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  1. Theres is a huge gray area... The short answer is that nobody knows how close a child avatar can be to an adult-object. Could be meters? feet? Or within draw distance? But all of that is relative.. So nobody knows PERSONALLY I think it doesnt matter.. As long as they dont ''use'' the adult-object.
  2. in my experience the bad reputation comes from ppl that dont ''understand'' SL and ''fear'' it. Humans dont like things they dont understand or fear.
  3. Instead of limiting free acounts they should make premium accounts more attractive really.
  4. Well I also dislike some things in SL , just like anyone. But I am not going to deny them their right to be who they want to be. And I sure as peep am not going to be JUDGING them. Who am I to judge someone that wants to play as a child avatar? That wants to have someone else on a leash? Its none of *my* business tbh... Now ofcourse i dont have to *like* them.
  5. Guys lets be clear on this one thing before we continue. We all agree that child avatars on Adult rated sims are a violation. Thats not what this is about. Its about the G-Rated and M-rated sims where sometimes a child avatar is greeted with aggression and suspicion. This is something we CAN change though. What happened to ''dont judge a book by its cover'' ? All I am saying is not to jump to conclusions and generalize. Keep an open mind and respect people's personal preferences. I dont like furries but I am not going to ban them from my store just because of that...
  6. Also i think people look into this way too much maybe. Second Life is OUR world. We can shape it the way we see fit and we have the chance to create a society thats welcoming and not toxic and excluding people just because of who they are. I think with common sense, cutting people slack and minding your own business we can all achieve a great deal already right? Enough with the hate really. I get it.. some hate child avies, some hate furries, some hate guys with pussies, some hate avies in wheelchairs. But lets step over that hatred and leave it for RL. On here.. when you login, you should be pleasant, non judgemental and use your common sense. It will help a great deal.
  7. The Beauty of SL is that you can be whoever or whatever you want to be, for whatever reason you chose. If only real life was like that.. right? *grins*
  8. thank you You're a good kid then. And you are also living evidence that not all child avies are nasty people or entitled.
  9. I agree with that. Same things apply of course.
  10. If by fun you mean sex then ofcourse i agree. No child avatar should be involved in any sexual activity at all. But if you mean fun as in a themepark, hunt or some other festival then it is unfair to ban child avatars just because you dont like their avie lol.
  11. You are generalizing a lot here.. Anyway... I understand you all have to deal with annnoying children IRL and that parents really NEED a break from their children and hop on SL. Its a 2way street indeed. However I dont consider a baby avatar as a child avie. The babies are annoying lol.
  12. oh wow yes i totally understand this. I'd be annoyed by it too tbh.
  13. Very logic and well eleborated argument But yeah from my experience it often seems sim owners have a ''better safe than sorry'' policy in place. Where they unwelcome/ban/eject child avatars JUST Because of who they are. This borders very close to discrimination (not saying it is). I FULLY understand and agree when a child avatar is for example using a sex bed (I dont care why, 0% tolerance) that you eject and ban them. But when they are just hanging out? Or are there to shop? Or visit friends? I dont see the harm at all.
  14. Actually in SL I can be more gender free than RL Somedays i feel like using my *****, other days I use my dick. Its awesome lol
  15. Hey everyone! I'm not a child avatar but some of my friends are. Before i befriended them I was so unaware of this but now it has become clear to me I think its something i have to address to the community. The ''hate'' on child avatars is real in SL. Every so often I pop to a sim (Any rating) and I get welcomed in big capitals ''NO CHILD AVIES ALLOWED"' or ''CHILD AVIES INSTANT BAN'' I am trying to wonder why this is. Is it because all people that play child avatars are perverts and molestors? or... ... is it the FEAR drilled into us by Linden Lab that sims can be potentially CLOSED when inappropriate actions involving a child avatars are reported? There literally is NO reason half of the time to ban or eject a child avatar. Theres no ''porn'' ont he sim or no ''adult items''. INfact some sims are rated PG and M, not even A. So can someone tell me (preferably a sim owner) WHY you dont welcome child avatars and if this is justified in your eyes.
  16. Okay y'all need to clam down lol. Ever heard of the small businesses going out of business when a big Wall Mart store settles near them? It is kinda like that. The big Wall Mart can negotiate deals and buy in bulk and at much cheaper rates. The small business is then just unable to stay open because of costs. Just to be clear, my hangout does get poplular and has a steady traffic. Its not a ''complaining topic'' because Im upset about. Its really only about the prices for the SAME service. We do throw events, hold giveaways, have parties and do contests. Its super fun. These places that I am referring to as my competition not only pay far less tier than we do. They never hold events, throw parties or update their builds. They are just ''there''. The're only ABLE to be just there because of the low costs to keep them open. If the owner had to pay the normal price for them maybe he'd care more about his place. As for the reason these places are so popular.. its called bots. They generate traffic and it gets up high in search. People go there, hang around a bit and go away but the next one already has arrived.
