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  1. well... I started a new avatar because... I have too many things in my old account's inventory, and I forgot what they are, I am too lazy to find out what I should or shouldn't keep, also too many of the landmarks are gone, don't want to try it one by one and find them out and delete them... it's a new thing to me anyway, so why not create a new account.... I have sent all the money to my new account though, that's the only thing I don't wanna leave that behind..
  2. I have left second life for about 8 - 9 years.... and suddenly i wanted to play it again~ I logged into my account, and I felt very lost, still got some money insdie, but most of my place bookmark and all friends are not there anymore, so I decided to register a new avatar and start it all over again.... I feel really lost there, everything has changed... that will be great if anyone can update me what has changed in this 8 - 9 years.. haha! that's impossible though, I bet there are too much I have missed...
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