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  1. This was supposed to be a thing years ago but never happened presumably because Steam wants a cut of every virtual currency sale and LL isn't about to give anyone a cut of their Linden$ sales.
  2. I agree but there's really no use trying to argue with the owners that require voice. They don't care about the music, they want "personality" DJs who are in love with the sound of their own voice.
  3. Typically a stream URL would just be the server address and the port. Try http://my.powerstream.live:8098
  4. The thugs storming the White House were not liberals. They were domestic terrorists. And that´s it. And absolutely nothing you ever write here can spin that.
  5. Spin it however you like, there were multiple violent riots over the past year where the media refused to call them anything but "mostly peaceful protesters" and then there was one riot by conservatives and suddenly they're "domestic terrorists." Just them though. Not anyone else. There's no ulterior motive involved though. Don't be silly. We're just shutting down all the possible platforms those "domestic terrorists" could be using except the primary one they actually used which is Facebook. Don't be concerned about that though. Facebook is your ally.
  6. So what should be done with all these "stupid people?" Come on, tell us.
  7. Freedom of speech can be used to defend anything. That's why it's called freedom of speech. I'm terribly sorry your dictatorial views aren't mainstream in the US. I'm sure they will be soon though.
  8. I'm defending freedom of speech and freedom of thought. I'm terribly sorry you consider those unpleasant concepts. As for your last statement...
  9. So I take it you didn't see the mob attacking the White House a few months back doing the same things. The media assured us those were "peaceful protesters" while this mob are "domestic terrorists." Who gets called what depends on which side you prefer, that was my point.
  10. You know for someone that claimed they were going to ignore all my posts 2 pages back you certainly seem intent to reply to all of them now.
  11. So you agree with rounding up the Japanese during WW2 now. How very anti-fascist of you.
  12. Who the ***** are you calling a boy? I'm going to assume you're not American and don't realize that's racist AF.
  13. Which party is now talking about rounding up the "peaceful protesters", oh sorry, "domestic terrorists" and sending them off to Gitmo? Hint, it's the "anti-fascist" party which also had no problem rounding up the "Japs" and putting them into camps in 1942.
  14. And there it is. Out come the rhetorical knives when you have no other argument to make.
  15. Ironically my first reaction to your post was that it was exactly what I'd expect to read from the PRC.
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