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  1. Ms. Pussycat, You were right about it being an alpha issue! I guess the alpha that the head came with didn't work anymore or something glitchy in general was going on. I ended up adding a few alphas like you said, one for eyes and used a no hair/brow alpha, and used a 'hide everything' alpha and it worked. Thanks for the tips! ^^ :heart:
  2. I noticed recently my cyclops head avatar has this weird alpha thing going on by the eye. I took a snapshot and circled it to show the issue. I assumed it's like the default eyes or lashes is causing it. SO, I put on an alpha to get rid of the lashes and the eyes both and it's still there. I tried changing my eyes shape and everything else in the eye section and it makes the head kind of distorted and weird so I don't know. Maybe someone here does know this issue and how to fix it? :matte-motes-crying:
  3. Hair mostly I believe when done well and if you get a following big enough I could see nice profit. Clothes you can find cheap but if it's really well done people will pay more, look at Foxes/Birdy for example, a bit pricey but exquisite texturing so worth the lindens spent.
  4. That sounds wonderful! I went a bit overboard on gifting but it's worth it. As for getting, well the money wasn't bad, and my favorite gift received so far is a pop electric perfume set. So much deliciousness. Oh and talking grub, we had a whole lot of Pei Wei today for Christmas Eve. Tomorrow I'm making some nachos and homemade tamales. I'm not Mexican but I can still fiesta with the best! Also hope to catch some cheesy Christmas movies and A Chistmas Story of course. Hope everyone has a good holiday. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  5. Ohh I see. I thought it was a mod specifically for Utilizators stuff, now I get it. Derp moment. Anyway I hope OP figures it out. I almost got one of them a while back as well. May still yet, it's cute. :3
  6. Emotions and Curious Kitties do hair styles kind of wild like that in the picture. :3 There's so many I like but I would say Ploom Exile Chemistry Lamb Little Bones Eep Tableau Vivant Clawtooth Rumina Alice Project Red Mint
  7. Just update your look and find new places to replace the old. The world is huge. There's sure to be something you like or somewhere if you try searching.
  8. You need Utilizators Av 2.0 and m3 head for it too don't you? Or do you already have it? Should be a notecard somewhere on how to apply.
  9. The eyebrows and shading look like skins from Essences. Their skins are pretty cute and amazing. Sometimes they sell them pretty cheap too like at "The Dressing Room Fusion" event. Oh and they have a flickr, maybe it's on here? http://www.flickr.com/photos/inkadanovski/
  10. Ohh I have that one in a few colors. It's from "Abyss" if you look up Mars Absent they may have a link to the store. Actually not sure if Abyss is even still around, I don't think they released anything new in years. ><
  11. LOL damnnnn! Haha nah, it was more like I think I fixed it though, of course LL didn't help yeah. Boo hiss.
  12. LMAO. Good point, more like goin' to church in Mississippi hair. Still omg help. ><
  13. Apparently there's other peoples images showing up in my "Real World" photo section. Right now it's some woman with big Texas hair. I was notified about it, people thought it was my real picture. What the heck? It also shows me in other groups that I'm not in. Will you all please fix the profiles?? This is just awkward!!! ><
  14. Oh, derp moment! They're facing opposite sides too. Gorgeous hair though. Hope you find the skin.
  15. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TRUTH-HAIR-Denee-Mesh-Hair-blondes/4873805 Looks like Denee hair by Truth. Not sure about the skin.
  16. I remember that hair. It was by [e] - Elikatira. My friend has it in black. I think the store closed though. Edit: "Thrive" is the name of the hair.
  17. A way to keep in touch with people and make friends. A place to unwind. Also to look at all of the talented people, the things they create. :matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  18. That's what the mute button is for. After seeing so many noobs pulling out their e-peens everywhere they can, you become numb to it I guess. :matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  19. Ugh that's terrible. I doubt LL will do anything, I'd be surprised if they did. Seems like one of those things they'd say "ohhh well" about and make you feel like it was your fault. They should be on the ball more about things like this but it'd be hard to keep up with every single POS scammer out there. I pay for a few weeks at a time too but now I'm considering not anymore.
  20. I don't know about clubs since I don't go to them much anymore but there definitely seems to be more women on SecondLife period. Maybe some stats out there? Though I guess people can lie. Eh. I think I have 2 straight women on my list?? The others are bisexual or lesbian. I get approached way more by women than men and it's crazy because I have nothing on my profile alluding to me being lesbian or bisexual, and this happens in random places. I honestly think a lot of them are men wanting to see some hot lesbian pixel action. Oh yeahhh! *Macho Man voice*
  21. I'm a female in both. I have no desire to play a male avatar anyhow. Like really it'd be akward, I wouldn't know how to act as a guy. However I see nothing wrong with people playing different genders at all. Mainly because this isn't real life. I think when two people get close though it's probably best to be honest about it, even if you all never met in real life trust is a good thing as well as honesty.
  22. Well I have so many looks/avs, but I think most of them yes and some maybe older, except for my kawaii desu Japanese dolly type avatars which as a base look barely legal. The one by snow rabbit is so well done. I saw people fighting about it, saying it looked like a young girl.. as in child? I don't think they do nor mine does since I added attachments to it like piercings and what have you.
  23. One of those look like hair by "Raw House" kind of. edit: Is this it?? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RAW-HOUSE-Orlando-Hair-Blacks/1966325
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