new search should work and test today over 100 Items in my Store and rename it how another Merchant told me kindly with Info's about how to try. Example: I have near 200 Trays / Dispenser and this or that for all Seasons or different Cakes, Food or Drink. I had Tons of Flowers and Fields on Top in my "old Store" before the Update comes and all are sending in no mans land after the Update 2 month ago. I try to find them and was a Work like Hell. Not one List shows me the right list and so the Work starts: Thinking about should I change "Flower Field Meadow with Grass" now only in "Flower Field", okay and should I rename now all my tons of Fields with the same name? Short and the Rest of Title in Keywords? I did this before and sit here with ??? in mind and thinking about this "blue Shirt" or "Sex Bed" ... so I change the Title in shortes way for me. "Flower Field Daisy" or "Flower Field Daffodil" oh wow there are more different for Winter, Spring, Autumn and wow there are more with Grass Patches or with Sparkle and so I stopped and try to find the first I changed in short Names. Finaly I can't found them in my Lists in my Store anymore - they are mixed and matched like before in all the different Lists but on other Places now. Not like it was before the Update comes. Okay, maybe my Mistake and I start to change the Title in the shortes Way for 30 of my Trays/ Dispenser. "Easter Nest Coffee Tray" now in ... in what? Coffee Tray? But I have 100 other Trays with coffee and how can I change it on the best way for the Customers cause they must find them too ... I rename some and plop they are away - good! But not good is, they jump in no mans land like the fields before. (that was all in my Store). So I went in the big Marketplace and try to find my Stuff ... no chance. I saw some Stuff yes but it was hard to find them realy.. All the Lists make no sense for me, before I change the title or later. And at last I try to upload a new release as Expample and it comes what I thought for me: New was a new tray and when I give as Name "tray" in the related Items list comes tray ...tray ... tray .. with this short names I gave them today. But - Coffee tray in short form and I had problems to see what kind of Tray was this. Was it a newer one, an older one .. was it a 10 years old Coffee Tray or one from this year - the short names should be short in title yes but this kills the Info for the rest. It kills the Info for Customer and for myself as Merchant. And at the end, I closed all and tomorrow I will start to rename all Items from today back cause this helped me not in one way. Its mixed and matched like before and never the same as it was before the Update comes End of February. I notice that not all Merchants have this Problem and have long Title in their Deco Stuff and in Lists on Top. But this are only 2 ways - the one are the Big Shops like Bazar and and .. or I saw the oldest stuff I remember over 10 years ago.. What I mean is - I can't find the line to change anything and I don't know why we should think about this all. Quotes or this or that and when we have Problems with this all, how should find a Customer the way in all this Mess. I be tired to copy all the lists from today and we had here enough examples before. The new copy would show the same ... and 8 hours work today was for nothing. Edit: I forgot - no sales today!
  25. Same here .. I watch everyday with hope my Store and all I notice is this mess again and again. Its very frustrated and the most bad thing is they let us alone with all this Mess they did and closed every single Ticket/Jira and we have no support. I miss the old Team and I feel alone. They crash 14 years hard work in my MP Store where I spend so much time with fun - but I have no Fun anymore for new Updates there and stop all. Many have the same Problems and that the Team don't share anything with us anylonger makes me realy hopeless now. And this all why they think the search must run better - If I make mistakes (we are all not machines) I speak with my Groupmembers and fix all soon as I can. And now comes IMs inworld with questions about this crazy Item-listenings and that they only see the news right and why I sell old stuff on Top and all I can say is "MP-Team breaks all and all I can do is nothing, sorry for this mess and please visit then my Shop inworld". Idk what we can do, cause it seems they wount help us anymore .. and Idk why
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