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  1. Yeah, to have someone make the entire avatar from scratch would get very expensive. But maybe you could go with an existing avatar and find someone to make a mod for it? Like the TWI wolf or fox avatar might work as a base. Lots of people make skin mods for them, so maybe someone would be willing to make you a custom one. Will still cost money, but not as much.
  2. They should have four-legged werewolf animations at Oracul too, if whichever avatar you get doesn't include one.
  3. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/1st-Act-Werewolf-Shadow-male/1194977 maybe? Personally I think it's one of the best looking werewolves out there. I don't have it myself, but I've seen lots of people using it inworld. It comes with 2 and 4 legged AO sets, and you can buy ripped pants for it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/1A-Werewolf-Jeans-Male/1589145 There doesn't seem to be any shirt for it though. But a top hat you can probably just get one for human avatars and adjust the position to fit the wolf's head.
  4. You should totally give it a try. It might take some adjustment, but you may also end up having a lot of fun with it. ^^ I came to SL from text-based RPs too, and a lot of things are different, sometimes in good ways. I generally look for sims that are aimed towards paragraph roleplay, where people do more writing and there's less use of HUDs and objects. A lot of people find those things fun too of course, but para-RP is more similar to fully text based environments. You might also be able to find groups that don't RP in sims but instead use group chat and IMs, but I do think it's the most fun to take advantage of the visual element that SL can offer. It can never hurt to try though. Worst that can happen is you decide it's not for you. And if people are jerks because your style is different and you're still learning, they're not really worth playing with anyway.
  5. Crest of Vrekmar, or Edge of Ro, maybe? Both are adult medieval-ish fantasy and should include slavery for those who are into that.
  6. Dhuanolil wrote: If the furry avatar is cartoonish looking, the sim will most likely not allow it. That's usually the problem. Not a lot of realistic anthro avatars out there...
  7. The post is three years old... It's probably been closed for a long time by now.
  8. Well, like I said, it's there now, being rebuilt. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Meadow/200/50/503
  9. Mystic Fantasies. I think it's currently being rebuilt, but it's like the only adult fantasy sim in SL.
  10. It's sadly difficult to find RP sims that allow furries these days, although some are more open for it if your avatar has a more realistic than cartoony look. Still my advice would be to first think of what sort of setting and theme you'd like to RP in, then find sims that fit, read up on their rules, their races and avatar restrictions, and then create a character based on their specific lore. In any case, good luck and I hope you find something fun!
  11. I really can't wait. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to, cause I want to see it with my fiance who I won't get together with until mid-december... And it's not gonna be shown in my country anyway -.- Not that that would ever stop me. It's gonna be super exciting to see Ten and Rose again <3 Would've loved to see more Doctors too, but I seem to remember hearing that they had asked Nine, but he didn't want to? I know he didn't leave the show on entirely good terms... It sucks though, I loved him as well. And they did have Eight show up for a bit in the mini-episode Night of the Doctor.
  12. rafaelmarie wrote: It is full of role playing perversion Oh, I thought you were trying to discourage people.
  13. A lot of space can have its uses. 9 sims still sounds like way more than enough, but the bigger issue is that you're really not giving people anything to go by. How can people know if they're interested when you don't have ANY useful information to offer? So you want to make a successful RP, and it won't have meters and it won't be Gor or based on any published fiction. Great. Then what? It could still be practically anything. At least decide what setting and theme you want first, before you expect other people to show any interest.
  14. Yeah... what do you even need 9 sims for? And for such an ambitious project, you're really not giving much explanation for what the RP is actually going to be. Plus being required to spend a certain amount of time there every week sounds an awful lot like a job.
  15. Ohhnoes wrote: Mini Goreans! Now there is a whole new concept! I think I like the idea! But wait, how about 'Gor Light' ? Should make that the next breedable. Breed your own mini-goreans! Watch them fight and enslave each other! Ahem. Anyway, you could try visiting the Gor Roleplay Center, located next to the Roleplay Center at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hastings/131/200/1014 I have used the RP center a lot myself, so I imagine the Gor side might be useful too. There's a ton of Gorean sims out there, so it will probably take some searching until you find one that suits you. But good luck!
