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  1. There are a ton of vampire/werewolf sims out there. Not sure where you've been looking, but I'd recommend the inworld group Seeking Roleplay. New ones pop up frequently. Here are some off the top of my head: Clifton Forge http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadow Mountain/195/209/2002 New Haven by Night http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vitrac/198/212/606 Nocturne http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Roman Land 2/34/114/1955 Ward Hollow http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arvid/149/26/4002 But it also depends if you're looking for a specific lore. You mention boo
  2. Nyx Karas

    Burn out

    Yeah it happens now and then. I usually just take a break and do something else until the desire to RP comes back. Enjoying other types of media can help with creativity and inspiration too.
  3. If it is the sim I think it is, they've always been very clear that it's a 'consent' sim. And the predator and prey tags are there to help RPers find each other, not to force anyone to RP with someone they don't want to. As well as the discord channel discussed was for people to let others know they're looking for prey or predator RP and what kinda scene they're currently interested in. Of course people are gonna pick and choose who they play with. They're not mindless robots there just for your entertainment.
  4. Realm of New Vale is urban fantasy with some medieval fantasy elements. Nice build and really friendly community too. I played there on my other account for some time before RL pulled me away, and I absolutely recommend it.
  5. WoD-esque. World of Darkness-inspired. Also this thread is a year old.
  6. There is one called Reign that I've heard good things about. I don't have the SLURL on me, but can probably get it if the name isn't enough to track it down.
  7. Celestial City was the name of one such place, I believe.
  8. I'm not really familiar with Hsien, but after a quick glance they sound super interesting actually. Seems like they'd be a lot of fun to play.
  9. Well, for me personally it's mostly the other changing breeds I'm interested in. The Bastet have a lot of interesting lore, and werefoxes are fun to play. But it's hard to find WoD RPs where they're included. It's not a big deal or anything, just always kinda wanna find out when I hear of a new WoD sim. Just in case 😛
  10. Meh, none of the fun races 😛 But oh well, good luck, hope you find the players you're looking for.
  11. So is the sim only for vampires or are there any other WoD races too?
  12. A bit confused about the 'end the roleplay when you leave the area' part. Cause yeah when you RP in a sim you will likely eventually have to leave. Because you need to sleep or make dinner in RL or even go shopping inworld for more RP outfits and whatnot. That doesn't mean the storyline ends. Next time you're available and go back to the roleplay sim you'll pick up the same character and and maybe go play with the same people again. Or new people, cause no one likes cliques. 😛 But it sucks if people aren't willing to wait for you to post or can't forgive a few spelling mistakes. That's de
  13. It does have 'porn' and 'hentai' in the landmark key words. But yeah, it looks pretty cool. Can't tell how much of an RP sim it is though, and how much is just, themed hangout? Couldn't find any rules or anything. Still seems like a cool place.
  14. Crest of Vrek'mar Legacy? It's adult fantasy, sex-friendly but doesn't revolve around sex or any specific fetishes.
  15. Yeahh, OP may have all of the best intentions and stuff, but it is a bit weird, especially being from europe where discrimination against Romani is still very much an issue, seeing how a lot of people in SL RP seem to treat 'gypsies' as some kind of magical fantasy race. When they very much exist in reality and still deal with a lot of crap and stereotypes. Maybe it would be better to take it one step further and make up a whole new fantasy race/culture with some of the aspects people want from the whole 'gypsy' thing? Idk, just a thought. Would still require enough uniqueness to not just
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