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  1. Oh your fine! This is more if they ever did one is all.
  2. Did at one point did utilizator ever make a full robot avi the look to be simaler to the Rikugou avi?
  3. KarinLoving

    Nurse outfit

    I'm looking for a nurse's dress that can fit a Rikugou avi! Does anyone have an idea of what I can use?
  4. Oh ok That make better scese! Thank you!
  5. Then why are homes being sold on the martek that make you think you can change your home style?
  6. Yes a lindin home you get when you upgraged.
  7. Hi I was wondering on how do I change my home's look with a style I got from the market?
  8. Oh ok and what would be a progame to use to do the heavy editing for a mac?
  9. Oh ok so how do I edti the textures?
  10. Does anyone know to mesh the Rikugou's armor color's?
  11. I need a bit of help to apply the :: Static :: BGF Neko avi mash to the BG Feline avi! Can someone post the stip's to a easy to read level please?
  12. Oh ok I did and I did not know that! and thanks everyone!
  13. Truthly I don't know? All she said was that the proamadros wear chagened and I must have given it out!
  14. Ok so a few day's ago I had made this friend and we start to get to know one and another and we hit it off and I lazy asked if I can see a pic of her and she said wetch is fine but then she deside to send me a little muture looking pic and ask's me not to show others and I said yes to her request and I did not say I wasn't cumtrble having so a if day's later after having computer trouble's she say's she does not remember sending it and I show her the pic and she get's mad and seys I edited the pic/texture so I could share it and call's me a lier and well not beleave me about me not know how to edit proamadors becuase I'm only be on for a few day's and has not learned all the end's and out's of SL she we not talk to me about it. So can a mod or someone help me out I wish to clear it up but I can not talk to her and I wish to be in the same room as her and not if bad or fright with her! I wish to make peace! and I don't if it's a glich or what but I want to fix's this and not me or her leave seconed life!
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