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  1. When "someone" starts a revolution to boycott a certain thread....and then goes back to posting in it. YES I AM LOOKING AT YOU @Orwar!!
  2. I agree 100% with you about how nasty Covid is. In fact, I spoke up about it being a more important issue than BLM and defunding the police in threads last year and I still stand by that. I wear masks, I sanitise and wash my hands frequently, I social distance. But as I said earlier in this thread...IF it does become more of a threat here, I probably will give in and get it, but for now, I do not see the urgency in getting it, especially when I still do not trust it fully.
  3. I have to say, all this talk of ouchies and not feeling well adds to my reluctance too.
  4. Well it fits in how I am feeling about things today.
  5. I actually posted something, but it sounded wrong and could have been taken in a way I didn't mean it, so I removed it.
  6. That is EXACTLY why I won't pay for a "professional" pic again. I have a couple of times as well and, like your experience, they ended up looking NOTHING like me. In one, I had extra hair added, my face was rounded out and don't know what was done to the skin tone, but I ended up looking like a chubby, dark, 80's hair band reject instead of the skinny little white girl my avi was.
  7. ^^^ This ^^^ I consider myself a "happy amateur" as well and enjoy taking pictures of myself for fun or for my blog posts. I have also taken pictures for others when asked, no charge, just pay the 10L for each upload. So since I like my efforts enough not to require the services of a "photographer", I have always enjoyed seeing how others see my avatar in pictures. There were times when I would hang out at clubs and be sent pictures that people had taken of me standing around and looking pretty.
  8. Oh and cruising Flickr and seeing a hair I want, but the event it is in doesn't open for a couple more days. I WANT IT NOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!
  9. I have said it before and shall say it again.... MY SINUSES!!!!!
  10. Another thread, same comment - I don't like it.
  11. I stand by my statement made in another thread that if they invade....we're fudged!
  12. Yes I called you out for posting naked pictures in a forum with a "no nudity" rule. What is to defend? Rule exists...but not for you apparently. Still waiting for the "yeah I should stop doing that."
  13. Yes people do start over on a new avatar. I did it myself 13 years ago to get away from an abusive SL ex. What I didn't do though was go hang out in the same places my first ID used to hang out, be around people who knew me and play the "Hi I'm new and you don't know me" game. That just shows you how little respect you really do have, especially after all your defending of the "him" in question. And so @TDD123 doesn't get bunched knickers...how I look today...
  14. So playing at being "new" here and hiding who you really are was what?
  15. We have the right to be safe when we use the bathroom. We have the right to compete in sports against other genetic women. We have the right to be called "women", without having some newfangeled madeup term tacked to the front of it. We have the right to be able to voice our concerns and stand up for our rights without being labelled "phobes" and "terfs". We have the right to be women. When you have battled underwire bras, Aunt Flo visits and PMS for over half your life, THEN you can have an opinion on how women should feel about people like these in our private spaces. [Moderator Edit: Inflammatory Images Removed]
  16. Yes..."false propaganda that never actually happens"... LINK
  17. Lord help us if they do! If movies are anything to go by, we wouldn't be able to count on the Americans to save the world, cos those in charge are a joke.
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