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  1. Nope! I love how my avi looks and just change the cosmetic things - eyes, skins etc. However I do have a collection of other heads (LeLutka, Genus etc) and switch from my petite shape to other body types when I need to blog something that is not Catwa/Petite compatible.
  2. Idiots who do not notice a huge red SVU stopped behind them at the traffic lights and so they reverse hard and fast into them. Fingers crossed they find the parts I need for my poor broken baby!!!
  3. I'll be there with bells on! It's how you will recognise me! But potato salad is LIFE!!!!
  4. Be thankful! My alts are always whining and demanding lindens from me!!!!
  5. I rarely interact with people in RL. I rarely interact with people in SL. And now I rarely interact with people on these boards, cos when I do I'm accused of being part of some nefarious board clique out to bully others by the biggest board bully there is. From the skimming of posts I have done, I have to agree with the ones that say that if you aren't willing to be flexible in your expectations, maybe leaving is the best option.
  6. You also realise that people are allowed to have lives and do not work 24/7, right?
  7. @Luna Bliss I was gonna reply, but reminded myself that only a stupid person continues doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. So congrats, you win. See ya in another few weeks boards!!!
  8. That after 12 awesome days off, I go back to work tonight 😢
  9. I have never needed the support of anyone. I mean, just look at how many people I made cry by saying peanut butter is EW! And also how many times I close down this forum and step away for weeks at a time. I was a lone voice in the early days of C-19 and how it was a more serious issue than BLM, I was a lone voice against defunding the police and was ridiculed and run out of those threads - by you. I don't need or want the clout. I am capable and happy to stand on my own and say what I think and believe in. If people agree with me, fine. If people think I am an idiot for what I say, fine. At least I OWN what I say. Just because I agree with what someone says or they agree with what I say doesn't make us some little cabal of forum evil just waiting to eviscerate the next person to say something silly. I had NOTHING whatsoever to do with any posts against @FairreLilette in this thread. I believe I may have disagreed with some of Fairre's posts in previous threads, but whether or not I said anything, well I don't honestly remember. Fairre is welcome to hit me up and remind me if I was. And Bagnu excluded her/himself by their own words and deeds. I was just one of the many who (independently) called them out on it. You might want to take time to also find out why you have this almost pathological need to be the saviour of the downtrodden and disenfranchised inbetween your persecution complex therapies.
  10. The unbelievable irony is not anything to do with "bullying forumites" picking on anyone, but because you constantly bully and belittle anyone who does not buy into or agree with whatever ludicrous SJW/virtue signalling propaganda you post. It is also not surprising that your favourite go-to insult is being chucked around again - "the evil clique" who are waging a "hate campaign" against whomever you are white knighting this time. Do you have any idea just how stupid that sounds? You do know that individuals are quite capable of reaching opinions that coincide with other individual's opinions. I did not have a dog in this fight because I chose to stay out of it, but you dragged me in by insinuating that I am in this imaginary "clique" you have by posting that youtube link implying I am part of some "in crowd" when throughout this thread I was having a bit of a dialogue with @Silent Mistwalker and posted with a laugh when I found the calls for an apology funny because we all went through that with the last person you white knighted and look how well that went! You really should see someone about this "evil clique" persecution complex you seem to have.
  11. Shouldn't this be in the photography catagory? Asking for a friend.
  12. @Rowan Amore stop harrassing meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  13. You are all ICKY!!!!!!
  14. My demonic SL daughter posted this on Facebook saying it was me. She is not wrong.
  15. Aimee dress from Lowen. She credits things on her Flickr...for future reference.
  16. So far everything listed is EW!
  17. We all remember how well that went for BangU...
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