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  1. I definitely know from both past and current experiences that buying in desirable regions is both patience and luck. Years ago, like, 8 years ago, I had a small parcel in Bay City (Dennis) that I didn't really realize the value of. I still to this day wish I had never gotten rid of that land that I originally purchased for like 30k for the 1024 plot and I simply let it go to abandoned when I no longer wanted to play SL daily. This was under old abandoned land procedures, so someone likely snatched it immediately for L$1/sqm. I will say though, for anyone that isn't 100% set on paying that much for land, as long as you don't mind the tier fees... you can still find great places elsewhere in the mainland. I am currently located in an area that is on the coast on a river that leads out to the sea one way and into the mainland on the other side. I snagged an original 1536 parcel for about $6k, which felt good considering almost everyone in the area of the sim it was in has followed a beach/vacation theme. The people who purchased the river directly in this area all kept it water and built skyboxes. I then had some abandoned land directly in front of my parcel in the water so I put in a ticket and grabbed a 1536 block to protect my waterfront. Now the abandoned land is a weird shape there, so people won't build directly in front of me. Grabbing these parcels was almost entirely lucky timing but there are other spots for sale in this region that look like they have been there a while. There's plenty of places that are certainly no Bay City/Horizons/Nautilus but are still nice enough for you to be happy there, unless you really have your heart set on that. Even with the extra tier fees, I still spend pretty minimal amounts on SL compared to other parts of my recreational life. Which, by the way, if anyone wants help hunting for decent mainland plots I love doing it. So I'm willing to help anyone in their search. I just never wanted to become a land baron because I'm as against it in SL as I am in RL.
  2. Hi there! I am hoping that I'll be able to help you with your requests! I have had a lot of experience in the shape editor and actually am working on making a variety of shapes for my own store. Feel free to hit me up (leave a notecard please as IMs are always capped) and I look forward to discussing what you need! Siofra Highmist
  3. Hi there, I'm Sio and I've been around secondlife for a number of years, but just recently returned after a long break. Naturally, I have lost touch with all of my old friends around SL and reconnecting with them has been hard simply due to absence. I am hoping that I can meet some new friends around here to do stuff with! (And, you know, because new friends are great) I both like to create in SL and explore. I at one point had a photography business around here that I plan on revaamping, along with updating the items of my store to be well... newer. And better. I'd like to find friends with similar creation interests if possible, of course, but I also really want to be able to run around with a few friends and explore. I have always enjoyed finding new places and doing new things, but that is so much more fun with company. There's no specific interest in places, just anywhere is good with me! So, hopefully there's some others out there looking for friendship and I'd love to get the opportunity to know you. Feel free to reply back here or get at me in game and send an IM! I am on most late evenings and during the day time Fridays and Saturday. Siofra Highmist
  4. Hey there. So, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for SL but technical jibber-jabber in terms of how things actually work confuses me. I'm looking at something like this. Help? My budget would be about 600-800. Can I even get a decent laptop to run SL with that budget?
  5. Hey there. So, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for SL but technical jibber-jabber in terms of how things actually work confuses me. I'm looking at something like this. Help? My budget would be about 600-800. Can I even get a decent laptop to run SL with that budget?
  6. Hey there. So maybe someone can help me with this, because I don't understand... I just opened the edit menu for my shape, and messed around with your typical torso + leg dials, didn't even TOUCH the hover menu or option... and when I clicked "save" it set my hover to 0 for some reason. I've been trying fruitlessly to get it to save to having me above ground, but each time I click "save" it resets to 0... With or without objects and AO on, it does this. Relog doesn't help. Editing the shape doesn't help. I would like to be above ground. Can anyone help?
  7. Really the only thing that is pushing me away from Mac is the pricing. Poking around on their website the other day, it looks like they do not offer a computer under USD$2300 that contains an actual grapics card over integrated graphics chips. I'm currently on intel's newest incarnation of integrated graphics and I can tell you that it really can't run anything efficiently. It takes sometimes 15+ minutes to load my own house let alone anything else in SL. Obviously I could have missed something as I did not go in store to ask, just poked around online. But if that is in fact what's going on I can happily say we'll be going PC again in this house.. Edit: And no, it's not another problem causing my inefficient running of SL... that's really the only substandard part of the computer I own.
  8. Don't worry, you're definitely not alone. :-) I have also been in SL for three years. I do in fact have friends, (yes, actual ones) but all except one have moved on from SL entirely... I still talk with them via Skype and other venues, but pretty much I am alone now. It's not that I really have any issues with connecting with people, it's that I can't seem to find people that actually want to build any kind of friendships online. Most of them would rather just IM me when they want some L$. :-/ Although I agree with the other sentiments that we should have a group of people who can't find people, and a place to meet up! It may sound kind of cheesy but it's always easier to connect with others that also want to connect. :-) Anyhow, you're free to IM me at any time, (I promise I'm not someone annoying who's going to IM your socks off every second you're online) and I wish you luck in finding some friends! It's definitely an enhancement to your SL to be able to share it with others. :-)
  9. Hi there. I am trying to change my preferences for a friend on my friends list, so that they cannot see my online status.... Yet when I load up the website it says they're not even in my friends and therefore won't let me change it. I know I can see their online status as they're "online" in my friends list right now... But why can't I change that preference? Is there a way to change it without them on my friends list on the website? I swear these things were just simpler when we could do everything in the viewer -.-;;
  10. Not sure if you're still looking at this or not... but. My RL husband & a friend run a zelda group, complete with sim. The name's Hyrulian Legacy and while open enrollment is closed, you're more than welcome to contact me inworld and I'll have someone give you an invite. The group and sim is currently undergoing some rennovation and set up, but there's a huge number of people and *most* of them are quite friendly. The sim is being set up to be a place where members can role play, rent out a house, and a HUD is also being set up so that there can be some gameplay going on as well. The sim is PG, too. Just a suggestion.
  11. SO. Normally I'm not in your average human av, but lately while designing something simpler than I usually use I encountered something.. I've got this duck lip thing going on. Pic: Anyone have any ideas on how to get it to go away? I tried a facelight, new skin, new shape.. not sure what settings to mess with to get it to go away if I can D:
  12. I was a premium member, and then I upgraded my tier level, still staying premium. When I get my bill in the next week, will it incorporate the monthly premium AND the tier fee, or is the tier fee correct in the amount it will be in total?
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