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  1. Yeah... people can be weird. I don't think just playing as a different race falls under race play even, it's more "race bending". And I can't see why that would be wrong unless you're like, specifically acting out racial stereotypes or something. I'm mostly in SL for the roleplaying and I feel it would be weird if all my characters were always white.
  2. It's usually a fetish thing, not just regular interracial relationships. From what I've seen it tends to be stuff like slavery roleplay, with a white owner and black slave in like a plantation setting or something. Or like black men as 'breeding bulls' where they are played as being sexually aggressive towards white, innocent women. It seems to be using a lot of racial stereotypes as fetish fuel, which I could see being a bit uncomfortable and problematic. I don't know if it's 'evil' or not. I find it kinda distasteful myself, but I'm not really in any position to judge... But it's not race play just because you date someone of a different race.
  3. Sounds potentially interesting. Do you have a SLURL or website you can share?
  4. Most of the time I can't log in at all, it gets stuck on the login screen or I get an error message. When I do manage to get in, things are not rezzing correctly or at all. One of my accounts has more issues than the other for some reason. And the grid status page doesn't seem to mention aything relevant. Is it just me or are other people having issues? Does anyone know why it's happening? Edit: Well, it appears to be working again. Still not sure why it happened. I was not on wifi, I had restarted the modem, the account with the most issues was the one I'm on the most, but also with the smallest inventory, and I do generally keep both of them pretty well-trimmed. I also tried logging into different regions with the same results. (And as I found out just when I was typing this, apparently two other SL friends were having the same issue earlier, so I guess it wasn't just me after all. Something messed up after the maintenance maybe? Oh well.)
  5. Builder's Brewery is also an excellent inworld group for help with building, modelling, texturing, and everything related to that. They hold regular classes too, and I'm sure there are people there willing to help answer specific questions on how to bring models into Second Life. I also definitely reccomend Blender for your modeling program. It's free and there are a ton of tutorials out there. Blender Cookie is one website with a lot of info, and I'm sure you can find a lot on youtube as well. Good luck!
  6. Ugh. Lovely attitude towards people trying to help you. Good luck with that.
  7. It's hard to tell from those pictures, but could it be something like the werewolf avatars from 1st Act? They definitely fit the description of 'bulky wolf' anyway, so it might be something worth taking a look at. If you really want a custom mesh avatar made from scratch, it's going to be very expensive, and it might be difficult to even find a creator willing to do it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/48103
  8. Yeah, to have someone make the entire avatar from scratch would get very expensive. But maybe you could go with an existing avatar and find someone to make a mod for it? Like the TWI wolf or fox avatar might work as a base. Lots of people make skin mods for them, so maybe someone would be willing to make you a custom one. Will still cost money, but not as much.
  9. They should have four-legged werewolf animations at Oracul too, if whichever avatar you get doesn't include one.
  10. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/1st-Act-Werewolf-Shadow-male/1194977 maybe? Personally I think it's one of the best looking werewolves out there. I don't have it myself, but I've seen lots of people using it inworld. It comes with 2 and 4 legged AO sets, and you can buy ripped pants for it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/1A-Werewolf-Jeans-Male/1589145 There doesn't seem to be any shirt for it though. But a top hat you can probably just get one for human avatars and adjust the position to fit the wolf's head.
  11. I really can't wait. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to, cause I want to see it with my fiance who I won't get together with until mid-december... And it's not gonna be shown in my country anyway -.- Not that that would ever stop me. It's gonna be super exciting to see Ten and Rose again <3 Would've loved to see more Doctors too, but I seem to remember hearing that they had asked Nine, but he didn't want to? I know he didn't leave the show on entirely good terms... It sucks though, I loved him as well. And they did have Eight show up for a bit in the mini-episode Night of the Doctor.
  12. rafaelmarie wrote: It is full of role playing perversion Oh, I thought you were trying to discourage people.
  13. Plastik - My personal favorite. Especially good for fantasy skins. RedMint - They have some good ones too. Alchemy - A new store that seems promising. The store itself looks amazing, it's worth a visit just to see it. DNA Cloning Facility - Male skins only I think. I know some of my guy friends buy theirs from this store. I'm also wondering what these '3 top creators' are...
  14. Ohh yes, that tiger looks pretty sweet indeed. Gonna have to put that on my to-buy list.
  15. Just because you use an animal avatar doesn't mean you have to roleplay being that animal all the time. I've been out exploring SL, going to clubs and contests and stuff while wearing a full animal avatar lots of times, and I've only met people who think it's cool. I think you'll actually get less negative attention than while being a furry, as there aren't as many negative ideas on what animals are like. But there's really no need to pick just one. Be a feral tiger when you want to, then go back to furry when you feel like it. I'm also curious what this tiger avatar is. Who's the creator? It can be really hard to find good feral animal avatars, so I like to keep an eye open for new ones coming out.
  16. I was a neko before it was cool, lol. Still am, sometimes, but I have a lot of other avatars I use too. It mostly depends where I'm RPing at the moment. Unfortunately not as many RP sims allow nekos these days. But yeah, I like the concept, the half human half animal thing, get the best of two worlds. Of course a lot of nekos look terrible and have no idea how to put a decent avatar together, but whatever makes them happy.
  17. I like the one from Medhue, personally. I definitely wouldn't buy any AO without first trying the animations myself inworld.
  18. You're welcome! Dare is one of my favorite hairs.
  19. Hmm, nope. Not familiar with it.
  20. Yup, it's Magika's Dare. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Magika-DEMO-Dare/3313824
  21. Although you could make an alpha that hides everything except the area the system clothing is covering.
  22. Kelli May wrote: Nyx Karas wrote: I can barely get through an episode of (the sci-fi show with the Doctor which must not be named on this forum apparently) without crying. And the movie Grave of the Fireflies had me depressed for a week after. Not usually so much with other shows and movies though. Grave of the Fireflies is seriously tough watching. I wasn't so much weepy as hollowed out. Some films I find the crying cathartic, that one is harrowing. Yeah, I remember just sitting there in stunned silence afterwards. It's a great movie, but completely horrifying.
  23. I can barely get through an episode of (the sci-fi show with the Doctor which must not be named on this forum apparently) without crying. And the movie Grave of the Fireflies had me depressed for a week after. Not usually so much with other shows and movies though.
  24. lol, yes. Or suffering from the t-rex arm syndrome. Human is very relative in SL...
  25. I was eyeing this ad, looking for a potential place to work for my other account, but I feel the same way... What is 'human' exactly? If it's a club that's trying to stick closely to a certain theme, it makes sense, but otherwise it seems like an unnecessary limitation... Course it's easy to just switch over to a human avatar, but it's just more fun to perform as an exotic creature. And in my experience a lot of visitors enjoy that as well. Variety is fun.
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