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  1. Having trouble loading SL is this graphics card compatible?
  2. Hi, I am looking for the same, I left SL for a while and all my GF's left and i really miss them.. Love to chat and shop .
  3. I totally agree with the last comment, but I would be happy to chat in world if you would like
  4. thank you so much for replying, sorry about the lack of information. Yes I have recently updated fron Phoenix to Firestrom and I notic it says Brdge not attached. This maybe the problem If someone could advise me I would appreciate it. thank you
  5. I am using firestorm and all of my clothes now have gap between the waist and the hips. None of my outfits work properly. Can anyone tell me how to fix this. thanks
  6. What do I need to do to allow my boyfriend to have my home as his home landmark. I own the land. thank you
  7. Thinking of joining one of these groups - any forum members with suggestions of groups and/or experience with these kinds o relationships?? thanks
  8. i am looking for a sister so maybe we should chat. Eastern Canada timezone but very flexible as have own business in Rl. Feel free to friend me and we can chat some more.
  9. I am back in SL after a long haitus, and would like to reconnect with old aquaintances i have on notecards - I see private message but unable to access. Any help appreciated Thanks
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