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  1. Thanks for the replies Sorry I haven't checked in a while. But I got a base shape then edited it in the end I haven't got the skills to make a decent one from scratch
  2. Thanks for the advice , I think I'm better off buying one haha so I'll check out that store
  3. Hey orca , thanks haha. How would I go about making my own shape?
  4. Hi :) I'm looking for a new female shape and was just looking for some help as to the good stores etc. I like similar shapes to r.icielli shapes but it's annoying how they don't have demos, it's more about the face, strong bone structure but young ish looking that go well with glam affair skins. So basically shapes with pretty faces haha. Thanks :D
  5. Thanks nikita, I'll check it out But to be honest I always get problems, not so much crashing but being a cloud, my HUDs not working, alphas messing up, parts of my outfit being blurry and when I change outfits sometimes still wearing parts of the previous outfit haha I get all the problems, which can be annoying But I'll check out the support
  6. Oh sorry I get confused I use firestorm anyways Thanks for the replies I tried clearing the cache and it worked, its all back to normal haha thanks
  7. My phoenix viewer has gone really weird on one computer :S. It has always been fine and worked but all of a sudden it just went crazy, as in everything is fine except the picture. All the other viewers are fine on it but I would really like phoenix to work again because it's the only one that I like. But then I tried phoenix on a different computer and it was fine. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling etc.. It didn't work :| Has anyone got any idea on how I can fix it ? This is what it looks like: Compared to the normal:
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