  16. Mystic Fantasies. It has almost everything you're looking for, with some restrictions. It's adult and has a fair bit of darkness to it, and they are very open for different races, but you'll need to stick to a mainly european medieval theme, and avoid things that are too gorean-ish, like collars and pretty silks. They have certain restrictions on nekos too, basically you'll want to have as many cat traits as possible, rather than just a tail and a pair of ears. Not sure what a kitsune is to you, but I know of a werefox girl who plays there... I've had a lot of fun there myself, on various characters. I'd definitely recommend you check it out at least, and see if it might work for you. There's also a new Forgotten Realms sim opening which seems to have quite a dark theme as well. It's a bit more restricted on races, but the half-breeds can be pretty fun. It's called Harrowdale, may be worth a look too. Would love to see other suggestions too. It's one of my favorite themes in RP ^^
  17. Plastik - My personal favorite. Especially good for fantasy skins. RedMint - They have some good ones too. Alchemy - A new store that seems promising. The store itself looks amazing, it's worth a visit just to see it. DNA Cloning Facility - Male skins only I think. I know some of my guy friends buy theirs from this store. I'm also wondering what these '3 top creators' are...
  18. Mystara maybe? Or Mystic Fantasies perhaps, if you're not opposed to a more adult environment. I'm sure there are others too, I imagine most fantasy sims would work.
  19. I think it sounds like a fun idea... There are a lot of medieval fantasy places out there, but many of them seem very similar. This is a new idea at least, and I think it could have some interesting potential.
  20. Well, maybe you should try googling it then. Learn about the myths and legends that races like faeries were based on to get an idea of what most people expect to see... Wikipedia has some good pages on mythological creatures. But naturally, no matter what you do, people will always have opinions on it. And all that really matters is if you're having fun with it, and preferably don't break any rules in the process. I'm not that into faeries myself, but I usually think of them as amoral, not terribly concerned with humans' feelings or safety, as playful beings who do what amuses them. The lore I've seen usually states that they cannot lie and cannot break promises, so instead rely on playing tricks with wording and being very vague... They're usually divided into the Seelie and Unseelie groups, and have a weakness to iron, steel, or both. Some form of shapeshifting seems to be common as well.
  21. I don't think she was being condescending, just trying to help you. And, yeah, different races mean different things, depending on what sim you're in. The only way to find out is to read the rules of the sims you're interested in, or ask the owners. If you just want very general information on fantasy races, you can of course also google it. But checking the RP race rules will probably be more helpful.
  22. They are combat HUDs/meters, scripted tools people wear in certain RP sims. When a weapon is compatible with one, or more, it means it can be used to battle with other people who are also wearing the same meter. The meters work in different ways, but usually they give the wearer a sort of health points. If you hit someone with a compatible weapon, they will lose health points and possibly die/faint. That, in turn, may give experience points to the one who defeated them and let them become stronger, have more health points and such. Like I said they all work in slightly different ways, but most that I've seen have followed the same basic idea. By using them, the SL RP becomes a little more like a video game. Some people think they make roleplay more fun, and others think they're horrible. And a lot of scripted weapons are compatible with many of them, if maybe not all at once. Technically anyone can make their own meter, so there's quite a lot of them out there. But you hardly need to use more than one at a time anyway.
  23. Ohh yes, that tiger looks pretty sweet indeed. Gonna have to put that on my to-buy list.
  24. Just because you use an animal avatar doesn't mean you have to roleplay being that animal all the time. I've been out exploring SL, going to clubs and contests and stuff while wearing a full animal avatar lots of times, and I've only met people who think it's cool. I think you'll actually get less negative attention than while being a furry, as there aren't as many negative ideas on what animals are like. But there's really no need to pick just one. Be a feral tiger when you want to, then go back to furry when you feel like it. I'm also curious what this tiger avatar is. Who's the creator? It can be really hard to find good feral animal avatars, so I like to keep an eye open for new ones coming out.
  25. I was a neko before it was cool, lol. Still am, sometimes, but I have a lot of other avatars I use too. It mostly depends where I'm RPing at the moment. Unfortunately not as many RP sims allow nekos these days. But yeah, I like the concept, the half human half animal thing, get the best of two worlds. Of course a lot of nekos look terrible and have no idea how to put a decent avatar together, but whatever makes them happy.
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