  17. Well everything has its value... Looking around at other online platforms I'd say LL is milkin the hell out of us. We are all too invested and trapped in SL so we wont let go of our lands that easily. Sales are however going down and sims closing every day. Its only a matter of time before LL will either have to drop prices or shut SL down. They're keeping the price artificially high atm.
  18. I dont mind competition in SL. I LOVE competition!!! But when its UNFAIR competition it gets in my way and rubs me the wrong way for sure. The 40$ sim is owned by a friend of my RL husband. I will ask for some sort of documentation to prove it. Fact is we don't know what shady deals Linden Lab makes with certain residents. I know that atm a full sims very expensive and I would pay for the SAME service as someone who bought their full sim years ago but now only pays like half of what I pay. This system makes it so its very hard for new places to open their doors and continue the legacy of SL. My homestead that I turned into a gay hangout is really nice and the team did a great job landscaping it. These older, cheaper sims that are supposed to be my ''competition'' are pretty much neglected by the owner as they still have all the noob stuff from the early days (prims, poseballs, low res texutures etc.) yet these places continue to be incredibly popular within the gay community. They're able to STAY ALIVE because the owner pays a largely reduced tier. If prices were ALL the same those places would go out of business within a week and NORMAL market/economy systems would apply, meaning my own homestead would see an increase in traffic.
  19. Hello and ty for reading my post. I'm the co-owner of a gay hangout sim on second life. We own a homestead sim and made it open to the public so gay men can come and enjoy the scenery or the occasional party. The competition however within the gay community is fierce. There's a lot of gay sims and hangouts on the grid already. Many of them that still look the same as they did in 2007 but they're still popular and even when they are not popular they still exist. Me and my partner started wondering why these gay sims continue to exist. Even when they own multiple sims (like 5-10) they are not closing. Either the owner is really, really rich or he's paying a smaller price. Unfortunately we realized the latter is the case. There are a lot of landholders (especially within the gay community on SL) that own multiple sims and made it public. But since they bought their sims a long time ago they only paid a fraction of what we pay. There are FULL SIMS within the gay community that only cost the owner 40$ a month. For a homestead we pay almost 100$. So it is basicalyl impossible to compete with that. For the price of 1 full sim (300$) they have 7 full sims and 1 homestead and keep it open at the same cost. This unfair advantage really damages the development and evolvement of SL land ownership. Often these sims havent been touched or updated for years (hence why they look like the noob days of SL). To us this a serious problem as we'd also have loved to own 7 full sims for less than 300$ so we can continue to grow and create. So what is the story behind that? Are they VIP or just lucky? And why doesnt LL make them pay the regular price? If my RL land lord wants to up the price of rent he has the right to do so, but gives me a notice ahead of time so I can decide to stay or leave. I think LL should do the same here and announce they are gonna pay the regular price but they have 3 months to decide.
  20. So sad though.. I'd love to move on and I have but I am disappointed with the other mesh body and heads. Even the Bento heads dont seem to live up to it for me.
  21. Hey mesh body addicts! So its been over 2 years now since TMP released an update. With Bento heads comign out left and right and my friends buying them all I've been somewhat stuck with a dilemma. I would LOVE To go Bento too and buy a head and a shape but the problem is that I love my TMP body and head a lot. TMP (TheShops) haven't really updated their body for over 2 years and there's been radio silence ever since. So no news if they are even working on BENTO. I heard rumors about the original TMP body and head creators have left the company and are now the people behind the SIGNATURE body and head. SO I guess all i am looking for are awnsers. Will there be a bento TMP body/head? When? For men too? Or should I consider TMP dead and buy other Bento heads? I'd love your input please. Its a lot of money and Bento heads arent cheap.
  22. Hey basically the idea is very simple and its like youtube. You can ''subscribe'' to the stores/creatores that you like and everytime they upload a new item to the marketplace you get it on the MP homepage in your overview. It's a so much better way to get informed whenever your favorite store comes out with a new item. You don't need inworld groups anymore to receive news about updates either. Please can you implement such a feature? It's the biggest thing that is lacking on the mP right now for me.
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