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  1. Yet again I'm amazed at the lengths some people are willing to go to in order to placate their corporate overlords. Geoblocking is a thing, VPNs to bypass it are also a thing. The internet was designed to survive a nuclear war, it's also designed to route around censorship no matter how valid one may consider it to be. I personally consider that a feature, not a bug.
  2. I hope all your listeners are in Canada or else you're also violating music industry "laws." From their website All TorontoCast streams are Licensed by SOCAN under tarring code 22f and are under the ownership of TorontoCast. The SOCAN license covers Canadian listeners. Additionally, there could be licensing obligations in other territories potentially according to those territories licensing laws.
  3. You know I'm getting real tired of you conflating actual laws with whatever bull****** propaganda the music industry uses to scare people into submission. You're not going to goto jail for not paying their "licensing" fees. They may sue you but that's a civil, not criminal case. As for what you can do, you can do anything you want as long as you're willing to accept the consequences. Some of us are clearly less worried about them than others here.
  4. "Every time I try to get out they pull me back in..." I'm not supporting piracy, refusing to pay outrageous royalties intended for ad supported internet radio stations isn't piracy. I used to the term "pirate" stream earlier as a comparison to pirate radio which also isn't piracy, it's illegal because they lack a broadcasting license which is a different matter altogether. And I'm glad you've spent so much time with great DJs, now go ask them if they're paying royalties and to who. As for dying scenes, I don't know what scenes you're in but the ones I'm in have been dying for years.
  5. I'm going to make this my last post on the topic. I had hoped other DJs would chime in here but as usual whenever this subject comes up the majority of SL DJs would rather stay in the shadows than argue over this bullsh*t. Yes, the DJ is responsible for the royalties in SL because God knows the venues certainly aren't paying them. They're not even paying the DJs, we're lucky if they pony up for a club stream for everyone to use rather than expecting every single DJ to run their own stream on their own dime. So basically it comes down to this, most SL DJs are running private "pirate" streams because they're not paying royalties to an industry that would drive every single one of them offline if they could. We know the risks and we still do it. Why? Certainly not for the money, that's for damn sure. We do it because we love the music and want to share it with others who are as passionate about it as we are. For this we are branded pirates and compared to copybotters. It's no damn wonder the music scene in SL has been dying over the past 6 years given these conditions. Sure there are a few popular clubs left, the ones that somehow survive on advertising or are running as a labour of love by the owners. The rest are either dead or dying and it's a damn shame because we've lost a lot of good DJs and the music they spun along the way.
  6. I'm sorry I didn't really clarify what I meant by my earlier statement by my distain for the "you'll own nothing and like it" future. I know I don't own the music either way. I was thinking more about how media is moving away from physical to digital distribution and how in the process it's entirely possible for customers to buy a "license" to digital media only to have access to it stripped away with absolutely no recourse because they only had a "license" which could be terminated at any time by the media conglomerate that sold "it" to them. That's why I buy physical media. I'm not playing their game.
  7. I swear to God it's corporate overreach like this that will slowly push me into becoming a communist. My playing music over a stream to a few people is no different than playing the CD to a group of friends in my house. Granted, I know the music industry would love to charge us for that as well but until then they can go f**k off and fight it in court if they wish to waste the time and money for the 1000L in tips I might make on a good night in SL.
  8. Not to attack you personally but this attitude is just one of the reasons I have and will continue to tell RIAA to go f**k itself. It's also the reason I buy CDs and rip my own MP3s instead of buying digitally. I'm not buying into their "you'll own nothing and like it" future.
  9. I would argue there's a distinction to be made between a SL DJ and a "webcaster" as they define it. We're interactive, not pre-programmed and we can skip or select our own music at will.
  10. The amount of listeners is entirely relevant. The server supports 25 listeners total so there's no possible way it could have a 26th connection much less "millions." As for thousands of DJs, I think you're vastly overestimating the number of active DJs in SL. Is the music industry losing money due to "unlicensed" DJs? Maybe. Are the artists? Nope. They see so little of the money from license fees it may as well not exist for them. Again, go ask them who the real thieves are in the business. It's not the DJs.
  11. Youtube is different, they have algorithms in place to scan uploaded video for copyrighted material and take action. (Sometime this action is completely at odds with reality but that's another story.) Unlike Youtube there are so many different Shoutcast providers, spread across so many countries that I'd actually like to hear of a single case of one being taken down for playing "unlicensed" music.
  12. No? Who's copying anything here? I bought the music, I stream the music to less than 25 people on a server. Where's the crime? The music industry would love for you to think it's a crime but ask the actual musicians who the real thieves are in this situation and it won't be the DJs.
  13. Given the small size of the typical SL crowd I can't imagine paying royalties to anyone or anyone caring either way. We're not running advertising supported radio streams here and the tips we make are miniscule in comparison to what RIAA and ASCAP would demand of us. If you're worried about being sued, don't do it. The rest of us will carry on and RIAA can go f**k itself.
  14. I have an internal monologue, I find it very hard to imagine how one could even think without it. Then again I also have aphantasia, the inability to visualize with the mind's eye, so I suppose it's a good thing I have language to fall back on.
  15. This was supposed to be a thing years ago but never happened presumably because Steam wants a cut of every virtual currency sale and LL isn't about to give anyone a cut of their Linden$ sales.
  16. I agree but there's really no use trying to argue with the owners that require voice. They don't care about the music, they want "personality" DJs who are in love with the sound of their own voice.
  17. Typically a stream URL would just be the server address and the port. Try http://my.powerstream.live:8098
  18. The thugs storming the White House were not liberals. They were domestic terrorists. And that´s it. And absolutely nothing you ever write here can spin that.
  19. Spin it however you like, there were multiple violent riots over the past year where the media refused to call them anything but "mostly peaceful protesters" and then there was one riot by conservatives and suddenly they're "domestic terrorists." Just them though. Not anyone else. There's no ulterior motive involved though. Don't be silly. We're just shutting down all the possible platforms those "domestic terrorists" could be using except the primary one they actually used which is Facebook. Don't be concerned about that though. Facebook is your ally.
  20. So what should be done with all these "stupid people?" Come on, tell us.
  21. Freedom of speech can be used to defend anything. That's why it's called freedom of speech. I'm terribly sorry your dictatorial views aren't mainstream in the US. I'm sure they will be soon though.
  22. I'm defending freedom of speech and freedom of thought. I'm terribly sorry you consider those unpleasant concepts. As for your last statement...
  23. So I take it you didn't see the mob attacking the White House a few months back doing the same things. The media assured us those were "peaceful protesters" while this mob are "domestic terrorists." Who gets called what depends on which side you prefer, that was my point.
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